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  1. Yup as the title says.. guess who dropped in today??... any guess??


    I'm guessing Mike Tyson, anyone with me?


    Mashallah that is cool, i thought you and AS both lived in the same area though O_o


    oh and something else happend


    It had to do with pigeon feaces and one you guys....am i right or am i right? :D


    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  2. :D


    Since shes not here i'm going to steal one :D..


    >>> If tomorrow was judgement day and the Lord asked me what i did with me life, i'd say i spent it away.. <<<








    O_o ya'll need to take a break from comp esp MsB. Remember our target? :)


    If i'm right then:


    "I think everything must go back to the fact I had a very anxious childhood. You know, my mother never had time for me. You know, when you're the middle child in a family of five million, you don't get any attention."

  3. :D



    Al Azhar seems so far away but UCL, Kings Col and Queen Mary are too near. Uni of Man is too much hassle, and I refuse to be a scouser, I’ll return with a doggy accent.


    Seems weird with out the usual suspects posting on this thread


    In memory to Imaan who has gone AWOL like my brother, baris iyo moos for you sis!


    Allahumdulillahi wahadahu wasalatu wasalamu aala man la nabiee ba’adahu.

  4. The German’s just refuse to give up; the German conspiracy theory that the goal by Jeff Hurst in the 1966 world cup was not truly in has still continued to spew till this day. 40 years on, people have gotten grey hair, died but this topic is far from solved. New technology suggests that the ball may have not been in the goal margin. What could this mean?


    Brazil are taking the cup this year…..


    The new World cup ball mug is so huge; it’s the sort of thing my sister (a tea addict) would truly appreciate.


    The number of obese children are rising….no one wants to do sport yet alone walk.


    Wa alaykum salam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  5. There is no such thing as boredom just laziness


    It seems that in certain countries the day drags on longer than in other countries so ‘boredom’ is more likely to occur. Therefore the solution is move countries…


    Act immature



    Best way to undo boredom is play a game (possible hide and seek) with your invisible friend, if you don’t have one, now would be a good time to make one.



    Visit uncle Bob in the Bermuda triangle. No you won’t ‘disappear mysteriously’ but if you do then great on you! No more boring days for you.


    Memorise the Qur’an and dua.





    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  6. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


    Yeah women express their feelings more but its an over-rated issue, not saying its not a great thing but search marriage on this board and its self explanatory.


    Do you think marriage is a bigger deal for sisters than it is for brothers??


    Nah, i'd say its equal but guys are better at being 'i-will-not-break-down-into-tears-in-public'


    I mean I dont know but from what i'm seeing around me, it seems that way. Or is it just that men dont show all that excitement and joy as women do but they consider it also big deal??


    Guys will jump up and down when the curtains are down and no one can see them (bribery is indeed a dangerous thing). Women tell the whole world :D ....



    What are your thoughts on this??



  7. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    I know a lot of people who have this mindset about 'changing their spouse' but its not that easy. I know people are different but if one who reverted within a weeks has managed to wear the hijab after having an arguement with family and friends then for born muslims it is a shame. I'd say stick to a sister who wears hijab, better to be safe than sorry. If the person doesn't wear hijab there is a chance she might wear it simply for her husband, which is not the point.


    Either way follow your heart brother, it is not harsh in my opinion.


    May Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) make your search quick and he (subhana wa ta'ala) bestow you a pious wife whom you can prosper with in this life and the next.

  8. Well can you claim insurance for what ever they were going to jack(Steal)?


    Books are important? So important that the teacher feels 16 experiment write ups is sufficient to keep you busy during your holidays. Nah I think they are torturous. No book means no homework. Knowledge does not necessary mean you obtain it from books, you can obtain knowledge from experience and you can read them up on the internet (Wikipedia to be precious :D ).


    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  9. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    It depends what they were taking, if it was my school books, I wouldn’t fight with them to get it back, if anything, I’d give them a pound to show my appreciation. Heck I wouldn’t need to do homework for the next decade. There are certain things no one should defend; it’s not even worth it. On the other hand, if it’s valuable like chocolate then that is another matter all together.



    finder's keeper's, loser's weepers….

  10. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    With anyone who has a passion for reading they have to be interested in the book/novel/autobiography/etc. Your friend has to find passion in the Islamic books, she has to have a warm heart towards it. This can only be achieved if she truly wants to read it. If she merely picks it up and reads it just because so-and-so said she had to then she won't be interested. Your friend has to make it a hobby and not an obligation, that is why she finds other novel easier to read and enjoy hence finishing it quickly while she makes reading an Islamic text obligatory. If you make something obligatory upon yourself you're more likely to find it a burden and not have the same drive in finishing.


    Hope i was of some help to you sister. May Allah (swt) bestow you and your friend prosperity :D



  11. Greetings Jesse,


    I hope you're reading this in the best health and may you find the truth.


