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  1. Hajj or get married first?

    Hajj might be right thing to do first. Personally I would want to get married first
  2. water question

    Yep to the best of knowledge fo Tayammum. I forgot the hadith but it went something like the person didn't have eater so one Sahaba told him to do Tayammum and afterwards he did not have to repeat the prayer. How isn't Islam fair?
  3. Racism in Britain

    Racsim is everywhere. Islam came to end things like this
  4. Imagine This

    Would like the MAhdi to come, ins'Allah in my lifetime, if not then can't stop working
  5. how to divorce your husband

    It's shameful when people do this.
  6. prophets of Allah

    hope i got it right, 24 no?
  7. Turning Muslim in Texas

  8. BIG NEWS..

    Yep, the truth does shake you up especially when you know you gotta change.
  9. Vanilla, anyone?

    not bad
  10. Do you pray fajr on time?

    Because of Daylight savings day in U.S Fajr really varies during the seasons. During Dec. it could end as late as 7:20, during summer it could end early as 6. So yeah sometimes I make it it sometimes I dun, gotta stop listening to his whispers.
  11. 100 post!!!!!

  12. I reached 50 posts!

    Salaamz, I REACHED 50 POSTS! I know thee are other out ther with 100,500,100, and even more but I'm so happy. How do I get password for the senitive area?
  13. Another question about salah

    Salaam, I was just wondering, when go down for Sujood I know that you nose is supposed to touch the ground but how much of it. is it the whole thing? Because I noticed when I go down my nose touches but there is a gap between the upper part of my nose and the floor, due to the fact the bottom part extends out more. I know this might be a obbessive question but I need to know because I know that the sujood is a essential part of prayer. Jazaka'Allah for te answer.
  14. Inter-racial Marriages?!

    Find me a wife that's loyal and a Good Muslim, and I will be happy. Looks a Plus (w00t) (ins'Allah) lol, but they die out. As for the different culture thing, I can work it out, I'm not exactly thrilled about being a bengali, Much happier with the title, Muslim.
  15. Love Marriages or Arranged Marriages

    Just be a good MUslim, looks would be a plus. I dun know if I can trust my parents, they can't agree with each other, how are they gonna agree on a wife. ANyways like any Desi/ Bengali parent, they want a girl that bengali, looks good, and behaves. Notice I din mention be a good Muslims. Can't have that, gotta be a good/practicing Muslim. I might be the first one on the Family to bring a Hijabi, Ins'Allah.
  16. Sujood

    Salaam When you do sujood and bow down, I know your feet are supposed to touch the ground, by my question is id all of your toes are included in that or is it sufficient that you feet just touch the ground, because when I go down, some times it is hard to to make the pinky toe fully touch the ground.
  17. Salaam, Be honest, from the bottom of your heart, sometimes some of us just wanted to "leave it all" and live the Kafir life. May Allah forgive us for those feelings and decrease them. But dun you feel sometimes that ? I did but Islam is too strong to ignore. It keeps you up , making it hard for you to go back to kafir life (not saying some don't), constant reminder of you can't live forever, constant reminder of consequences, constant reminder Allah's words is in the Qur'an. Yeah, that's it.
  18. Wanting to leave Islam.......

    Not worth it in the end :D
  19. A beautiful sign of Allah's power

    Praise be to Allah
  20. Islam in China

    Salaamz, I like always like to hear from Muslims from countries beside the Arab and Desi ones.
  21. Salaamz, Ok so this is a weird question but I just found out you have to wash the navel while doing ghusl. What does that really mean, do I like stick my finger in there with water or is it sufficent enough that when I shower water gets in there anyway since I am showering. Would all my Ghusl be invalid If I didn't do this before and found out now? :D
  22. Order of prayers

    Salaam, Just wondering because this happeaned to me: Let's say a person prayed all his 5 prayer and then at the end of the day, he realizes that one of his prayer was invaild like fajr, for some reason or another. What should the person do? I know that person has to repeat that prayer but does he also have to repeat all the other prayers that followed fajr? Jazaka'Allah for help bros and sisters.
  23. Noah Flood Global Or Local??

    Salaam, I once heard of a person who left Islam because he thought Noah's flood was impoossible. My answer to him: If Allah can create you out of nothing, how hard is it for him to create a flood under his command?
  24. Replacing Curse words

    Salaamz, You know how sometimes during ramadan and fasting people stop cursing and to do that they make replace words like "shoot" or, "fudge" and " Chick".Is this really valid, even though we abstain from cursing but does it really mater when we express our anger through other words, meant to mean those other words?
  25. Islam in Bangladesh

    Also came across this: In the town of Petrapole on the border of Bangladesh the local women and girls offer carnal pleasures for as little as 10 rupees (a measly $0.28). Thanks to the flourishing trucking industry, 5 million drivers regularly frequent the women while waiting to cross the frontier. "It is common", the report notes, "for a man to buy sex every day, sometimes several times a day" from local courtesans, averaging about 150-200 sexual encounters a year. (The New York Times 9-22-96 p1,10).