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  1. Solutions

    :D warahmatullah wabarakatu, There isn't a specific era or time where materialism came about, but rather it was the building up of a long term prospering within the first world. Now materialism is just the need to have material objects as possession. In humans our mind has three emotions, if you can also it that, which cause the need for materialism, they are greed, attachment and egoism. Our 5 senses which are linked to those characteristics change their need. Our eyes will find something beautiful but once we have it and have seen it for couple of times we get bored, we want something else, same with the other senses. This greed always makes us yearn for more, leading to attachment, the need to have what we want until we get it. As for egoism, it is within every human....we have the tendency to be self absorbed with our needs and desires and not see others less fortunate than ourselves. Society promotes materialism by advertising those who are rich and showing us what we could have. In order to destroy materialism you need to destroy greed, egoism and attachment which is almost impossible but we can hide them, disown them and not use it. ma'salam
  2. Schools Out Alhamdulillah

    :D warahmatullah wabarakatu, Mabrook ukht! how comes these are your final grades? is it like the SATs we have here? :D well...exams won't finish till end of june for me....*sighs* i wish all brothers and sisters the best in their exams :D
  3. How Old R U?

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Wow i feel old, you sisters need to add on some age :D lol...i'm between 13-20.
  4. Istikhaara ÇáÅÓÊÎÇÑÉ

    :D warahmatullah wabarakatu, Hmm...the only reason one should retreat from salah is if they farted ( :D ) or didn't have wudu. Other than that you should carry on the salah and correct your mistake or if you're dwelling on something other than focusing on the salah then you should repent. Istakara is just another prayer which isn't obligatory....i hope that is what you meant...wa allahu'alim.
  5. Solutions

    Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wabarakatu, Because the idea does sound almost unrealistic and a mere fantasy people are hesitant to try it and accept the possible that it can work if you have confidence. Many of us have a cynical approach to certain new ideas and with patience everything will Inshallah turn out well. Speaking for sisters I’d say it’d also ease their problems but that is just a generalizing, each person will differ on how they take on this situation. I think I’ll shut up now…too much mumbling for a day
  6. Solutions

    Asalamu Alaykum, I’m so honored to even come close to such an intellectual philosophical thinker (guess those philosophy lessons and lectures did come in handy) Nice summary of my rumbling :D ... I think that is the problem, people ultimately assume it is that dangerous, one way or the other. You can juggle both together without jeopardizing one over the other, this depends on our psychological state, if you delude yourself to being unable to do both, you’ll mentally, physically and emotionally believe that. I fear the same...it is good questions which need answering sooner rather than later.
  7. Solutions

    Wa Alaykum salam, Wa eyaka, sorry for the long reply :D …like I stated it is hard to look at the problem without literally writing a book on it, saddening fact Wallahi. Yes, you’re 15 I believe, to an extent that is justified. If you think you’re mentally, physically and emotionally ready for such a commitment then it isn’t an issue. It is the fact that these youngsters aren’t ready for it and they think it is a joke. Peer pressure isn’t as vital as people state, I’ve been there way too often and even when I was far from the straight path I always stood up for I felt was right…never followed the crowd, though I was considered ‘popular’ because of being bold and sticking up for what was right. The youngsters need to take the peer pressure in their hands. If you make yourself a victim, you’ll be the victim and that is what the Ummah does…we don’t stand up in a powerful manner but either hide behind other people’s flaws or make the situation worse by adding violence for when it isn’t necessary and other ways are a better solution. Is there not always a justification for an individual who sees nothing wrong in their faults?
  8. Islamic Site.

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I don’t know how helpful I’ll be but anything for the sake of Allah (swt). If you need writing materials or gathering information I’ll help though I’ll be busy for the following couple of weeks due to hectic schedule for exams but don’t fear to ask if you need anything. Inshallah more people will join in and help out. May Allah (swt) give you and the rest of the team ajar for your deeds.
  9. Solutions

