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  1. Surahs Needed , Advice And Duas Needed

    Salam alikum, You reciting ayat al kursi after the 5 daily prayers ? Do you wake up for fajr also daily ? Because for a start you need that first
  2. Hello, Nice 6 min video, lots of phrases he said should be quoted. I liked all of them " I threw families on to the streets in Iraq, only to come home and find families thrown out in the streets in this country"
  3. Us Iraq Veteran: "i Realised I Was The Terrorist"

    True. even American Sniper showed some of them
  4. Bringing Us Closer

    Peace Gnosis :) Welcome to the forum, and I believe you will add great info for us all here :)
  5. Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb

    We alikum eslam :) welcome and good to have you here, insha Allah it will benefit all
  6. Hate

    Can you explain more please ?
  7. Assalamou'alaykom Everybody !

    Salam alikum Welcome to the forum and insha Allah you will benefit from being here :)
  8. Hate

    A belief lies in the heart, not by sight
  9. Hate

    Lets not forget the crimes and killings that happened during the world wars, millions died, so should be people be hating each other for these crimes ? One muslim makes an act you don't like and you hate all ?
  10. Dua For My Friend

    May Allah forgive her and grant her ferdaws insha Allah
  11. Introduction

    Salam Fatima, welcome to the forum :)
  12. Some Truth

  13. Salam/Hello [post=http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/muslimapologies-is-a-witty-and-informative-response-to-western-islamophobia-9772439.html][/post]
  14. Hate

    no, hate don't lead to any good, neither lies, they don't lead to anything good either
  15. Glad To Be Here.

    we alikum esalam welcome to the forum and insha Allah you benefit from your stay here :)
  16. Salaam!

    we alikum eslam Welcome and insha Allah you learn and enjoy :)
  17. Salam Any more sources/confirmation ? http://www.timesofisrael.com/abbas-rejects-egyptian-offer-to-settle-refugees-in-sinai/#ixzz3COKMCS2I
  18. Nice :)

    wish you the best :)
  19. For sure both can live side by side and manage daily life activity, as for belief comparison its difficult. I know in Islam that muslims should treat their neighbor with respect, no matter what belief they have. So that's a daily life communication between two different beliefs.
  20. Big Bang

    Salam/hello So would the big ban cause the earth to be spinning ?
  21. Big Bang

    Hello :) I found this video, proves what you both are saying :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BIHEJxG7FM
  22. I'll Will Be 50 Soon

    Salam alikum Welcome to the forum sister and insha Allah all gets better with you
  23. Salam

    We alikum esalam :) Great to see you here and great to have a new sister in Islam :)
  24. Hi!

    Salam alikum Mohd Great to see you here brother :) insha Allah you will find what you need here and also help others out :) Insha Allah you are having a great and blessed ramadan :)
  25. Hacking

    Salam alikum/Hello Anyone experienced that their Facebook account or email has been hacked before ?