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  1. Asalamu Alaikum,


    Nur ad-Din was the teacher of Salahudin. Both men seemed to great in their own right but i recently heard that towards the end of Nur ad-Din's life, he had bad blood between him and salahuddin. to me this does not make sense since after Nur ad-Din died salahuddin married his widow. Does anybody know this incident if they had problems between them that might have even reached to the level of war? Jazakairallah for the answer

  2. Asalamu alaikum,


    A while a ago i heard a brother said those who never "found Islam" in the sense they never heard of it or given a misrepresentation of it are raised up on day of judgement and tested again, is this true, just want to confrim. jazakairallah

  3. Saddam verdict date 'rigged' for Bush


    (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.nzherald.co.nz/section/story.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10409222"]Reuters [/url] | November 6, 2006


    Saddam Hussein's defence team has urged a delay of his possible death sentence and said the ousted Iraqi leader believed today's expected verdict was timed to boost President George Bush before US mid-term elections.


    Saddam's lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi repeated warnings that a death sentence against his client - which would come before Tuesday's US Congressional elections at a time when Bush faces mounting criticism over the Iraq war - would plunge the region into wider bloodshed.


    "We have requested at least a two-month adjournment to allow us to complete our presentations in the case in which our defence rights have been violated and in which our clients have been denied full legal defence," he said. US officials deny that Washington has any say over the timing of the verdict or the court's decisions, saying the American role was limited to logistics and security.


    "This court is a creature of the US military occupation, and the Iraqi court is just a tool and rubber stamp of the invaders," insisted Dulaimi.


    "The trial of the president should not proceed this way in a climate of mounting political pressure for a quick conviction that demolishes the trial's impartiality," he said.


    The credibility of the trial had been tarnished by delays, the murder of defence counsel, courtroom chaos and political interference and court bias against the defence, he added.


    "During all these months, the court has deliberately sought to limit our access and ability to defend the president ... this means that justice has not been done," he said.



    Saddam, 69, and seven co-accused have been charged with crimes against humanity for the killing of 148 Shi'ite villagers after an attempt on Saddam's life in the town of Dujail in 1982.


    Michael Scharf, a law professor who has trained judges and prosecutors in the Dujail case, said the trial, despite flaws, is one of the most important war crimes proceedings since the Nuremberg trials against top Nazis at the end of World War II.


    Dulaimi said the verdict was timed to boost President George W Bush before US mid-term elections on November 7 and urged a delay.


    Proceedings in the heavily fortified Baghdad courtroom have taken place against a backdrop of sectarian violence. Defence counsel, dominated by Saddam's fellow Sunnis, blamed Shi'ite gunmen for their colleagues' deaths. The first chief judge, a Kurd, resigned to protest government meddling.


    Far from being a catharsis for Iraqis scarred by Saddam's rule, the trial, many feel, has deepened animosities between communities. Some legal experts say it should have been held in a third country. Dulaimi has warned that a death sentence against Saddam, held in a US-run prison, would plunge Iraq into full-scale civil war.


    Security in the Green Zone, the courtroom's venue, has been tightened ahead of the verdict, which officials say should be announced today. The Defence Ministry said the army had cancelled all leave and put troops on alert.


    As Bush faces mounting criticism over the war, a guilty verdict two days ahead of tight US Congressional polls could be a vindication of his policy to overthrow Saddam.


    In a recent briefing, a US official close to the court said the trial against Saddam was historically more significant than those against former strongmen such as Slobodan Milosevic.

  4. Asalamu Alaikum bros/sis'

    I haven't posted in like a year so insallah i can get back in the posting mood. Anyway I wondering what is your opinion on downloading Islamic lectures/videos from certain sites that post them or share them like sunnitorrents that even post things that you would normally have to pay for. I get the excuse, Knowledge is free, indeed it is, but if we look at the past people spent money (traveling, tutors) to gain knowledge so should we just boldy say it is ok for us to rip-off muslim organizations that are getting worse because they don't have the fund to continue Islamic programs because people just download their previous ones without paying. I'm not trying to bash, I mean if I find out it truly is ok, I would love to download these things for free.

