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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum,


    I don't know if it is relevant to this discussion or not but I just wanted to say that they can never create life, all they can do is create something from something else, i.e. cells, and these cells etc. are already living.  What I mean is that they can never create something which is living from nothing.


    Was-Salaamu Alaikum,


    Abu Suhaylah.


    Agree with ya 100%

  2. salam


    i wonder what the scientists aims are regarding artifical life, it seems a bit of a waste of time to me





    It may help them in researching new forms of cures or make "dummies" to test medicine>. Anyways immortality is useless. Even with cloning they saw it's like immortality, but how the heck is it immortality when you just have person that looks like you and have your memories, but isn't you? Every soul tastes death.

  3. Salaam,


    Just curious how many people used to date or still date. I know a lot of brothers and sister(hijabis included) who date (may Allah help them). Me personally did once when I was sophmore in High School. But praise be to Allah the following summer I really started to appreciate Islam.

  4. Because I live in a western country, where God is made fun of, people are associated with him like when they say she looks like a goddess or God of heavy metal, I dun have much meaning towarsd the word god, rather the arabic Allah, has much more powerful meaning to me and gives me reminders all the time like he knows what I am doing.

  5. Salaam,


    Awhile ago I prayed in bathrooms a few time not knowing that it was haraam. Am obliged to pray again thos prayers? Also it really like I was facing towards the toliet or even near a dirty part, I made sure of that, just wondering if this counts.


    Salaam and Jaza'ka'Allah for the answers

  6. Salaam bro and ins'Allah you ar ein the best of health,


    I went through this bad moment yesterday and I missed all my prayers (may Allah forgive me). Now I was wondering how should I make them up. May I make them up along with current like if I pray today's fajr then I pray yesterday's fajr afterwards and do the same come zuhr time. Or do I have to make up all the missed prayer at one time, now?

  7. [




    The Indian:


    Accuses Pakistan for helping the insect to infiltrate into the glass, supplying it with nourishment to continue swimming in the Pepsi, blames it as a long term ISI operation, terms the insect as an Islamic militant, then an Afghan mercenary and finally a Pakistan SSG commando in undercover operation and presents the identity card of the bug to prove that it indeed is a Pakistani army personnel in an undercover operation to change the status of Line of Control, shows this guy on Zee News saying it is bla bla (some common Muslim name) & makes it speak Urdu which obviously the insect doesn't know how to comprehend, and vows to defend every inch of the glass and every drop of the Pepsi and demands that the US should declare Pakistan a terrorist!!!!!


    :D (w00t) :D :P

  8. Walaikum Asalaam,


    My dad was complaining the other day how the brides of today go to their husband's house dancing and laughing, with no shame or haya.. while in 'the good old days' they all had their gazes down and eyes full of tears, lol. *Sigh*




    Some of them have been eaiting years to get married. And if you are talking about the westerners, well you know they always have divorce so they could be coming back after a month only :D

  9. :D


    let me give you an example, a have a friend, he lives in central london, the neighbours blast out pop music at full blast, even louder than the pub, at random times, sometimes at 3 am, now, when the police is called, they let it go....simply because they are white, but when the bengali people on the other side make noise, the police suddenly gang up on all the desi (asian), people. Just one example.


    Really a shame

  10. Why not?


    1) What is your concept of marriage?

    The bond between a man and a woman to share each other in love and respect.


    2) Have you been married before?

    In my dreams


    3) Are you married now?

    In my dreams


    4) What are you expectations of marriage?

    Someone to talk to, learn/teach Islam to/from, A friend for life, a companion, and I have to admit, to fulfill my sexual needs.


    5) What are your goals in life? (long and short term)

    Short term: Learn Islam, finish school, get a good job so parents can stop working, get married.


    Long Term: Teach and spread Islam while still learning, have a kid or kids, Try best to spread Islam to my family, community, and beyond, adn so much more, but I think covered much of it/


    6) Identify three things that you want to accomplish in the near future.

    1. Learn Arabic so I can comprehend the linguistic miracle of Qur'an

    2. Get a good starting job

    3. Get fit, and I mean FIT!


    7) Identify three things that you want to accomplish, long term.

    1. Get married and make my wife happy.

    2. Spread Islam

    3. Get into heaven

  11. Yep to the best of knowledge fo Tayammum. I forgot the hadith but it went something like the person didn't have eater so one Sahaba told him to do Tayammum and afterwards he did not have to repeat the prayer. How isn't Islam fair?