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  1. Is It True?

    salamu 'alaikum brothers, may Allah bless u all for the help. brother Aby rafay , i think the tenth session was held in 16th october , and the speech he made in that doesnt have a word in similar with what i have . another zionist attempt maybe. may Allah preserve H E Abduloahed Belkeziz. jazakumullahu khair your brother Joy
  2. Audioislam

    salamu 'alaikum, brothers , i used to download audio files from audioislam . the site is very resourceful with gr8 lectures mashallah. but recently the files cant be downloaded. is there something that i have to do to ? or is the site not maintained anymore ? In that case , can anyone suggest any other site which holds these lectures specially the ones done by Sahikh Yasir Qadhi ? jazakallah your brother Joy
  3. Is It True?

    Salamu 'alaikum brother, the exact date is not given here in the letter . all it says is that it was given in the 10th session of the Islamic summit conference between 11-18 october in putrajaya jazakallah for replying brother .
  4. Who Is Dr Zakir Naik?

    this is the website of the forum irf
  5. Is It True?

    salamu 'alaikum brothers , recently i got a letter from a sister. it holds an article supposedly written by the previous secretary general of OIC H E Abdelouahed Belkeziz. The article contains a blatant lie saying that some of Islamic custom had stemmed up from biblical sources . some of them are the hijab , beard , circumcision and even the zakah !!!! The article also says that these customs u cant find in quran , they are only existent in bible which is not true in the case of hijab and the zakah obviously. and the beard and circumcision came in authentic hadith of the beloved prophet (sa) as per my knowledge. but the article purposefully didnt even mention of the sunnah or hadith as being a strong source of Islamic jurisprudence. i cant believe that an honourable secretary general of the renowned Islamic body can make such blunders. Even a layman like me can tell how wrong it is . i believe its a letter falsely attributed to him . Can any brother or sister shed some light on this ?? the article claimed to be a speech made by him on the 10th session of the Islamic summit conference in putrajaya , Malaysia jazakallah your brother Joy
  6. salamu alaikum , first of all , i make the apology for not being sure to where to ask the question i have . due to shortage of time , i didnt search it out either . so sorry abt that. my q is what happened to the free e-books that i saw some 2 months ago i guess ? the free book download section is empty . will somebody tell me what's the plan with that section ? jazakallah Joy