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  1. Islam in Egypt

    :D kayf halek sis aya, yea i heard about sheik reda, and how good he is, but i didnt pray with him at all, I'm living in zamalek, i went to near by areas for taraweeh. I'm done with the studying :D i'm like 33 now :P welcome to IF :P
  2. Islam in Egypt

    :D welcome home sis. and hope insha Allah that u "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.google(contact admin if its a beneficial link)"]google[/url] around well, and dont be serprised from what u see. I dont think he gets a letter, its more in a from of a visit at his house or to the national security building, then he's instructed where to go out of egypt. Like in the case of amr khaled,what i heard is that the came to his house at night, and he was in UK in the morning, so it depends how level u r in as a threat to the national security, and that if ur lucky. . . . . . . .other times u could end up locked here in egypt for quit some time, and no one from your family knows where u r, dead or alive, and belive me there's alot of cases like that . . . . . . .so lucky amr. :D
  3. Islam in Egypt

    :D so i guess u kinda got what i mean, but may i ask, r u living in egypt ? u dont know ikhwan muslimeen, le gama ? :D
  4. Islam in Egypt

    :D aslong as u have a beard, then u must be knowldegable about Islam, so that make's an eye on u, and what u say, that's why the ikhwan dont have beards on, it keep the eye of the gov. away from them until they know there ikhwan from another source, and then they get locked up. Do u think they care if it is a sunnah !!! noway, u see the matter is like this, Islam wakes muslims up, and they start to look around them, and mainly start asking what's the gov. doing right and wrong, and for sure they dont want that. They only want the muslims here to only care about there daily life matter and dont interfear with anything else, so Islam here is only u can pary, fast, zakah, haj. So the beard for the gov. is like muslims are wakeing up, and that's a no no here, and u got my piont for the majorty of mulims here, u'll be extremist. U know what, when the local TV here shows a searies, if a guy shows up with a beard, head cover and a white jilbab then he's a terorist. and just to make sure, beard=sunnah head cover=sunnah white jilbab=sunnah So its just an Indirect Formal Way ( loacl TV ) for say no for Islam. :D
  5. Islam in Egypt

    :D how are you all, i guess HT means the hizbu, right, yes they are in jail here, and ofcourse Ikhwan muslimeen is banned from egypt, that's why amr khaled was kicked out, and lots of others. For the bread matter, ofcourse they are not welcomed here by the gov. and for the majority of muslims here u'd be extremist, and I was speaking to my freinds the other day about having a wife, and she should be having niqaab, they are a smaple of the majorty here, doing the fard, they were like , r u an extremist now ? does Islam tell u that ? u want to scare people ? and one of them did haj the year before, he said he doughts that the hijab is a fard, its only when women pary they have to wear it. So we got lots of sorts of muslims here. ÃÎí ãÇ ÇáãÓÇÚ�É ÇáÊí íãßä Ãä ÃÞ�ãåÇ ááß ¿ :D
  6. Eid MubArAk

    :D its Eid night here in egypt now :D :D and :P , allahoma takabal ramadan eid mubarak to everyone in this umma :P :D
  7. when you don't want to live....

    :D :D sis that u r feeling better now, its really to have such good brother's and sister's around, even if u dont see them, and it really helps, :P all :P :D
  8. did we come from monkeys

    :D :P what can be said after the quran has told us the Adam and Eve :saa: are the first HUMAN's, and we are from these two beautiful human's :saa: :D :P
  9. when you don't want to live....

    hey i'm confused now , r u a bro or a sis :D and maybe u need to get married
  10. when you don't want to live....

    :D well sis. i know something for sure, that you love Allah SWT very mush, cause you know you r not doing good for him SWT, some muslim i meet they say they love him SWT, but what they do has nothing to do with love and even the most important is that they r not ashamed from it, but in ur case you are upset from what ur doing, u even had a tear when u started writting. sis, there are too mush good in you, and getting some help from a doctor is not bad after all, he might help. just dont miss any fard. :D
  11. My Conversion to Islam

    :D masha Allah :D , so now el hamdullilah u see the light. why did u ask if we were intrested to hear it ?? what would u do if you were in our place. :P :P
  12. Salaamu alaikum

    :P its nice to hav IF back running, ok i had my drink np :D i just wana see if i lost my postes or no :D