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  1. Overcoming The Western Mindset And Fear Of Islam

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, It takes time, with everything there is a waiting period, teaches us patience i guess. What is western mindset? most of us live in western society and we could say we also had western mindset. However, it does not contradict our faith if we don't wish it to. Your christain past will always be a past of your memory, it will not become erased nor should it have to be. Just realise that you can be Muslim and still hold your identity. Follow what your heart yearns and seek Allah (swt) guidance and surely he is quick to reply to those who are patient. If you make it difficult and worry, naturally, it will turn into chaos and seem impossible. I apologize if i were not helpful Ibrahim2be, inshallah (god willing) someone's words will soothe you and Allah (swt) will clear your heart from confusion :D I understand about your screen name, i figured that actually. Also Ibrahim (pbuh) wasn't the first Muslim, Adam (pbuh) was...the first muslim and creation. ma'salamah
  2. User Names

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I was under the impression you knew it all…my bad :D . The name of a school, a location…that is all I know. If you mean it as a slang terminology then I’ve never come across it… What is that suspicious emoticon doing there then if you’re truthful?
  3. Fishy Dream

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Brother/sister we all get dreams, sometimes it is a message and a symbol from the creator and sometimes it is the shaytan, hence we get nightmares. Now had prophet Yousuf (pbuh) been here he would have told you the interpretation of your dream but he isn’t. Perhaps there are some Allah (swt) has blessed to distinguish and interpret dreams but members on this forum aren’t. If I told you the meaning of your dream it’d merely be on the basis of analyzing the dream like I’d analyze a book for an examination. So Allahu’"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/glossary/glossary_a001.html#alim"]Alim[/url] what it means however, was it a good dream in your opinion? If so the prophet (pbuh) said that it is from Allah (swt) so tell it to your loved ones. On the other hand if it is a bad dream it is from the shaytan so do the following. *spit on your left side 3 times *seek refugee in Allah (swt) from shaytan and the evil of what you saw 3 times *do not relate it to anyone *turn and sleep on the opposite side to which you were sleeping on previously *get up and pray if you desire
  4. User Names

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, It simply means pounds brother. ‘Me not know’ I can almost imagine a child curled in a corner, tears trickling down his face uttering ‘me not know mummy, me not know’ :D
  5. Rings

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I wouldn't buy a ring with Allah (swt) name on it brother, simply because you're bound to forget to take it off when entering toilet. I hope you understand where I’m getting at brother…
  6. User Names

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, There is a competition for names? :D Alhamdulillah I don’t see my name there…phew. All usernames have a quality of uniqueness making it seem admirable its own way so I wouldn’t say there were few I preferred. $10 is about 6 quid, that is quite a bit…good job I have a very caring and loving family :D <---it is great, all praise due to the creator.

    Asalamu alaykum warhamtullah wabarakatu, The point was you asked for an argument, thus if one refuses to argue back and refute the person simply due to lack of creativity that makes the person a loser. It is alright Akhi, everyone loves a loser :D , haven’t you seen that advert? Anyhow seeing as you added a new rule after me making a point. Do I get a second chance? Just curious…no hidden agenda :D Who said being an uncle made you old? psst...<_<
  8. Do You Think About Them?

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu, In a world where time is consumed quicker than food it is hard to focus your spare minutes dwelling on the necessary things in this world. How often do you remember the loved ones by Allah (swt)? Did you know that Allah (swt) loved Ayoub (pbuh)? He was named as the most beautiful servant subhnallah. Do you think about Ilyas (pbuh)? Do you think about them at all? Fair enough we remember our beloved prophet muhammad (pbuh) but to many of us it seems that the other prophets did not exist. You get some who slander Jesus (pbuh) and insist they are doing justice for Islam. Islam does not need us, it has Allah (swt) who is all-mighty... You get some who speak against moses (pbuh)...yet when you ask them why do they slander against the prophets of Allah (swt) they seem buffled at such a question. Do you think about them enough? Do you think about their troubles and struggles? What will we say when this becomes our debt in sin? Will we be amongst those who will be guilty of sinning continiously? Do you think about them enough?