  5. Asalamu Alaikum,


    I was wondering if anybody could tell me the status of step-parents in Islam. We know that in Islam Parents, especially the mother are held in high positions of respect but what is the attitude towards your step-father or mother, is it the same or different. Jazakair'Allah in advance

  6. Asalamu alaikum,


    a brother once gave me a good example. Imagine having a time machine and seeing what happeans and then coming back, you see the people doing the same thing but they are not forced to do it, they are doing it by their own will and no one is forcing them. Similarily in a way, Allah knows what will happean because he is all-knowing, but he is not forcing you to do what you are doing. Allah forgive me if i made a mistake in this explanation.

  7. sl:,


    I found this link on Islamon online, maybe it can shed ome light


    "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam-online(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fatwa/english/FatwaDisplay.asp?hFatwaID=57387"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.Islam-online(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fatwa/english/...?hFatwaID=57387[/url]

  8. :Salam:,

    in case the arab image din work, asalamu aliakum,


    Brother I was wondering if you could tell me about Salatual tasbih. If done with the intention and sincerity does it really forgive all sins? Is it even real becasue my friend says he suspects it is a sufi practice.


    Jazakair'Allah in advance

  9. Assalamo Alaikum,


    Bro I was wondering if you know if there are any prisons in an Islamic State. I don't recall from my knowledge hearing anything about them. If we look at prisons today, we see some people coming out worse then when they came in. Jazakair'Allah for the answer.

  10. That suggests that there is no such thing as an absolutely correct moral code, one just has to accept that everybody should be permitted to do what they want as long as it harms nobody else. (Though technically I suppose the harm principle is in itself a form of morality.)


    Peace to you to Eoin,


    From this I am getting the assumption that your proposing the idea of no such thing as a direct right and wrong. But then again I guess this is a hard thing to disscuss with if a person does not believe in a god to begin . There are people who believe in god and believe there should no relationship between the creator and creation (Deist I think they are called), not that I am supporting the idea.

  11. Salaam to everybody,


    A person can have morals, religious or not, but how can one be sure they are the correct morals? What you consider proper may be considered barbaric in a another nation or culture. We need a direct definition of what is right and wrong, an atheist can have morals but how does he know that they are right, for all you know, over and a course of time, he/she may change thesir mind. TO cerify right and wrong you need to go to the source of one who know this answer, if you believe in god and that he created you and knows you inside and out, who else are you going to trust. A person who is limited and capable of error or someone who is free of error?

  12. :salam ,

    Courtesy of "you can


    US plans 'robot troops' for Iraq




    Robo-soldier in action

    The US military is planning to deploy robots armed with machine-guns to wage war against insurgents in Iraq.

    Eighteen of the 1m-high robots, equipped with cameras and operated by remote control, are going to Iraq this spring, the Associated Press reports.


    The machine is based on a robot already used by the military to disable bombs.


    Officials say the robot warrior is fast, accurate and will track and attack the enemy with relatively little risk to the lives of US soldiers.


    Unlike its human counterparts, the armed robot does not require food, clothing, training, motivation or a pension.


    When not needed in war, it can be mothballed in a warehouse.


    However, the robot will rely on its human operator, remotely studying footage from its cameras, for the order to open fire.


    According to Bob Quinn, a manager with Foster-Miller, the US-based company which worked with the military to develop the robot, the only difference for a soldier is that "his weapon is not at his shoulder, it's up to half a mile away".


    Test of metal



    The robot fighter has been named Swords, after the acronym for Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems.


    Robot soldier


    Can be fitted with standard-issue M249 or M240 rifle

    Has four cameras, night-vision and zoom lenses

    Can travel over rocks and barbed wire

    Batteries run for up to 4 hours at a time

    Remote control unit has two joysticks and video screen

    Costs $200,000 (£106,757) per unit


    It is based on the Talon robot, which is widely used by the military to disarm bombs.


    A US officer who helped test the robot said it was a more accurate shot than the average soldier because it is mounted on a stable platform and takes aim electronically.