    2) There are different ways in tackling the dilemma’s faced by the Ummah. Regarding the issue of segregation the best way of going about it is for people to see beyond their ideologies and engage with others without looking at them as being inferior. Due to different views we ultimately think negativity; this only leads us to become bitter and resentful for their ignorance. Talking to them and being the kind hearted, patient and tolerating person will make the difference. People will stop to think why we act in such a good manner and seek the true meaning of Islam rather than living on fabrication voiced in the media and the net. Prejudice views can be demolished only if youngsters are willing to teach their parents…age doesn’t stop knowledge it merely promotes it. Parents need to see that their ideologies isn’t right, it is because they truly believe that there is nothing wrong with it that they can go and act upon it. As for the obsession with marriage, lol, no doubt marriage is a blessing and those of us able to get married should if they wish. Nonetheless, sometimes it is just absurd, for older brothers/sister it is alright but youngster as young as 13 dwelling on marriage constantly isn’t healthy when you know it isn’t possible emotionally, physically and mentally to get married before 3 years or so. The Ummah need to realize that fantasy doesn’t make it realistic no matter how hard you think about it. We youngsters need to know that there is no point in contemplating with the idea if we’re not going to get married within the next year. We’ll just open a wound that will not heal easily and lose our self in darkness. Sadly this obsession leads some to stray because they can not find someone to marry; they create a realm of loneliness and somewhat even delude themselves that they are not cared for by anyone and turn to indulge in fitnah Astagfirullah. 3) We all need to fit into the solution in order to change the problem and turn it fruitful. It is hard to say how I fit in neatly but I’d basically just have to follow and abide by the comments I made on the second question and Inshallah all shall go well. Sorry it is soo long…
  10. Solutions

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, 1)It is hard to define the problems which the Ummah faces as the scale is too wide; each dilemma faced by the Ummah is linked to another whether it is due to a long or short term cause. However, seeing as it is a hypothetically speaking situation we’ll just start with a few. One of the major tribulations I think is the segregation within the Ummah itself. Not only the division caused by sects but rather within just the Sunni followers alone. Observation allows people to conclude that you get those known as ‘arrogant’ because they have the element of superiority when they speak to other…These minorities to an extent see themselves as representatives of Islam giving westerners yet another opportunity to degrade the Ummah and use these minorities as an example to generalize all other Muslims. You then get the ‘strayed’ those who sin intentionally due to ignorance and peer pressure but none of us try to place ourselves in their shoes but rather sneer at their ignorance as though we’re immune to sinning. You also get the ‘I don’t care’ these are the minority of Muslims, they turn the cheek, lack patience and tolerance and indulge in what suits them but on certain Islamic days they become ‘pious’. Then you get those who abide by the laws of Allah (swt) and try to build the warm community for the Ummah yet because there is a dissection each ‘group’ which is bonded by an invisible tie find an excuse to look down upon the others and isolate themselves. Another matter is the prejudice views held by elders and they create these ideologies on the minds of their children unintentionally. Even now you see high number of the Ummah saying their child can’t marry someone from a different ethnicity due to clash of culture. That is just being naïve and is merely another excuse to stay isolated. Furthermore, there is the concern for obsession about marriage in the Ummah for the youngsters. That’ll have to do for now I believe.
  11. Having A Partner...

    Oh come now sQ, did you forget his thing not too long ago.. bro had posted it in the councelling section? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Asalamu alaykum, Looks like i'll need to do some catching up and research then... :D Sorry undercover, can't think of anything relevant to say.
  12. Istikhaara ÇáÅÓÊÎÇÑÉ

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu, Allahu'alim...istakhara does work for those who have patience and put their trust in Allah (swt). Those who state 'my calls were not answered' will surely not prosper. Q4) I didn't understand what you mean...
  13. How Is A Persons Personality Created/formed?

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I chose both. “The dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems, that determine his unique adjustment to his environment†(Rothbart, Ahadi, & Evans, 2000). There are just as many different personalities as there are different amount of people, however, you do get certain qualities which are shared by more people such as neuroticism, honesty, extraversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. These five characters were discovered by researchers that they are the main determinants of personality. It has now been decided that personality is the outcome of both environmental and genetic contribution rather than just one factor. On the other hand, debates arise and questioning about the nurture-nature case, which is whether environment or genes has more influence on the development of one’s personality.
  14. Revenge?

