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  1. A Brother Died During A Lecture

    essalamu alikumu jazana wa iyakom, and now its my trun to say jakum Allah kahir for completing the doa'aa essalamu alikumu
  2. Color Quiz

    essalamu alikumu Your Existing Situation Insecure. Seeks roots, stability, emotional security, and an environment providing greater ease and fewer problems. Your Stress Sources An existing situation or relationship is unsatisfactory, but he feels unable to change it to bring about the sense of belonging which he needs. Unwilling to expose his vulnerability, he therefore continues to resist this state of affairs, but feels dependent on the attachment. This not only depresses him, but makes him irritable and impatient, producing considerable restlessness and the urge to get away from the situation, either actually or, at least, mentally. Ability to concentrate may suffer. Your Restrained Characteristics Willing to become emotionally involved as he feels rater isolated and alone. Egocentric and therefore quick to take offense, though he tries to avoid open conflict. Circumstances are forcing him to compromise, to restrain his demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things he wants. Your Desired Objective Intense, vital, and animated, taking a delight in action. Activity is directed towards success or conquest and there is a desire to live life to the fullest. Your Actual Problem Anxiety and restless dissatisfaction, either with circumstances or with unfulfilled emotional requirements, have produced stress. He tries to escape by intense activity, directed either towards personal success or towards variety of experience. i dont think i get what they mean really, i think i have to use the dictionary and go word by word, but anyway if i'm that sick, i'm willing to seek help :D essalamu alikumu
  3. Better Late Than Never

    essalamu alikumu hajj mabror wa zanb magfoor insha Allah dont u think that the saudi's did the best for the hajjej ? essalamu alikumu
  4. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    Yank, maybe my answer offended or upset u in a way or another, so i apologize for that, and we can bring it down to, that u and some other muslims want these statues to be around and I and some other muslims dont. And the current situation is that its still there, so u might as well enjoy it :D i also was thinking to edit my last post, cuz i thought it would upset u, but then i thought to leave it, to let readers know what i'm thiking, and also u could have my apology at the same time so dont get upset from my opinoin. take care
  5. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    essalamu alikum all If the univers is ment to stay another 10,000 years, the following senario would be insha Allah: We all know Islam rises and falls and insha Allah, the next rise in Islam ,with a pure and radical way, these ancit stuff would be dust or maybe some stones that is used to build something usefull. And i'm sure that this would be very soon than 10,000 years My only hope is that i would be alive to paricipate in breinging them down, or at least have one of my kids or grand kids do that. essalamu alikumu all
  6. Islam in Egypt

    essalamu alikumu you are right , u would be considered extremist, and also some governmental and private sector compaines or agencis would not allow niqabee women to work there or it could only restrict them for a certain kind of job, that aplies also for hijab, and that also goes for the beard. essalamu alikumu
  7. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    essalamu alikumu no i dont have any respect for histroy, I wish insha Allah every single statue - pharonic and non- would be tourn down, including ofcousre the greatest and huge graves we have - pyramids. If that what u call history. I only wished that the secince of these people would have been studyed for e.g. how they monumented the dead, astrology- i hope i spelled that right :D and being used by us now, and not being ONLY happy that the ancint people made these secince, and the only benefit from it is that toursits come and watch it and drink alcohol and have sex on our land. I'm sure that if these anceint egyptian were told that status and building graves in that way is not allowed in Islam, they wouldnt do it, cuz they have the clear brain to do what the Nabi SAW said. I think if we kept going on the path of that knowldge and seince, we would have benifeted Islam more, that i would be so proud of. I imagine a very developed MUSLIM country living in the world today, and with the recpect that the anciants have, Islam would be spreded so easly. You are so right about forgeting the past and being doomed !!!!! arent the whole muslim umma that way now ??? 1.4 billion I still hope insha Allah that it slips and breaks, and every sinlge one too essalamu alikumu
  8. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    essalamu alikumu i was trying to say slip out essalamu alikum
  9. Egypt Unveils Plans To Move Ramses Statue

    essalamu alikumu i hope insha Allah it slips put of there hands and breaks essalamu alikumu
  10. .........