    Evidence upon evidence has been provided about your initial question, however, now i'm confused as to what you're asking. Your question is ambigious and what answers you're trying to find is beyond me. For any questioner it is sufficient for them to ask a question and receive an answer but you seem to go from one angle to the next to the next, going off-topic to the main question.



    Perhaps the answers only lie on your subconscience. You wanted to converse the discussion with somebody who held the view of evolution/creation, a muslim. Brother Allah's Slave has posted something in that and can be viewed here (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.gawaher(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/index.php?showtopic=19338"]Evo/Crea[/url] and there is a section dedicated to evolution, which is under Islam and science (i'm unable to paste the URL for some reason or other). Please read all the threads posted there and then ask if you still continue to have unanswered queries.


    Also i will get round to your last message you sent me, just not had enough time to write a long reply.


    Thank you for your time and patience :D




    Crystal Eyes

  12. Somebody i know got stabbed by someone else i know. I hope they are both fine. Subhanallah, life is so fragile, to think that at one moment you're alive, breathing, normal and the next minute you might not see the next hour.



  13. Where are you now? Lost in your own world, can’t pursue your dreams for you no longer dream. Where are you now? Engulfed by the worlds darkness and no intellect can save you. Ask yourself the Question, where are you now?




    Surely those who prosper are those who are steadfast in their patience and express gratitude whether they do it in secret or in public (free from pride).



    "If tomorrow never comes and I never told you to forgive me will you still hold a grudge upon me?" She asked, a glint of sheer sadness fixed on her large dark brown eyes.



    æóÇáøóÃöíäó ÂãóäõæÇú æóÚóãöáõæÇú ÇáÕøóÇáöÃóÇÊö ÃõæáóÜÆößó ÃóÕúÃóÇÈõ ÇáúÌóäøóÉö åõãú ÃöíåóÇ ÎóÇáöÃõæäó



    And those who believe (in the Oneness of Allah - Islamic Monotheism) and do righteous good deeds, they are dwellers of paradise, they will dwell therein forever.



    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  14. :D Joker!


    So where is my food? :D no food?! eyh?!


    Ah-ha, i see you're also trying to find ways to get out of doing your coursework, appauling! what are these kids turning into these days? :D Back in my days we did our work on time :D


    Looking forward to your babble *cough* i mean well constructed and intelluctal thoughts :D :D


    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  15. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    I hope you're reading this in good health and in the best eemaan.


    I need help with several parts of maths, it's IB maths studies. Its not a specific Question rather a general Qs i need to find answers to. If you think you can help please state so, it'd be very much appreciated.


    Its to do with Sequences.


    Jizakallahu khair :D

  16. :D warahamtullahi wabarakatuh,


    Is it better to be the one who rejects the proposal or for you to be the rejected?


    Something I always wondered….hmm.

  17. Greetings Jesse,


    I was unable to speak to my teacher and so I do not yet have an answer in regards to the creation of birds and the meaning of the verse which you quote. However, as soon as I do get the answer I’ll let you know.


    So that we are on the same level and clear on the translation, it’d be very much appreciated if you used the translation and commentary of the Qur’an by Ibn Kathir. (you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.tafsir(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/).


    You’re right that Adam was not created on earth and therefore removed from time space in which we know today. However, where Adam (pbuh) was created is of little significance if you want to dot up evolution and Islam. Allah (swt) is not incapable of having carried out Evolution. However, it is evidently clear as to why Islam and evolution do not counter part one another.


    Let’s remove Adam (pbuh) from the lineage of evolution. That leaves the theory spineless for then humans and chimps would not have a common ancestor.


    Adam was created by God and therefore it is impossible for Adam to have also evolved if he was already created. The verses about Adam (pbuh) having being created are contradictory to the thesis of evolution. Surely if he evolved why would there be verses about him being created? How does this explain Eve?


    Let’s look at this logically without dwelling about the possibility of our imaginations. It is easier to disprove an argument than it is to prove it. So it is only fair the tables are turned and that you bring forth evidence in the Qur’an and Sunnah which does not contradict the theory of evolution.


    You have asked many rhetorical questions and I’m unsure as to whether I should interrupt your contemplation or to leave you to ponder upon yourself :D .


    You state that you think that it is bid’aa so I’m guessing you’re aware of the meaning of the word. It is a strong accusation to make and even more dangerous if you do not have evidence to support your claim.


    As in regards to you not wanting me to miss out on gaining knowledge in the concept of evolution, I appreciate your concern and I am studying the theory of evolution now so don’t feel heart broken :D .


    I have thought about the theory of evolution and that has never fluctuated my faith alhamdulillah (all praise is to God). I will always contemplate on the universe and any scientifically based discovery. Which may I add, the theory of evolution is not scientific but it is instead a human interpretation based on the works of Charles Pierce called abductive reasoning, which I’m sure you know how it works.


    Also i'm not interpreting the Quran with my understanding and reaching a conclusion, rather i obtain ilm (knowledge) from those who are well-versed.


    May Allah (swt) forgive me if i have made an error.


