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  1. Sparrows

    Salaam! Jazakallah for sharing! Mashallah your daughter is very talented and observant and has the heart and mind to reflect ...a great gift that not every one possesses! May Allah bless her and increase her in her eemaan and all of us as well :sl: ! (ameen)
  2. The Caged Bird's Escape

    Salam! :sl: nice nice! Smart bird lol! Jazakallah for sharing...It brought a smile to my face :sl:
  3. *_spouse Wanted_*

    :sl: Jazakallahu Kheirun brother! very nicely written! Nowadays I am attracted to articles on marraige and spouse etc. I guess because of the fact that I just recently got engaged ...Did I tell you that? :no: It happened almost a month ago :j: !! I never planned it and it all just happened. Mashallah he is a very pious and kind hearted person. I am soo excited heheh :D! Before him, I wasn't even the least concerned about topics pertaining to marriage.... Anywhoos I also strongly agree with bro Abdulkhaleel's argument. Its the exact same thing my fiance told me coz he said that the more people you involve the more opinions and advices you get, and people tend to advise based on their experiences and stereotypes. Everyone is different and who knows that one characteristic that is considered faulty in you by the majority might be the one that makes you special to your spouse. He said that it just creates suspicion in one's mind and you somehow begin to weaken the special bond you have coz you are no longer the first person the other consults...Besides whats the point of being in a relationship if you go around asking other people how to run it instead of the partner himself/herself...and the way he put it made a lot of sense. It goes for every relationship also I think, that direct discussion is much better at resolving the conflict. The more people you involve the more messy and heartbreaking it becomes! :sl: Once again Jazakallah All for the great discussion!
  4. Signs, Ads And Headlines

    :sl: hhaah OMg those were hillarious!
  5. Summers' Fitnah

    :sl: Great discussion and great topic! Jazakallahu Kheirun all !
  6. :sl: Jazakallahu Kheirun for sharing this article! I really neeeded the reminder and motivation!
  7. My Whole Life Changed In Just A Split Second

    Assalam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu! Jazakallahu Kheirun bro for sharing that! It was truly an inspirational read. It reminded me of the verse from Surah Rehmaan that translates to "which of your Lords blessings will you deny?" ....We have so much blessings to thank for even when we are going through hard times, yet we dont realize them coz we are too busy thinking about what has been snatched from us. Mashallah I admire the patience you showed..may Allah reward you immensely for that and for remembering Him with humilty at such a time and may Allah guide us all to remember Him and be mindful of Him all the time. How is your knee doing now? Did you get a surgery done yet? I hope and pray that it goes back to being perfectly normal for you (Ameen). Jazakallah once again for sharing! Beautiful read indeed!
  8. Worldly Education?

    :sl: Recently I spoke to a friend who quit school saying that ' I am going to dedicate myself to learning Quran and the knowldge of Islam and forget this worldly education because a degree will not help me in the aakhiraa!" As much as I appreciate the dedication to learn about the deen, I didn't agree with the mentality of putting down the worldly education! Allah HImself in the Quran refers in many verses as do the people not see how Allah created man? how He created the heavens and the earth? How He created honey bee? etc . Isn't He in a way asking us to study our surroundings to apprecaie Him?? The more you study , the more you appreciate and the more you fear Allah! as the verse in Quran says that "only those fear Allah who possess knowledge!" . Every time some non-muslim makes a huge revolutionary discovery, we all jump and say that the muslims are sleeping, its the non-muslims that are making the discoveries!! But what about us? Are we not also a muslim who somehow have a responsibility to make the deen look good? :no: My ultimate goal is to be a pharmacist and I plan to go into research field not because of just big bucks in that industry! My goal thereby is to prove at least one of hadiths reagrding medicine for instance the one that 'the black seed has the cure in it for every disease except death! ". If I can just prove or try to prove at least one hadith to the world, wouldn't I be doing a huge service to Islam? Would not Allah be happy with me for my niyyah?? Another example could be a rich successful muslims person donating his her wealth to suuport Islamic schools/services etc which Allah granted HIM by means of the degree he obtained! I realize that one cannot fare well in this world without the education of the Quran and the Hadith but I also beleive that there is no such thing as 'wordly education' that all the so-called-useless-worldly education has its roots from the Quran and is very important to strengthen our beleifs and fully open our minds to appreciate Allah as Al-MUSAVVIR, as AL-KHALIQ .......... and all HIS other names! What do you guys think? :sl:
  9. Worldly Education?

    :sl: thats correct "balance" is the keyword!
  10. Salaam

    :sl: err I think you have to take permission from one of the sister moderators! Isn't it so? knock knock ..........somebody? :sl:
  11. Worldly Education?

