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  1. Dubai

    essalamu alikum why not thinking of egypt ? essalamu alikum
  2. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    essalamu alikum I totaly dont agree with that. So how do u think it should work out, she goes and ask's about a brother who has a past, and also should a brother who has a past ask's about a sister like him ? I dont quite agree at all What have happend in the past is forgiven insha Allah when u ask for forgivness truely, and a brother shouldn't ask about a sister history, as long as she is recomended to him and everything is ok, then past should not be a barrier. essalamu alikum
  3. Us Helicopter With 17 On Board

    Essalamu alikum A brother told me that the area where that choper was hit, is a salafy area, which i hope insha Allah. also how much does it cost for 1 US soldier ? does anyone know. essalamu alikum
  4. I'm Going To Egypt

    essalamu alikum welcome to egypt :D i hope ur enjoying the weather till now, soon u'll find everyone leaving to the baech, and cairo will be all empty lol so in a while insha Allah you'll do all ur posts in arabic :D essalamu alikum
  5. Which Madhab Do You Follow?

    essalamu alikum i go for all of them, ofcourse the saheeh, which form wat i understand would be the salafy manhaj essalamu alikum
  6. Zina, I Really Need Help On This

    essalamu alikum when asking for forgivness, u have to put in mind 3 things, that u ask for Allah SWT frogivenss, u regret what u have done in the past, and finaly u promise urself that u will not go back to what u have done, and insha Allah sister Allah SWT will forgive, cuz as u know that's one of his names and his ' sefat ' that's an arabic word, i think it means atributs in english. when ur looking for a husband its deen first sister and then his personality that will sute u insha Allah and u can read more here "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.troid(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/articles/sisters/nikaah/husband.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.troid(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/articles/sisters/nikaah/husband.htm[/url] insha Allah Allah SWT will forgive all of us essalamu alikum
  7. Islam in Egypt

    essalamu alikum everybody is welcomed here in egypt, i'm sure if u ask anyone who visited before, he'll tell u how ppl here r very welcoming :D essalamu alikum
  8. I'm Going To Egypt

    essalamu alikum hey are you have alot on your mind before coming here, dont worry about a thing, egypt is a touriste country, and we got to see all sort of foreignrs here all year :D But I assumed one thing that we were going to be wearing a hijab, cuz i think ur muslim, right ? and for the advice the brothers and sister told u about taxi drivers riping u off, yea that's so true :D u have to bargin 24/7 when u get here insha Allah, u'll feel very welcomed, u'll meet evry freindly ppl all the time, excluding taxi drivers . . . . .lol essalamu alikum
  9. Islam in Egypt

    essalamu alikum yea masr om el donia for real :D u'd be very welcomed here, I know that all egyptians love forignres, and u have a very good combination :D lebanese, english, hijab and practising masha Allah, so u'll mingle along very well here. So u dont have to worry at all, just pack and take a filght to cairo airport essalamu alikum
  10. Tell Me U Didnt Laugh

    essalamu alikum its funny, but i didnt crack out :D essalamu alikum
  11. One Liners

    essalamu alikum I dont understand a single line :D :D these are killers :D essalamu alikum
  12. Msn

    essalamu alikum true v 7 freezed when i installed it, i was better off using v 6, but no something is messed up with msn, i'm using v 4.7 essalamu alikum
  13. Relationship With A Marrid Man

    essalamu alikumu sorry to hear about that sister, and insha Allah things will get better. But there is a thing that i like to add hear, that most of the replies that have been posted are full of usefull inforamtion that could help alot, but the thing i see here, is that its gona be hard to help, its like you going to a drunk man in a bar and telling him that alcohol is frobiden and you'r trying to convince him, i see it very hard at this time that the sister will wake up, but ofcourse i hope she dose before it gets worse. So i guess you have to strese on the facts that he will mess her life up after marriage all the time, like what have been said, that he was lieing all the way at the begining, so he'll be lieing all the way in there marriage life and sure he'll be seeing other women., He seems to be a big lie walking. Also i heard a while ago that the son of zina will not have the name of the father, which i guess its very tough on both parents, i mean sinners, to see that they have a kid and he doesnt have there name, what a life it will be. I only hope that things will get better and that this sister wakes up insha Allah, and remember that Allah SWT is a gafoor raheem. essalamu alikumu
  14. European Communications

    essalamu alikumu zat iz realy very goot :D hahahahhahhaha essalamu alikumu
  15. Ghost Street

    essalamu alikumu i just heard this one and u can think for a sec. before scrolling down :D what street that has ghosts in it . . . . . . . . Dead End !! essalamu alikumu
  16. The 3 Little Pigs

    essalamu alikumu :D that's a good one, he's a smart wolf. alot smarter than some muslims i know lol [/size][/b]Çááåã ÃåÏäÇ Ýíãä åÏíÊessalamu alikumu
  17. Free Haircut...

    essalamu alikumu no its not what u guessed, this man got this boy and he doesnt know him, just to make this conversation infront of the barber to show that they know each other, so he can sneak out after haveing done all these things at the barber and not paying. essalamu alikumu
  18. Illusions

    essalamu alikumu i still didnt find more than 7 faces, does anyone got a clue for the remaining 2 !!! the faces on both sides of the arch are 4, anymore there ? essalamu alikumu
  19. Illusions

    i got 7 face now :D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  20. Illusions

    essalamu alikumu i only found 6 faces !!! help :D would my face reflection staring at the monitor count as a face :D :D :D :D :D essalamu alikumu
  21. Media Slant

    essalamu alikumu yea ur right, i guess this is more to the truth essalamu alikumu
  22. Sushi

    essalamu alikumu any shusi around essalamu alikumu
  23. essalamu alikumu "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamicaudiovideo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/zpages/sec_audio.php?id=1"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.islamicaudiovideo(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/zpages/sec_audio.php?id=1[/url] this an arabic link to sheik mohamed hassan from egypt, during his lecture a brother died, i know it would sound strange to some of u, the arabic i mean, but was was interesting for me that the sheik mentiond about Mallak el mout ( angel of death ) and that he was present during the leature. Ãâ€Â¡ÃƒƒÃ¢€Â¡ÃƒƒÃ‚¡ÃƒÃ‚¥ÃƒÃ‚£ ãÃâ€Â¡ ÃÆ’Ã?íäÃâ€Â¡ ãÓáãíä æ ÃċÊäÃâ€Â¡ ãÓÃâ€Â¡ÃƒƒÃ‚£ÃƒÃ‚­ÃƒÃ‚¤ essaslamu alikumu
  24. A Brother Died During A Lecture

    essalamu alikum where do u think it should be then ?? essalamu alikumu
  25. Islam in Egypt

    we alikumu essalam not that i am awar of, but i'm sure if she is a member in a group or something, she would be in this situation someday, allahom mahfzom we iyana essalamu alikum