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatu, People don't cross the line with me in the first place :D but i chose option 2. We all make mistake, no point in dwelling on it and inflicting that same grief on the person. Though i was told i should change this habit...hmm...
  15. New Muslim Brother In My Community

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatu, Subhanallah that is great news....May Allah (swt) guide that brother to what his heart yearns and that which is good. I hope everything goes well and he finds it easy to get hold on the haq. May Allah (swt) shower his mercy and compassion upon him and his family, give him good health, strong iman and be amongst those who prosper in dunya wa akhirah.
  16. Am I Naïve

    If you do see her next time...smile and speak to her as you'd speak to a stranger equal to you. Don't ever get straight to the point, be subtle and patient to diverting the idle chit chat conversion into something meaningful. Furthermore, don't blantly state what she should do, that'll immediately trigger her thoughts to become reluctant to what else you wish to 'advice' her. The irony is when you're a muslim who strays and do it intentionally anything that will remind you of the consciquence or make you contemplate your take on life you will try to shut it out, ignore it for as long as your heart can bare. They do not want anyone reminding them of this... Don't stop talking to a muslim/muslimah simply because they're straying...teach them just like you've been taught by others, aid them when they need it, make dua when you are alone at night sitting by the dark corner of your room. Be their example so they do not take shaytan as an example. Sorry if i was of little use... May Allah (swt) guide his slaves to the staight path...ameen.
  17. Am I Naïve

    Wa Alaykum Salam warahmatullahi wabarakatu sister, Firstly you are not stupid nor naive....innocence is part of human nature that many try to grow out of. However, that element is within all of us, lost withing our souls and trapped to be unleashed. I guess when you see this sorts of acts daily, it becomes normal to you. Around my area there are alot of muslims....i do make dua and never forget to smile. Just recently while i walked on the park i saw a muslimah, her delicate fingers held the pram tightly and she seemed stressed, so i greeted her and in return she gave me a look that could have killed, so cold and bitter and didn't return my salam. She wasn't a child who had little knowledge on greeting yet what can you do? Nothing.... I would advice you to never approach them if you see them sinning...that never helps the situation but rather they get the impression that you think you're superior to them. You should smile no matter what...a radiant smile never harms anyone but brightens the day. Also do not dwell on what burdens the heart, you'll merely allow your heart to shatter to unfixable state. continued...
  18. Remorse For The Lost....

    Wa Alaykum salam, We know little of their fate akhi just as we do not know of our own fate....you can give dawah and ask for the creator to guide his slaves but that is all we can do. We do not guide nor misguide. No point in having remorse for they could be the dwellers of paradise, Allahu'alim. :D
  19. Permission...

    Wa Alaykum salam, Certainly, there is no problem with that....
  20. Writers

    Wa Alaykum salam, May Allah (swt) aid you and give you the strength to accomplish all your goals...ameen to the duas.
  21. Muslims Are Better Christians Than Christians

    Yank, In regard to your question, I would like to use a good practicing family who adhere the teachings of Islam as an example and they would treat them normally and still love them. At the end of the day it is your children, though it may hurt to see them go stray it is only Allah (swt) who guides, no one else. However, you do get ignorant and arrogant people resulting to discussing acts and people usually mistaken the act of ignorance as the teachings of Islam merely because they are Muslims. In regards to the original post…nicely written mashallah but you do also get good Christians so generalizing may become a bit of a problem.
  22. Summer Arabic Courses

    Asalamu Alaykum, Hmmm…I’ll try and look around for you Inshallah, try to find something…does it matter what Arab country it is?
  23. Evil Ahm ...

    Asalamu Alaykum, lol brother…alright…like I said what is done can not be undone….let it be unless you can still help him, then do so. He is a brother in Islam, so aid him and Inshallah when you’re in need another brother will help you just as you helped him.
  24. Evil Ahm ...

    Asalamu Alaykum, Moving away swiftly from the topic of the ‘piano man’ :D I think to an extent what you did was somewhat unkind brother Ahm, even if he is all that ghetto wanna be and has the accent to go along with it you should’ve shown him better. However, what is done can not be undone and dwelling on it will only cause a burden on the heart. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t call your act evil; such exaggeration only gives the wrong impression. I’m sure you were not meant to help him and Allahu’alim why. Ma'salama
  25. Why Do Some Leave Islam?

    I’m sorry but I fail to take a person like her seriously, she goes and debates with kids younger than 16 in order to keep her ideologies stern and unshaken from the obvious truth and knowledge which she seems to lack in Islam. I could understand if she was a scholar but just because you were hijab for 4 yrs don’t make you a khalifa…Furthermore, the irony is how even her own people who are not religious whatsoever despise how she has degraded her ethnicity….she is who she is and she should be proud. Beating a child till it causes damage is forbidden in Islam anyways but a child needs to learn respect fro everyone and know grow up being blasphemous towards others and should be done in a kind manner. Something western society clearly lacks, dare to slander the constituency or not stand up when a judge walks into the court and you’ll have to explain and face the consequence. Whereas if you malign other people’s faiths and prophets (pbut) then it is seen as normal and acceptable.