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  1. The problem is, I think, that Russia supports Assad and no one want to mess with Russia.



    Yeah that can be a reason, would be respected if they say it out loud. But they are still claiming to be defending child's and women's right by only whining around. 

  2. It was managed to form a coalition against IS, is just a few months, and I believe all who are in that coalition are members in the UN, including western countries. You want to tell me that they can't inforce and no fly zone over Syria and destroy Assad's air force in 2 days ? 

  3. Nile_Salafy , the figure for civilian casualties for 2014 is 76, 000 Killed . Total since the conflict began is over 206,000 killed .The wounded can only be estimated . About 3 million have fled and are refugees . Assad is killing indiscriminately and ISIS is killing everyone .


    Activists who have gone there have been kidnapped and/or killed . What would you have the world do  ?


    -  Stop Assad's air force from dropping bombs on civilians. 

    -  A no fly zone area for civilians that they can receive aid in.

    -  Assad has been interviewed by news agencies, like he's done nothing. Get him and his regime on the list of terrorists like IS.

  4. Salam alikum, 


    In 2014 3,501 child and 1,987 women have been killed by Assad. That should be in news a lot.


    But also what should be more in news, how the people who claim to be human rights activists and defending children and women's right and all that rights issues they talk about REACTION !!! 

  5. Hello Russell, 


    That's maybe a point, that you are free to chose to have no limits in any topic in your belief and you want to implement that on everyone. That in it self is trying to control others. 


    What can be discussed in Islam is fine to discuss, what's off limits is off limits. So chose what can be discussed. 

  6. Russell, 


    When you ask about Islamic ruling for example, you will be guided to the rule from Quran or the Hadith (Sayings of the Prophet). So What exactly are you referring to ? 


    Also, you are an atheist, so I would understand that you don't believe in a creator, would it be valid topic to start discussing that there is a creator with you ?