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  1. Chinese Meat Markets

    Aslamo Aliakom You are allowed to eat the meat from the people of the book.
  2. Islam In Libya

    Asalmo aliakom Hamderlilah Islam in libya is good actually. I dont live there but i go every summer , hamderlilah, to see family. There are some christians in tripoli right near the printing shop near 1st septembr theres a small church. Libya was the place that last summer Allah allowed the light into my heart and increases my iman to such a point that i am still stuggling to reach agian. Inshallah this summer i can reach that very high level in my iman or increase it inshallah.
  3. The Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (mist)- Hous

    Asalmo aliakom Hamderlilah it was fun, our school placed 6th. SOUTHWEST. Inshallah next year we'll shutdown the competition and place 1st, inshallah
  4. Is There A Link Between Alladin And Islam?

    Asalmo Aliakom The fat old guy who i think rules the city said "all praise be to Allah". Once "prince" Aladin flew in with his magic carpet.
  5. Doubt About A Part Of Quran

    Aslamo Aliakom Verse 18:84 talks about the story of Dhu al Qarnayn. Dhu al Qarnayn i think basically means in arabic is the horned one. What is your question abou that verse.
  6. Do You Take Part In Sports?

    Asalmo Aliakom I know im the only muslim who does it, i guess im unique. I skateboard, i shredd on a piece of wood and 4 wheels done so for 6 years
  7. Mehdi?

    Salam aliakom This might be true about the authentication, but some no authentic hadiths are considered authentic by a small portion of the scholars and well knowledgable. The question about the hadiths concering the mehdi are how strongly is it authenticated and if it is autheticated by the majority or by a minority. I had no clue who the mehdi was untill i came unto this message board and for some time i belived in him to (so much that i would argue with my dad for hours over him), but i thought that all hadiths were true and that if it is autheticated theres 100% chance its true. I took this class over adhering to the sunnah at a convention with a very famous scholar (forgot his name), this class really benifted my it taught me the rules and circumstances pertaining to hadith and sunnah. Well anyways i researched a bit about the mehdi and the hadiths concering him. But dont take my word this is just my opinion i dont have enough knowledge to lecture it to people, so dont take anything i said as official.
  8. Islam And Other Religions . . . . .

    Asalmo Aliakom Because it is a pure monotheistic relegion, and that it logically makes sense and doesn't base itself of blind beliefs. I wouldnt call Islam a relegion but a faith, a relegion would have a relgious hiearchy (like in christ. they have popes and bishops and cardinals and stuff), but dont take my word on that cause i may not have enough knowledge, just know that Islam doesnt have a hiearchy to it.
  9. Mehdi?

    Salam, I personally dont belive in the mehdi. I belive that Muhammed(pbuh) was the very last prophet and no one will come after him. Also i am not a shi'ite (sorry for spelling). And the few hadiths over the mehdi are very weak, & a majority of the scholars belive that they are weak and fabricated.
  10. 114 Elements And 114 Surahs

    Asalamo Aliakom Nice, never really thought about it. It seems legit but maybe theres more elements out there, allahoalam.
  11. Is There A Punishment Specifically If 2 People

    Asalamo A'laikom Prophet Muhammed(pbuh) knew his first wife khadija long before they were wed. Im sure you know the story, so i wont waste your time.
  12. Parents Permission

    Asalmo aliakom Yes it is a must to have the permission of your parents, only reason why im not going. I have a couple of hadiths regarding it. All these hadiths are from sahih muslim & bukhari so they are 100% authentic exapt for the last hadith that comes from Abu Daoud . This quote comes from the book The lawful and the prohibitedin IslamBy Yusuf Al-Qardawi
  13. Does Anyone Know How The Prophet(pbuh)prayed?

    Asalmo aliakom Is this hadith authinticated (sorry for spelling), if it is is it strong one or a weak one. And how many scholars agree with the authintication. Any other hadith other than bukaria (spelling agian) & muslims have a chance of being fabricated or a weak source.
  14. Does Anyone Know How The Prophet(pbuh)prayed?

    Asalmo aliakom My father has always told me both but i have yet to see hadith on it ill check out that site and see whats up.
  15. Are Girls Allowed To B Frendz With Guys In Islam?

    Asalmo aliakom I dont know about the issue of being freinds with the nonbelievers, but i remeber a hadith once the prophet insitited on a nonbeliever to sight on his right side, It arabic custom to allow someone to sit on the right side of u is a great sign of respect. But since i cant provide a hadith (bad at finding them) dont take my word. I have a lot a friends who are non believers and some of them want to convert to Islam, in order to spread the word of Allah in a good way u have to get respect of the other person first. But this is just all opinion, i dont have any knowledge about it.