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    * Watching grass grow<br />* Watching fluffy clouds<br />* Staring at the clock. Try it, hours of fun!!!
  1. Im Not A Sister

    :D :D :D dont balme u sis for not understanding it...ppl do get a lot confused in ur age...u suppose to be taking it easy Miss.dooRhammer (or should i say doorhanger :D ) so how is ur pension coming on?? hope, candians paying a 80 year old woman well... :D
  2. Whats Your Warning Level?

    :D :D went to 30% last night...but now unfortunetly is back at 20%
  3. Rule 36

    :D I was kinda bored...and thought to myself..since IF's rules are so excellent and brilliant, i might as well spend some quality time memorsing them...and i must say rofi, it was the most pleasent experience i ever aquired...dont hestitae from following my footsteps :D donna if u can tell...but i was joking :D ...no, i just accidently looked at it rofi :D ...
  4. Rule 36

    :D 36- this is a discontinued rule. Err...what does this mean? If its removed then what was the rule about?
  5. I Love Surah Fatiha!

    :D I think this is the best recitation of Surah Fatihah "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.adnan.hamoislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fatiha.ram"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.adnan.hamoislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/fatiha.ram[/url] i got one more of sudais on my PC, when he was young :D: really great...
  6. Do You Take Part In Sports?

    :D i love playing almost all of the sports: football, cricket, tennis, badminton, squash etc...dont like watching sports tho...
  7. Why Are You Not Mature?

    :D First of all times r different, u cant compare Prophets (PHUB) time with this. There is too much pressure nowadays. e.g. educatuon, job etc. As for me, i am 17, still in college no job...how can i afford to bring up children or support a wife?
  8. Lets all IF-ers create Islamic website

    :D :D for bringing to to my notice... well, lets just say i need to re-gather ppl...after i was banned, it wasnt possible to communicate as ppl wouldnt either join up on the other forum/didnt post... As for the webhost as i said b4, bro dot is provideing...regarding domain, brother AaTK has done excellent job, and i am gonna purchase he domain as soon as i got ppl re-gathered... :D i will update u all with the news soon..
  9. Describe The Person Above

    :D What??? :laugh: err...dont really know D-Zin about "Creepy"... yeh, eating on the floor from now on :D Geez, D-ZIner...it was only 1 letter mistake... Sorry, i just searched for "Capital" on the rules and copied n pasted...so no, ddint experience the excitement of reading the rule... Crystal Eyes... used to be very active, not as active now...replies on quite a lot of threads...dont really know much about her
  10. Whats Your Warning Level?

    :D Wonder who voted for this... :D
  11. .........

    :D To be honest, i didnt really notice any difference...hehe... :D :D
  12. Profile

    :D As far as i know IPB, the forum doesnt have this feature for public display...
  13. Describe The Person Above

    :D Describing sunshinez... sunlight of Couselling Section...always helipng ppl out with their problem... :D lot of good advices...is married, with kids...lives in UK...and quite an active member
  14. .........

    :D Well, i joined the club of fun :h: :D ate my breakfast and lunch on the floor ... :D please dont hestitate from saying "well done Danish. U r the best. Lot better then i am :D " lol, just j/k
  15. Describe The Person Above

    :D just wanna add: not fair! There r three thread of "Describe the person...", geez, ppl isnt 1 enough? Alright, granpa! U r right, should always respect ur elders...(63 years older than me) love to coment, but going off topic... Sorry :D btw: hate to be the pain in the neck but Most beloved rules state: