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  1. As-salam-alaikum,


    "For the pleasure of Allah", kindly forgive my ignorance but I need more understanding about this phrase.

    We have to do everything for the pleasure of Allah, many things or most of the things we do are for ourselves, how to make our mind that we are doing it for the pleasure of Allah?

    How to do every work for the pleasure of Allah?


  2. During the time of Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) there was a trader who plied his trade between the Land of Shaam (Syria) and Madinah. He would not accompany the trade caravans on account of his trust in Allah Ta’ala (Tawakkul). He journeyed alone through the deserts and wilderness with his merchandise.


    Once while on a journey from Shaam to Madinah, he was accosted by a highway robber on horseback. Screaming at the trader, he said: “Halt!†The trader halted and said: “Take my wealth and allow me to proceed.â€


    Robber: “The wealth belongs to me. I desire to take your life.â€

    Trader: “What will you do with my life? Your need is the wealth. Let me proceed.â€

    Robber: “The wealth is mine. I intend to take your life.â€

    Trader: “Allow me to make Wudhu, perform Salaat and make dua to my Rabb Azza Wa Jal.â€

    Robber: “Do as you please.â€


    The trader made Wudhu and performed four raka’ts Salaat. He then raised his hands towards the heaven and supplicated to Allah Ta’ala as follows:


    Translation: “O Most Loving One! O Most Loving One! O Thou of the Majestic Throne! O Originator of Creation! O Returner (of creation after its destruction)! O Thou Who does as You please! I supplicate to You through the medium of the Noor of Your Presence, which fills the pillars of Your Arsh. I supplicate to You through the medium of Your Power by means of which You command over Your creation. And I supplicate to you through the medium of Your mercy which encompasses everything. There is no god but You. O Helper! Help me!â€


    After he had recited this Dua thrice, he suddenly saw a handsome man dressed in green on a beautiful horse standing by him. In his hand was a glittering spear. Seeing the stranger on horseback, the robber quickly advanced towards him. The stranger made a sudden attack and with one blow sent the robber reeling to the ground. He ordered the trader to kill the robber.


    Trader: “Who are you? I have never ever killed anyone and I have no desire to kill him.â€


    The stranger after killing the robber, said: “Know that I am an angel from the third Samaa’ (Heaven). When you supplicated (made dua) the first time, we heard the doors of the heaven creaking. We then said: ‘Something has happened.†Then you supplicated the second time. The doors of the Heaven opened up and there were sparks like the sparks of fire. Then you supplicated the third time. Jibraeel (alayhis salaam) descended to us from the Samaa’ (above) proclaiming: ‘Who is prepared to aid this man in distress?’ I then supplicated: ‘O my Rabb! Appoint me to kill him (the robber).’


    Know, O Servant of Allah! Whoever supplicates with this Dua which you had made, in any difficulty, danger and distress, Allah will remove it (the calamity) from him and aid him.â€


    The trader arrived safely with his merchandise in Madinah. He went to Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and informed him of the episode and his Dua. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) commented: “Verily, Allah had inspired you with His Asmaaul Husnaa (Beautiful Names). When dua is made with these Names, He responds, and when He is asked with these Names, He gives.â€




    Can anybody give the transliteration of the dua above?

  3. As-salam-alaikum,


    I don't know if I'm right or wrong?


    I think leaving property or money for children spoils them, they don't have the courage to stand firm on their feet by themselves.

    and this also creates problem between relations, they end up fighting and even murders.

    Every child should be capable of making their own fortune from scratch. This is my belief and not just depend on their parents' wealth or to wait for them to die.


    Jazakallah Khair.


  4. as-salam-alaikum,


    touching feet as a mark of respect is something cultural and not religious.

    feet is also a part of body but as human beings, it is basic that feet is a lower part of the body.

    feet has been given to walk on , balance,etc... and not to be kept on a coffee table ,etc.....

    it is people's mentality - "i want to keep my feet on a coffee table and no one should say anything to me. why they don't tell me anything if i keep my hands on the coffee table" - just teenage & immature thoughts.

    grow up.

    there are other important things to do than to discuss if it is right to keep feet on the coffee table....


    jazakallah khair.


  5. As-salam-alaikum,


    How does a person investigate the cause of Problems?

    It can be a trial by Allah, Punishment by Allah, Sihr (magic) or anything.........


    Does Islam has any method or something for investigating the cause of problems? or just have to do sabr?


    Jazakallah Khair.


  6. As-salam-alaikum,


    Aamil can be contacted for curing person inflicted with Black Magic, etc..,, but it is to be made sure that the process is 100% according to the Shariah.


    Jazakallah Khair.

  7. As-salam-alaikum,


    It was so urgent that I myself got it, Alhamdulillah:


    allahuma inni abduka ibnu abdika ibnu amatika nasiyati biyadika, madin fiyya hukmuka adlun fiyya qadaouka asaluka bikulli ismin huw laka sammayta bihi nafsaka aou anzaltahu fiy kitabika aou allamtahu ahadan min khalfika aou astatharta bihi fi 'ailmil ghaybhi 'andaka an tajalal quraana rabiya qalbi wa noura sadri wa jalla huzni wa dha ha ba hammi


    Jazkallah Everyone.

  8. As-salam-alaikum,


    I urgently require transliteration for the following dua:


    Çááåã ÃäÇ ÚÈÃß¡ æÇÈä ÚÈÃß¡ æÇÈä ÃãÊß¡ æÃí ÞÈÖÊß¡ äÇÕíÊí ÈíÃß¡ ãÇÖ Ãí Ãßãß¡ ÚÃá Ãí ÞÖÇÄß¡ ÃÓÃáß Èßá ÇÓã åæ áß¡ ÓãíÊ Èå äÃÓß¡ Ãæ ÃäÒáÊå Ãí ßÊÇÈß¡ Ãæ ÚáãÊå ÃÃÃðÇ ãä ÎáÞß¡ Ãæ ÇÓÊÃËÑÊ Èå Ãí ãßäæä ÇáÛíÈ ÚäÃß¡ Ãä ÊÌÚá ÇáÞÑÂä ÇáßÑíã ÑÈíÚ ÞáÈí¡ æÖíÇà ÈÕÑí¡ æÃåÇÈ ÃÒäí¡ æÌáÇà åãí æÛãí


    “O Allah, I am Your servant, the son of Your servant, the son of your maid-servant, and entirely at Your service. You hold me by my forelock. Your Decree is what controls me, and Your Commands to me are just. I beseech You by every one of Your Names, those which You use to refer to Yourself, or have revealed in Your Book, or have taught to any one of Your creation, or have chosen to keep hidden with You in the Unseen, to make the Qur’an Al-Karim the springtime of my heart, the light of my eyes, the departure of my grief, and the vanishing of my affliction and my sorrow.â€



    Jazakallah Khair.


  9. As-salam-alaikum,


    I'm deep struck in debts. Pls pray for me.

    I have the niyyah but no sources.

    I have prayed a lot but I didn't loose hope.

    The problem is that the good people who helped me in times of need have to suffer now because of my delay in repaying them....that strikes me like anything.....


    Pls pray.


    Jazakallah Khair.


  10. As-salam-alaikum,


    A timely reminder for all muslims:



    (Quran Majid. Chapter 66; verse 1)


    Jazakallah Khair.