    :sl: that is sooo true! We neeed a lot of educated muslims in front line such as lawyers, doctors, programmers, social workers, engineers etc. so that they can help the other muslims out there and also make the Muslim world look good! coz thanks to the media and crazy acts of a crazy few... the muslim world looks pretty bad !! we honestly need educated people who have high eeemaaan to prove to the world that we are all rounders! and the niyaah should be to be benefial to oneslef, ones family, society and muslim Ummah! coz this is it! Its us now! Our ancestors...the sahaba.. they are all gone now! Its not enough to have a gllorious past or exclaim everytime when a new discovery is made that hey the founders of this science were muslim scholars themselves! It has to be both types of educations I beleive!
  12. Worldly Education?

    :sl: Ameen to that! Jazakallah for your reply! Yeah I guess if you look at it from that perspective then that makes sense! Because first you need to strengthen your eeman but you know what? I have noticed that in my case reading scientific discoveries and just observing the facts that I see around me and when I remeber the verses from the Quran that point to those facts... I feel my eeeman soaring up Alhamdulilah i.e.! So I guess its a cycle where Quranic studies and the wordly studies go hand in hand!
  13. Have We Lost Interest In Quran & Allah?

    :sl: Jazakallu Kheirun all of you for such enlightening discussion and posting those hadiths and verses! I am deeply moved! Jazakallah!
  14. The Bermuda Triangle

    :sl: woww great topic sis Ameenah ! Jazakallahu Kheirun everybody for their inputs...... hmm I am going to do some research on this now!!!
  15. Welcome To Moi Blog :p

    :D OMG sis your blog is just torturing me! Just looking at those pics made me sooo hungry :sl: :sl: :no: and it doesn't help that I am at work and won't get a break for next two hours and that to only romaine noodles are waiting for me :j: :D :D gosh you guys are killling me!!! Very mouth watering pics!! Remind me not to open this thread in Ramadan :D !!! lolz congrats sis on your blog! Very capturing :D but torturing at the same time :D
  16. What Do You Do For Living

    :sl: interesting thread! I am a full time student and I work as a call center agent for the time being!
  17. Newbie

    :sl: welcome aborad :sl:
  18. Am Back

    Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu! I dont know if any of you remembers me or not but I am a very old memeber who disappeared for a while! Got a little too busy ! But I am back with fulll force I just wanted to say Salaam to all my brother and sisters, the people I knew and the new people that are here! I got busy as life took a 180 degree turn! I moved to the United states from Saudi Arabia 2 years ago. Life is totally different here and I have come to appreciate the previliges I had in Saudi Arabia that I never realzed before, like listening to the Adhan five times a day etc. Its hard to practice as rigorously here and I must agree say I am strongle tempted to let go of my HIjab! My prayers have suffered as in their regularity. I got really terrified that if I dont do anything about it now, it will be too late! I miss you guys and I felt a stronger urge to come back here so that maybe I can get inspired by talking to brothers and sisters who are going through a similar phase. May Allah bless you all in this life as weel as in the one after! Love you all for the sake of Allah! I hope that maybe some one remembers me though if nobody does then its nobody's fault except mine to disappear like that!
  19. Am Back

    oooh I didn't see the last three posts! Jazakallahu Kheirun for your warm replies!!! OMG bro dooomhammer I remember you! Lolz I see you changed your username! Jazakallah sis Ummammar for your extremely warm comment and note! and Jazakallah sis blue_dew :sl: !
  20. Salaam

    :sl: Welsome aboard :sl: I am sooo glad you could make it here sis! Lolz I admire your desire to be around an Islamic circle ... Hope this forum proves beneficial for you and you prove beneficial for this forum too! looking forward to your posts!
  21. Social Relationships

    Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu! Subhan Allah! If honestly everybody followed this, what a wonderful society we all would have! Jazakallahu Kheirun sis for sharing. It inspired me a lot!
  22. Am Back

    Assalaam Alaikum ! Jazakallah kheirun for your replies :sl:
  23. Assalaam Alaikum

    Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu! I dont know if any of you remembers me or not but I am a very old memeber who disappeared for a while! Got a little too busy ! But I am back with fulll force :sl: I just wanted to say Salaam to all my brother and sisters, the people I knew and the new people that are here! May Allah bless you all in this life as weel as in the one after! Love you all for the sake of Allah! :sl:
  24. Am Back

    Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rehmatullahi Wa Barakatahu! Jazakallahu Kheirun for your replies :sl:! thanks for the warm welcome