    essalamu alikumu gazaky Allah kahir for the help u made in sushi area :D so i'll try to help u out here. i ate this mozerella chesse before, it was made in fingers and freid oil, although i cant give nay receipes for how it was made, but i am sure that it was sooo good to eat. hope i helped u out here lol essalamu alikumu
  11. Money

    essalamu alikumu el hamdullilah i'm ok with the money i have, so if anyone here would like me to share his money, i'll be more than glade to help :D essalamu alikumu
  12. I Did It

    essalamu alikumu Allah akbar, masha Allah sister mubarak insha Allah :D its great to hear this news essalamu alikumu
  13. Hey Web Site - Chat Room Added

    essalamu alikumu masha Allah, what a good job, its very nice :D gazak Allah kahir for the good job u did essalamu alikumu
  14. Islam in Egypt

    essalamu alikumu, its true that u have to ask for the price of anything before u get it, and its better to ask anyone but the seller or the service provider first , maybe u can ask someoner passing by :D brother farouk any scholer in egypt that's trying to guide muslims to the right path is exiled, so its a fact, and there are more locked also. and i guess from what i have heard the he is some where either in lebanon or in a gulf country, and i also think that he's having a talk show. essalamu alikumu
  15. Islam in Egypt

    essalamu alikumu i think he has a site some where, and i'm not sure it has english in it or no. essalamu alikumu
  16. A Muslim Who Cant Stop Drinking

    essalamu alikumu wa rahamtullah wa barakatuhu subhan Allah, i see this as a perfect answer for u, and i see how mush Islam wants to unit the families that have major problems i.e. sins like alcohol. barak Allah feeky sister sunshine for this reply, and I hope insha Allah that this family will be guided with this answer, and rahim Allah sheik bin othymeen essalamu alikumu wa rahamtullah wa barakauhu
  17. What's Your Mother Tongue?

    arabic language is the first and mother tounge
  18. Were U Raised As A Muslim?

    essalamu alikumu el hamdullilah bron muslim essalamu alikumu
  19. Where Is Egypt And Who Are Egyptians?

    essalamu alkumu I'm egyptian, and that's an intersting topic :D where is egypt . . . . ummmm i always see it on the map in north africa, but as for what the news and media say here :D we r all over, some times they say we r part of africa, others we r part of the middle east and others we r part of the arab world :D it depneds on who r they adressing LOL who r egyptians . . . . . for me I think i'm an arab that have the looks of the med sea countries that lies in the middle east at north afirca lol and by the way . . . at the poll i chose other LOL essalamu alikumu
  20. Can You Help This Sister?

    essalamu alikumu so any news about the sis. I hope insha Allah that it turns out to be ok, i have a sugestion here, maybe after she has tired talking to her husband and he ouldnt listen, she can try another way, by changing in her apperance maybe, and like chnaging some stuff in her house, if u know what i mean. it seems that he is not repsonding to listen, but doing prayer is el hamdullilah a good thing in his life, he's just falling into sins, so i guess calling him a kafir is like way tooooo far. essalamu alikumu
  21. Weak Iman

    essalamu alikumu kayh halek sis Male, can u plz say what u think of the posts the brothers and sister made to help u out . . . . . i think that they el hamdullilah have coverd all that can be said for help masha Allah . . . . but what do u think about it ? essalamu alikumu
  22. Some Pictures To Share

    essalamu alikumu I have heard before that lebanon had some good and beautifull nature there, but i really didnt excpect that it would be sooooo beautilfull, masha Allah, I think insha Allah that i will try and visit these places insha Allah, better that going to a not at all muslim country. Gazkay Allah kahir sis for these beautifull pic's essalamu alikumu
  23. .........

    essalamu alikumu sure i would marry a divorced insha Allah, if she has the things that i'm looking for in a wife. why should she be left without a husband ?? :D essalamu alikumu
  24. Reverts Marriage Event, London

    essalamu alikumu, its not a hassle, and even getting on a plan to london is not that hassle, but finding freindly muslims there, this is the hassle essalamu alikumu
  25. Reverts Marriage Event, London

    esssalamu alikumu, what made u think that its a hasele for me ? and why do u think i'm not ABLE to marry a revert ????? essalamu alikumu plz, why do u start by saying essalamu alikumu and then u end up by saying we alikumu essalam ? is it something common in UK that muslims say salam and then reply to there selfs ??