    "It eliminates the majority of shooting errors you have," said Staff Sgt Santiago Tordillos.


    Mr Quinn says there are plans to replace the computer screen, joysticks and keypad in the remote-control unit with a Gameboy-style controller and virtual-reality goggles.


    The Foster-Miller company is owned by the QinetiQ Group, a joint venture between the UK's Ministry of Defence and US-based holding company, Carlyle Group.


    you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/40751000/jpg/_40751749_robosoldier2_ap203b.g' alt='_40751749_robosoldier2_ap203b.g'>



    you can

    ' alt='>'>



    Can be fitted with standard-issue M249 or M240 rifle

    Has four cameras, night-vision and zoom lenses

    Can travel over rocks and barbed wire

    Batteries run for up to 4 hours at a time

    Remote control unit has two joysticks and video screen

    Costs $200,000 (£106,757) per unit

  13. Salaam Brothers and sisters,


    Please pray for my sister who is in currently in immigration jail in U.S. She did commit any crime that is harmful as the common or hardcore criminal. Her only crime was to stay in U.S for a bettre life than that in Bangladesh. She is married and her husband will be facing the same charges soon, although he is not in jail and in the same bad condition as she is in (Pray for him topo please). Right now we only want the U.S to let her go back to bangladesh, but the process is taking just way too long, I don't know what is wrong with immigration in the U.S but to my opinion it is very badly handled,. PLease pray to Allah she gets out soon and may able to return to Bangladesh and try to go back to a normal life, at least than my parents can have some sort of peace in their minds. Jazaka'Allah for the prayers.

  14. Salaam Bro,


    WHat I meant by the second question was that many time you see a parent saying to a child "You have my blessings". I am in doubt if this is allowed in Islam since to me at seems Allah gives blessing, parent's pray perhaps, but I dun think they can give blessings.

  15. Salaam bro,


    I figure I killed two bird with one stone so here are my two questions:


    1. I know Shirk is unforgiveable so does that mean a Muslim who commits shirk will never be able to turn back to Islam?


    2. Is the term "You have my blessings" part of Islam or is it only in other religions like hinduism and what not.

  16. Salaam bro,

    I pray you ar ein good health and my questions aren't a burden and may Allah reward you for your efforts.


    The case is I was praying in the parking lot yesterday and I I just remembered I had impurties in my shoes so I waited until I finished recited Al-Faitha and an additional sura until I took my shoes off. Does me waiting to take my shoe off have any effect to my prayer. To make it more clear, do I have to repeat my prayer because I did not immediately take my shoes off. Salaam

  17. Salaam bro,


    I don't if I asked this question before but I needed answer so ins'Allah you can help. When you do Ghusl, I know that everypart of your body must be wet, now when it comes down to washing the navel (belly button), is it sufficient that when you take a shower the outside gets wet or is it it neccessary that you have to wet your fingers and stick it inside. Basically my question is that is it sufficent enough to wash body where the outside of the navel gets wet anyways or do you have to wash the inside also?

  18. Salaam,


    Sorry bro, two questions in one day, but may Allah bless ya.


    MY question is that I Live in NYC and tommorrow I have to take my father to a bus station in manhattan during the time of Asr. I am afraid that whiele traveling I may not be able to pray asr on time after taking him to the destination. My question is that can I pray asr in the subway inside the train while going to the destintion?

  19. Salaam Bro,


    Sorry for continuing but I do try to wake up but my question is what to do when you wake up late accidently and know there is literally only enough time to do wudu and pray, are you then allowed to to do wudu then pray, or the GHusl has to be done even if you kow by doing that you will miss the prayer time. I am only asking this in case your lat, I am aware we should get up early and do ghusl if we are in junub, but i was speaking of special conditions in which we might over sleep.

  20. Salaam bro and I pray you are in good health,


    If I wake up to pray fajr but I realize there is only enough time to do wudu and not ghusl when I am in junub, is it allowed for a muslim to just do wudu in fearing he will miss fajr.