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  1. Me House ;)

    essalamu alikum this is where i live, try to find our where my house is :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.putertopia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/~james/island.jpg"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.putertopia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/~james/island.jpg[/url] essalamu alikum
  2. Where Do You Live?

    essalamu alikum egypt here, n i think we r being occupied by british in thins forum :D eassalamu alikum
  3. Wristwatches...

    essalamu alikum I always have it on, if i dont wear it i feel something missing :D i bought 2 from Gazzaz in KSA :D essalmau alikum
  4. Me House ;)

    Essalamu alikum Yes ur correct, its the river nile, but u can say that it almost splits Al-Qahirah ( Cairo ) into two :D, well u can actually say that it splits egypt into two parts :D So bro Aatk, dont forget to tell me wat airway ur flighting and the flight number, so i could wave back, cuz there's lots of plans flying over my head :D and i dont want to wave for someone i dont know :D Essalamu alikum
  5. New Muslems : Ibrahim Khalil Fulobos (former Copti

    Essalamu alikum ÈÇÑß ÇÇáÉ Ýíß æ ÊÞÈá ãäß ÇäÔÇÁ ÇááÉ well I must say that when a christian from egypt converts it really makes me glade, I was once told by an amercian convert brother that the egyptian christians have no reason at all to be stay christians since they already live in a msulim country unlike americans. I also want to add that u r not a new muslim :D u r a very old one :D so i cant welcome u to Islam i only can welcome u to the forum its been a pleasuer to read ur story and hope to see u around insha Allah Essalamu alikum brother
  6. Marriage

    Essalamu alikum I'm sure if he is seriuose and wants u as a wife insha Allah, he would have made the right move like giong for engagment, but it seems that he's just having a chat, and I dont think sending cards saying I love u is appropriate at all. Like the sister have said u need to straighten things out at once, no delay, as talking to ur mother. And for sure u must stop talking to him, unless there is a need. Hope insha Allah things work out as Allah SWT accepts Essalamu alikum
  7. We alikum essalam wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu sister Masha Allah, barak Allah feeky sister and ur whole family and all converts like u, and insha Allah, Allah SWT accepts ur childern in Janah and all mumneen to follow. Nice to see u around sister :D Esssalamu alikum
  8. From Avrazin To Islam

    Essalamu alikum ok if u dont want to talk about it, but actually i made a search on (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]google[/url] and it didnt give me much, i'm beging to think i'm not smart at all :D :D well anyway i think i try again later, but its nice to have u around brother, florida is cool, got some ornage juice lol Essalamu alikum
  9. How Many Mp's R Muslims ?

    Essalamu alikum I just want to know how many MP r muslims in UK, also wat about other countries in europe, and i wouldnt mind at all to know about the US Essalamu alikum
  10. Dubai

    Essalamu alikum Well do eamarty women show the front of there head including the front hair, and also the brother said they were a bunch, like they do here in cairo, they dont ever mingle with muslims, they r always around each other, its like a closed comunity. Essalamu alikum
  11. Dubai

    Essalamu alikum These sound like the bahara, they r starting to bulid a cummunity here in cairo too, I hope they leave and never come back insha Allah. Esssalamu alikum
  12. How Many Mp's R Muslims ?

    Essalamu alikum sorry there a question also i forgot, how many MP are there, the total number ? Gazak Allah kahir for ur reply borbus Essalamu alikum
  13. From Avrazin To Islam

    Essalamu alikum big welcome brother :D nice to see u around and hope to see more of u :D So wats Avrazin, and where r u from, I'm from cairo egypt Essalamu alikum
  14. Living In The Uk..

    we alikum essalam well that sounds good :D its a busy area there, i usually go for jumah prayer near nasr city. but i want to say something, that i always wish to live here in egypt, i mean i love it here, with the donkies lol, the only place that i can go live in other than here is makka or madina essalamu alikum
  15. Living In The Uk..

    Essalamu alikum I thought u were talking about egypt LOL, so its like the same here, donkies, bribing, tourture. Ok so maybe now i can say, i lived in both Egypt and Pak, i mean no offend ofcourse Essalamu alikum
  16. How Many Brothers...

    essalamu alikum sure why not, and like you all said its about the deen essalamu alikum
  17. Egypt?

    wat do u mean u cant blame it on the US ??? who's benefiting form all that killing, its only the US, so ur upset that a topic was not started so quick, well we r very upset here about these inocent ppl that died cuz of the US.
  18. London Bomber Alive

    Essalamu alikum Can u please confirm wats happening in that ARY chanel, cuz the site doesnt have any news in it. Essalamu alikum
  19. What's Behind The London Attacks?

    Essalamu alikum So they are now just pulling out some british form pak orgine and saying they made it. I want to know, how many MP are muslims and represnent the muslims in UK ? Essalamu alikum
  20. What's Behind The London Attacks?

    Essalamu alikum Jazak Allah kahir brother Abubakr for your explanation :D and masha Allah i admir your replies to others too, barak Allah feek, and its really nice to see you, well in this case read you and know you :D So in this case a very important theared to the explion will be hidden form the public, just cuz it concerning the jews. I met a man in KSA few weeks ago, and he told me a very simple and meaningfull sentence, he said, that there are 2 nations that have rose and one have fallin, the 2 that rose are the shiaa and the jews and the one that fallin is the Taliban. Well its very true that every thing that happens will support the rising of jews, even in killing civilians and inocent Essalamu alikum
  21. What's Behind The London Attacks?

    Essalamu alikum For the training that was givin to the mujahedeen in the afghan war with the USSR, isnt it totaly diff than the training that would be made to make attacks like 911 and london ?? And now we got crisis mangement excersis in both places before the incidnet happens, NY and london, and we got the isrealie Netenyahu stayin in his hotel room. I'm really starting to get more to the opinon that these attacks were made by the western gov. intellgense. Essalamu alikum
  22. What's Behind The London Attacks?

    Essalamu alikum jazak Allah kahir for the explanation brother, but sorry i couldnt get that last paragraph please, can u explain that to me. Essalamu alikum
  23. Dubai

    Essalamu alikum In egypt u'll be totaly ok, as u r a tourist, he can aslo wear his jelbab and u can have ur niqaab, its totaly ok insha Allah. I have my beard from a while and still i didnt get arrested lol essalamu alikum
  24. What's Behind The London Attacks?

    essalamu alikum Please can anyone explian that to me, is that guy saying that the isrealie embassy in london know about it ??? is that true, cuz i think i am missunderstanding something here, need help, please explain. essalamu alikum
  25. I Have Reverted

    Essalamu alikum Well that's the case here too in egypt, if a coptic person converts to Islam, then he has to announce that to the athorities, and that cant happen eccept if the coptic church aproves that he can convert. And also the killing matter is the for a solution too. Barak Allah feeky sister, and may Allah prtect u, its hard times all over. essalamu alikum