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  1. :D Whoa. May Allah Bless her and make her use her knowledge for his cause :P


    I haven't even learned arabic( know prayers though and meaning) yet :D but ins'Allah someday I plan to so I can comprehend the Qur'ans miracle of language

  2. I would proably do the same thing, but would like to own a house as that way if I ever lose my job I would have a place to stay or if I die my spouse and children would have some security at least a home. But ins'Allah something might come up so we dun end up paying interest. But if it not, I guess renting and leasing is the best thing to do, is their any other chice people of know owning a house wihtou paying up front and with interest?

  3. Slaam,

    Whenevr I look fatwas on Abortion, I always get the answers without any hadith or Verse to back it up, rather just get statements. Does anyone have any evidences?


  4. Salaam,- New York City

    What can I say. There is a lot of social corruption over here and I too have sometimes fallen into them, May Allah forgive me. But the good thing is you get to practice Islama nonetheless, although that still dosen't excuse the all the distractions. For the most part it is okay, but yet I still yearn for "muslim" country someday

  5. Salaam brothers and sisters,

    My question is that since we allowed to marry believing Christain and Jewish women, what does it actually mean because you have christains and Jews committing shirk and since there seems to be no trace of Jews and Christains that followed Allah's real messgae. Also Did the prophet ever practice this right?

  6. Salaam,

    Do we need to have "scientific" reasons for why pork is forbidden in Islam. Do we need to look for "benefits" of not eating pork. Bros and Sis(s), I would say Muslims should not eat pork because of the best reason, because Allah disallowed it, and unless he gave a specific reason why not, I wouldn't question it. The Qur'an is a miracle that Allah sent down to be obeyed without questioning, unless you are confused I guess. If we keep "justifiying" our laws and regulations we'll have to do it for all of them. Take another case: Alcohol bervages. We don't drink it because Allah ordered us not too. Now if we start adding justifications we might get stumped. For instance, a study showed drinking a little bit of wine everyday, supposedly is healthy, how would you justify it then. Take Allah's commands becaue they are Allah's command, not because it might benefit you or not. Some Muslims during the rasul's(Peace Be Upon Him) time had a lot to lose by accepting Islam, wealth power, etc. But they accepted it because it was miracle in the language sense and no one could produce one like it and therefore they knew it was the word of Allah through the prophet (peace be upon him) , from Jibreel

  7. Salaamz,

    I am glad how some sisters are getting attached to the hijab. It saddens me though sometimes when I see a sister with a hijab do some horrible things like openly date, hug males, and that sort of thing. Sorta lowers your imam, you know what I mean?

  8. Salaamz,

    To tell you guys the truth, I dun know myself the real position of the beard. Because some say it is sunnah, some say it is Far, and then some say it is neither. I am trying to look for evidences in both catagories. But if the beard is a fard and people know it, I think it is because they are afraid of what society might think of them. I mean some are afraid they will be considered terrorists while others will be afraid they dun look good. Neither is a good enough excuse if the beard is a beard but the second point is a interesting one. In the 70's people had beards, now they dun ( I think it is the whole metrosexual thing), so yeah in appearance sense it depends on the the time period I guess.

  9. Salaamz,

    I would love a inter-racial marriage, in fact that's the type I actually want, I dun know why but I just like it. There might be the whole language thing, but I live in the U.S and if I can find someone that speaks english, it would be great becaue I dun know my language fluently as other know. Of course my parents have a different opinion. It's funny though, while I was growing up my parents talked bad about there own race but when it came to marriage, they would be like "it has to be bengali". Not that I would mind my own kind, I just don't want it to be limited to that. I wish our parents mentality were better, caring about a person's imam rather than a person's origin.