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  1. "israel" To Drop Arabic Names

    Greetings & Peace... Definitely not an appropriate person to be nicknamed Gandhi :sl: As to the topic, an unnecessary slap in the face for a large minority of the population of israel. Nothing good or positive can come of it except to make some ultra-conservative israelis feel good and powerful. Peace out... JD
  2. My Thinking On Iraq

    Greetings ######... Yes, thank you for asking, I do understand English. I also understand Spanish, French and Italian. I have also been to the Exposing Zionism section on many occasions and I am therefore well aware of how Zionism is defined there and who would be considered a Zionist. That said, I asked you two specific questions that remain unanswered: 1. You have posted a list of people serving in the US government who are either Jewish or have Jewish sounding names. These people are labelled Zionists. Can you provide your source for that list? 2. Do you have proof that all of the people on that list of Zionists are really Zionists? Here is an illustration of the problem that I have with your Zionist list: Someone could compile a similar list of people serving in the US government who are either Muslims or have Middle Eastern sounding names and label them terrorists or Al Qaeda supporters. Should I read such a list and not question the source or its credibility? Once again, thank you in advance for sorting this out. Peace out... JD
  3. My Thinking On Iraq

    Greetings... I noticed that there have also been no answers to my questions re: the source for ######'s list of Zionists and proof that all of the people on his list are Zionists. Peace out... JD
  4. My Thinking On Iraq

    Greetings and Peace to all again... Mr ######: Your post above fascinates me because it includes a list of Zionists who control the US government. Do you have a link to your source? I'm curious...did these people somewhere claim or admit to being Zionists? I see that these people are all Jewish or have Jewish sounding names...is that how we can recognize if someone is a Zionist? That would be very easy and convenient. I am confused because I have many times on this forum read posts by various members that insist that all Jews aren't Zionists, and therefore they are the good Jews. Could you perhaps share with us a list of the non Zionist, and therefore, the good Jews in the US government? That is, of course, if there are any. I hope that you can enlighten us with your wisdom on this subject. Peace out once again... JD
  5. My Thinking On Iraq

    Peace to all... The US/Coalition should never have invaded and occupied Iraq. The painful reality is that the damage done to Iraq will take a lot of time, effort and understanding to heal. The process of healing must begin with the departure of all non Iraqi actors from the stage (US, UK, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Bechuanaland, Limbergerstan, Alice Springs, Al Qaeda, whoever, etc: all of you, get out!). There will likely be a horrific period that is painful to watch as Iraqis fight each other to sort out their future (aka: Civil War), but they will find their solution without the intervention of other parties. In the end, the people of Iraq will be able to rebuild their country (or countries) with their available resources along with the generous assistance of the rest of the world. Good luck getting the cooperation of the rest of the world on this...but it really is the only way. Peace out... JD
  6. U.s. Military Draft For Israel

    Peace and greetings... Anthony: Did you read the entire article and the following comments? Surely you know that you posted a piece of satire :sl: Peace out... JD
  7. Why The Us Government Is Hated All Over The World

    Agreed...and thank you Layna for your thoughtful reply to my post. You bring up important questions. I am most grateful to Darla for answering your questions and doing a better job at making my point than I have done myself: Thank you Darla for the nod and for clarifying my point :sl: It really is simple: the most perfect system can be devised by human beings or handed down to humanity. Sadly, there will be one inescapable flaw: it will be administered by human beings. Worse still, these human beings will be imbued with the conviction that they are the arbiters of divine authority and as such assume themselves to be infallable. Unfortunately, we all know better...human beings are anything but infallable. Thank you, no. I will throw in my lot with a secular society that works toward respecting people no matter what their beliefs (or lack thereof). Since we have different groups with competing (though complimentary) divine ideologies, we cannot fairly, or safely, accept the primacy of one over another. Peace out... JD
  8. Why The Us Government Is Hated All Over The World

    Greetings and peace... If the issue were simply a choice between personal freedom and God's Law, I have no doubt that God's Law would insure personal freedom to everyone. My concern stems from my lack of faith in any human being, or group of human beings, put in the position of interpreting and enforcing God's Law. I would be as opposed to living under a Christian Theocracy as I would be to living under an Islamic Theocracy. Living under God's Law is best left as an individual's prerogative, and more power to those who chose to do so in a Secular society. The power of choice and intention in Faith far outweighs the power of one's Faith when one's choices are proscribed. Peace out... JD
  9. Is The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion On Sale?

    This has been around since the 1800's. It was apparently the concoction of the Russian secret police of that time. I doubt there is currently any market for it in book form. You can find it and a host of information pertaining to it on the internet: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=Protocols+Of+The+Elders+Of+Zon"] [/url] (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=Protocols+Of+The+Elders+Of+Zon"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetgoogle(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/search?q=Protocols+O...+Elders+Of+Zio [/url] Decide for yourself. Enjoy! Peace out... JD
  10. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Greetings, Righteous... No worries...I have absolutely no intention or desire to kill Muslims, or anyone else for that matter. That would indeed be stupid. Please refer to Darla's excellent post above for further reference. Meanwhile, thank you for your call to Islam, although this thread does not seem to be the most effective setting for it B) Peace out... JD
  11. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Greetings, Darla... Thank you for your post...I really couldn't have said it better myself :sl: Peace out... JD
  12. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Fair enough, Mehmet... Perhaps then as a God Fearing Christian I should be following the interpretation of Biblical law that set in motion the Crusades that were launched against Islam back in an earlier, darker time in history. After all, literally, that was at one time considered a requirement under God's commands, according to some interpretations anyway. I will concern myself with my own relationship with God which does not involve questioning or judging anyone else's, including yours. Peace out... JD
  13. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Greetings "Righteous", No, thank you for your concern but having Christianity as my religion is not a mistake, therefore I do not need to change my religion. The society I live in does not currently practice the stoning of people for changing their religous beliefs. That will probably not change in the foreseeable future, assuming that the "Christian Right" does not consolidate it's grip on this society. Though I am quite aware of it, I am not interested in living my "history," particularly the parts of it that are barbaric and outdated. I am, however, intersted in the world evolving and it's people learning to live with each other regardless of their different ethnicities, belief systems or whatever else we choose to categorize ourselves by. You seem to be very adept at belittling those whose beliefs are not yours. I can only imagine how wonderful it is to be such a perfect human being, coming, as you apparently do, from an exalted place from which to pass judgement on others. Peace out... JD
  14. ~ Girl Stoned To Death For Converting To Islam ~

    Peace to all... Perhaps I have missed something in this thread, but I have not seen anyone come to the defense of the people who carried out this barbaric act of murder against a defenseless young girl because the murderers were not Muslim and the victim was a revert to Islam. As for "hypocrisy at it's best for sure'" let's look at the justification, expressed above by Righteous, that stoning to death apostates from Islam is appropriate while holding forth that the same would be inappropriate for apostates from any other religion or belief system. He said, "don't compare a believer to a non-believer". The fact is, barbarism is barbarism, regardless of the religious beliefs of the victim and regardless of the religous beliefs of the people casting the stones in this disgusting story. Frankly It doesn't matter who was behind this murder and what their religous beliefs are or are not. They savagely and brutally murdered a fellow human being because of that person's religous belief. I would not willingly be part of a society that considered it appropriate to kill a person, in any manner or method, for the spritual beliefs that they held or did not hold, or for having a change of heart in that regard. Peace out... JD
  15. Very, very illuminating :sl: