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  1. Need Help =(

    Salaams brothers and sisters so right now i am in university first year and i am in a program i really dont want to be in i really wanted to transfer to commerce because thats the only way i see myself going i have always wanted to go into business and i am in social science and that is why this year i did not really study hard because i wasnt studying something i would love to do which did discourage me a lot and now the average to transfer to commerce is higher than my actual average right now and i am so scared i will not get in because if i don't all my dreams would be ruined brothers and sisters pleaseee i request you to make du'aaa for me that i will get in i am so lost right now and so scaredd that i wont get in if i dont get in, i probably will have to stay in my faculty and i wont be able to apply to the program i wanted to master in =( thanks for listening !
  2. Blood Donation

    Assalamwalaikum In my school there is a blood donation campaign going on, and I was just wondering if blood donation is halaal or haraam? like are we even allowed to donate our blood and i need answers ASAP pleasee brothers & sisters, cause there is hardly anytime Jazakallah
  3. Anyone From South Africa

    salaam i am from south africa :D ........well actually botswana
  4. "hope" In Diffferent Languages

    salaams jazakallah :D ..thank you so much bye :D
  5. :D brothers and sisters i am doin a project and i need help for finding how to say the word "hope" in many different languages.....i really need your help jazakallah bye :D
  6. Super Model Reverts To Islam!

    :D that was beautiful.......inshaallah everything will workout bye :D
  7. Sara's Story

    :D may Allah [swt] bless Sarah with one of the best places in jannah AAMEEN bye :D
  8. Revert From Hinduism

    :D mashallah bye :D
  9. New Sister Come Sunday

    :D mashallah thats wonderful bye :D
  10. Jermaine Jackson

    :D Thanks for sharing you know theres something really strange...........Jermaine is so holy why cant he teach his sister to not show much infront of the public it is so disgusting....u know what i mean? bye :D
  11. Education & Careers Forum

    :D great idea bye :D
  12. Some parents just don't think

    :D lol! sis curiousbud ...it was gwenyth paltrow who named her daughter apple LOL and Courtney Cox named her daughter coco LOLZZ there was this worker in my cousins buisness called suitcase bye :D

    :D inshaallah everything will be fine aamin bye :D
  14. My story

    :D Welcome to Islam!!!!!!!!!! .........Islam is such a beautiful religion ,come to think of it the best thing Allah subhana ta'ala has given us blessed ones Shukkar....................... ....insha'Allah you will start reading your 5 times soon, dont worry, this has even happened to me bye :D