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  1. 9 Wives

    asalam aleikum, Haha, i thought he had them in seperate times, thank you for clearing it up. Masalam
  2. 9 Wives

    asalam aleikum, Have 4 wives at the same time that is, but the Prophet had 9 wives, all in different times. Masalam
  3. Did He Deserve It?

    Maybe, but you have to understand that they turn extremist because they are mislead or follow the views of extremists. Masalam
  4. Did He Deserve It?

    Hello, Oh the media has a lot to do with much of the Islamphobia, don't deny that, but i must give this one to you, i do believe that our transgression is the main cause of Islamphobia. Don't generalize either, remember that most of the terrorism comes from the extremist Muslims. Peace
  5. Did He Deserve It?

    asalam aleikum, We are acting like animals, instead of bringing people to Islam, we scare them away with our transgression. Sure the kid deserves a little whooping, but we Muslims are different from the rest, and we have to show it. Instead of beating the kid, they could have passed on knowledge to him, he might have changed his mind about Islam and things could have gone farther. But after being beaten, this kid is going to hate Islam and Muslims. Masalam
  6. Closing Political Sections

    Asalam Aleikum, While i do agree with you, closing the forum wouldn't be a good idea. In this case, you need moderators, get some just for that forum and make sure that they know what to do. Closing that forum is a big disapointment. Masalam
  7. HAHAHA - Osama is a gooner

    Lol. The guy is human you know. :D
  8. Tsunami Bridges the Divide

    Nice article, shows the hypocrisy in people these days, especially in the Middle East, this ignorance bits us back. Glad to see that cooperation between the rebels and their enemies, hopefully it will ease things between them. Thanks for the article.
  9. Iraq abuse "went on until July"

    Please provide a source so it can be spread. There must be a rule on this.
  10. Can you beat up someone

    I wouldn't have to fight them. Words don't hurt, ill just ignore it. I would knock them out. I would pray for them. I would call the cops. I would video tape it and show the cops. Spiting is just as bad as hitting.
  11. Can you beat up someone

    Asalam Aleikum, If someone was bothering me, i would let them know and ask them to stop. If they turn violent, i fight them. Self-defense. Masalam
  12. Were 9/11 Hijackers really arabs...?

    wa'aleikum asalam, What exactly did they say? Did you see all 19 speaking? ( and im not asking about a picure of them with some voice in the background ) Masalam
  13. Were 9/11 Hijackers really arabs...?

    Asalam Aleikum, I find it not surprising that Mossad agents would disguise themselves like Arabs. The following caught my attention : Thats some good info amd. Masalam
  14. Ahadun Ahad community

    wa'aleikum asalam, Good attitude sister, i hope everyone else does too. Masalam
  15. Ahadun Ahad community

    wa'aleikum asalam, Sister i hope you are aware that one post or one member does not represent the entire forum, i also hope you read the rest of the thread because you will find out that the thread maker was told that he was very wrong for making such accusations and he agreed. Its a forum, its there to discuss, if someone says something wrong, you don't attack him, you correct him. The forum is not dedicated to Sufism, the section of Sufism is there to be discussed, instead of critizing the forum why don't you go in and say how Sufism is haram. Not good attitude by you sister. :D Masalam