    Asalamu alaykum warhamtullah wabarakatu, This is a complaint I clearly won Amu i thought that was very clear...so note, i am the winner, you choose not to take the challenge meaning you lost... *coughs* so i think i got that off my chest (nice blog though mashallah :D )
  10. Requests

    Wa Alaykum salm warahmatullah wabarakatu, In short and simple way, yes. Also you need to show example backing up your arguement, that shouldn't be too hard inshallah. Have fun :D
  11. Where Do You Live?

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Not yet brother...i'll do hajj inshallah when i do hijrah. Also i have no intention of doing umrah...don't gasp. I would have paid my duties by going hajj once which is recommended....instead of indulging a second trip i'll give that money to those in need for the sake of Allah (swt) inshallah. It is just me and my strange ways of thinking... :D
  12. Mexican Standoff

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, As humans we find comfort in something to soothe us through our struggling life, whether it be the creator or obssesion with materialism...would you dare to disagree? put forth your arguement for the case :D
  13. Requests

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Alright...here is a topic for you...As humans we have a tendecy of only believing what our senses are capable of detecting so how can you emphasize that our flawed minds can't comprehend everything thus we can't ignore the existence of Allah (swt)? Things i am looking for in your work *Engagement with audience *Source *evidence for your claim *An arguement against your opinion but demolishing it *Your opinion as a conclusion. Mwu ha ha :D (look he is gonna brush it underneath the beautiful scenerey :D )
  14. Where Do You Live?

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I live on Earth....for further information it is gonna cost you sister :D Though i hope to do hijrah inshallah...
  15. Keep Crying

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu, Burning tears trickling down his small face, His soft brown eyes searching for his parents… Do you know where they are? I’ll tell you… In a dark alley their bodies are scattered on the dismantled pavement, Sand covering their faces, Yet there is something about their faces. Their lips curled into a gentle smile. Their fragile lives have come to an end, It was their time to face their fate. A fate which could be fatal for some and blissful for others, No one know but the one and only Allah (swt). Can you spare tears for his loss? The child is your blood as much as he is mine, He is my brother, No human will hold him at night but it is fine… Burning tears trickling down his small face, His soft brown eyes searching for his parents… Do you know where they are? May their souls rest in peace… The boy is in a good place, He does not know what MP3 is but he has something we all yearn to have. He has the creator protecting him, Do you not know that Allah (swt) loves the orphan child? Don’t wipe away your tears, Moan and remember the time ticking for you. Feel the pain of the innocent, Feel it like you have never felt it before. For that might just save us from our own destruction.
  16. New Here

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Welcome to IF sister :D have a pleasant stay and i hope you learn something while browsing.... Don't forget to read the "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]forum rules[/url]... take care ukht :D
  17. Hello

    Hi Lahvac, Welcome to IF, i hope you have a pleasant stay and find this forum beneficial in increasing your understanding of Islam. Hope to read your posts and don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Also if you haven't alredy, read the "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?act=boardrules"]forum rules[/url]:D
  18. Comments About Me

    Wa Alaykum Salam warahmatullah wabarakatu Nope haven't talked to her, i've hardly ever talked to her. It wasn't supposed to leave a wound akhi....it was a just a joke :D he he...it is alright brother, i'm sure the mental institution will take on board no worries :D <-----if you're still unclear about jokes, that was one...seriously :D There are plenty types of water based moisturizers, go to your local pharmacy or body shop and just ask and they'll give a list of different types inshallah.
  19. Comments About Me

    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, I’m not gonna even bother reading the 4 pages because I know for a fact it will have nothing relatively important which is relevant to the main topic. How do I know? Because the thread starter is Doomhammer, point made, point taken :D . What can I say about Doomhammer….I don’t know the brother but seems to be the only one cracking up about his jokes, well someone has to right? :D Nah, he is a brother in Islam, and that says it all. Seriously Hasib, you have so much to say…wow, almost racing with the sisters in the field of talking eh? :D jk
  20. I Passed!

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Yeah…we all need time to hibernate :D . :D Over 8 hours?!, wow subhanallah, I thought 2 hours long was a pain not to mention when you had about 30 minutes to waste and the teachers refused to give you a piece of paper to doodle on. Imho, doing chemistry, math’s, physics, statistics and engineering together is utter torture; seriously I’m sure the electric chair would be more appealing for some of us. Very true, even outside the classroom we learn something useful. Allah (swt) is verily khafuru raheem. Jizakallah khair brother….you’re 2nd person who said that, hmm….i merely placed it there so that I’d have a sig :D Alhamdulillahi rabil A'lameen.
  21. I Passed!

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, :D Mabrook brother, mashallah....Surey Allah (swt) does not spare his mercy upon the believers who are sincere in their worship. When you say '8 hour' you did it all in one go? :D it is almost as bad as the 10 hour art exam.
  22. Please Help

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, May Allah (swt) give your mother good health and may the creator ease your burdens and protect you from any harm....ameen. Take care sister
  23. Asaalmu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu, So people who are anti-Islam or disagree with the truth have a tendesy of attacking us with the whole, Islam does give equal rights to men and women. In my ignorant and naive days i would get agitated and say "YES it does!" you know how little kids jump up and down, hands frantically in the air trying to make a point such as how sweets is really good for their rotting teeth.... However, as we grow (well for some of us anyways) our knowledge increases (not magically obviously:rolleyes: ). Don't get me wrong, age doesn't limit knowledge, it merely promotes wisdom. Logically when you think about this whole equality thing, it makes sense....they are right that Islam doesn't give equality between men and women....why? you'll see soon enough. How can you say two things are equal when they are mentally, physically and emotionally different? How can you make something equal which you can't measure their difference to set a boundary on how to balance their equality? It is plain absurd. The west has created an ideology which suits them, how incorrect it is tends to be irrelevant most of the time. Women and Men are emotionally, physically and mentally differnt so how can anyone say they were 'equal'? would they not be denying the fact that we are all individulas and unique? Even twins differ from one another. Emotionally, mentally and physically i am different from any of the sisters around the world and we are all women. The same goes for men.... This terminology has merely created a realm of fantasy for the weak to indulge upon. It is not logical....nor is it part of this harsh reality. So how much will people who strive to create 'equality' try to create this? Until we’re all clones of one another? Or will the delusion still be going on for a long period until there is no one to correct them of their naivety? Equality between men and women can not be achieved as long as we are unique....let them say Islam doesn't give equality because the word itself doesn't actually fit into the world realistically....Islam gives rights to every being based on their needs. The logicality of that is just too much for some to grasp it seems but they'd rather believe a lie than a the truth. Edited:opened so that if people have something to say they can reply...intially i didn't think people would comment, i guess Allah's Slave proved me wrong.
  24. For The One To Be Lost

    Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatu, I hope you're reading this in good health and strong iman. No doubt there are many others who are worthy and deserve your dua but inshallah if you do have a spare seconds. The thing is my older brother has been in a sticky situation, he hardly prays 5 times a day no more :D and it is saddening. Before i'd tell him off but now i just don't have the energy, the endless cold which i've had since march keeps coming and hardly goes....exam, don't get me started on that! I just feel like giving up.... Surely those who make dua shall also be given dua in return. ma'salamah
  25. Rant.......

    Wa Alaykum salam warahmatullah wabarakatu, Aww sister…I had to do the same for chemistry…it was like ‘Argh!’ but I’m cool now…release the tension sister! Scream :D ….hope you have a double glazing window :D . How did you manage to start your own blog? You don’t have over 2000 posts :D Mabrook on your blog…