    Sorry for the delay in reply. Too busy but when I do find the time I’ll respond in depth inshallah (god willing)





    Crystal Eyes

  18. :D


    thnx alot CE now i cant sleep im talking to u on msn looooooool


    :D Any day Imaan, any day….


    I need to stop going on MSN :D


    I bet you thought the thread title had some reference to marriage, lol.


    Don’t read anymore Imaan, if you do, you only have yourself to blame, lol.



    Hadith - Muwatta,

    ...Shaytan does not open a locked door or untie a tied knot, or uncover a vessel.



    Hadith - Tirmidhi

    Allah's Messenger (pbuh) said: Don't cleanse yourself with dung or with bones for that is the food of your brothers from amongst the Jinn.


    :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  19. On the authority of Omar bin Al-Khattab, who said : I heared the messenger of Allah (Salal-llahu ‘alayhi wa salam) say :


    "Actions are but by intention and every man shall have but that which he intended. Thus he whose migration was for Allah and His messenger, his migration was for Allah and His messenger, and he whose migration was to achieve some worldly benefit or to take some woman in marriage, his migration was for that for which he migrated." related by Bukhari and Muslim


    I hope both Sister Zabrina and Brother Joseph are in good health and in strong iman.


    :D Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  20. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    I must congradulate sister Baree and Imaan for having the best signatures :D


    Ëõãøó ÑóÃóÃúäóÇ áóßõãõ ÇáúßóÑøóÉó Úóáóíúåöãú æóÃóãúÃóÃúäóÇßõã ÈöÃóãúæóÇáò æóÈóäöíäó æóÌóÚóáúäóÇßõãú ÃóßúËóÑó äóÃöíÑðÇ

  21. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh,


    You're right AS in terms of the husband needing to sustain his family.


    The fact is too many of us muslims use this hadeeth about marriage as a way to abandon everything else and get all hitched as though it was a means of entertainment. One of my sisters got married after having graduated which was good for her. While my other sister was completely the opposite. Now the sister that was educated came out better off.


    It is possible to do both but the percentage of people who have managed to have children, get married whilst studying and get a degree is so small that it seems almost insignifcant.


    We are not all blessed like Khadija (ra) who was married and educated.


    That article you posted sis Sia encourages young children to become obssesed with marriage. When the youth start to study the deen and gain ilm they are immediately consumed with the whole issue of marriage. They forget the ilm side of the deen.....that is part of reality. People need to put their priorities straight.


    May Allah (swt) bestow us prosperity in this life and the hereafter. Ameen :D


    People differ...opinions differ....




  22. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh


    It’s not very hard to come across as being ‘religious’. Only a small percentage of people actually observe the very tiny details that are yet very crucial things in the first meeting of a proposal. You do not have to stare at somebody to be able to pick on these things. The tone of the voice, the use of language, their style of speaking, and their manner says a lot about a person.


    Also brothers should not feel intimidated that the sisters they approach seem well versed than them. You can gain knowledge from each other and verily Allah (swt) bestows ilm (knowledge) on whom he pleases.


    Asking Questions about a potential spouse is important but most of the time those answers are well practiced. Most people know the sort of Questions that they’ll be asked…


    Brothers should be honest with themselves and if they don’t want to proceed with a proposal should just say so, instead of choking on their own embarrassment. Funny as it is….no offence brothers….its not good on both parties in the end.


    It’s not rude to ask blunt questions….if you don’t want to ask, observe.


    May Allah (swt) give you all singleton’s good spouses! :D

  23. :D warahmatulalhi wabarakatuh,


    Take a deep breathe in before you read…..you might start becoming paranoid after you read the below :D .


    Alright here goes:


    The below hadeeth is from sahih Bukhari as stated by my teacher and it was said to have been narrated by Jabi Bin Abdullah (ra)


    The Prophet (saw) said, "Cover your utensils and tie your water skins, and close your doors and keep your children close to you at night, as the Jinns spread out at such time and snatch things away. When you go to bed, put out your lights, for the mischief-doer (i.e. the rat) may drag away the wick of the candle and burn the dwellers of the house." Ata said, "The devils." (Instead of the Jinns).



    Abu Thalabah al-Khushani said: “The Messenger of Allaah (saw) said: ‘The jinn are of three types: a types that has wings, and they fly through the air; a type that looks like snakes and dogs; and a type that stops for a rest then resumes its journey.â€


    The above hadeeth was reported by Al-Tahhawwi in Mushkil Al-athaar, however, I forgot all the detaisl for this hadeeth and the other narration so inshallah I’ll re-ask my mu’allim and go through my notes….


    I’ll post more on Jinn’s inshallah :D ….

  24. :D warahmatullahi wabarakatuh



    My brother and his friends were chased by arwaah (form of jinn) 2 days ago, how did they know? Well they got chased by a bunch of clothing with no one inside and they got kicked afterward and there was no one there…..lakin Allahu’Alim.



    Hadith - Sahih Muslim 6757, Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, similar narration 6759 by 'Aisha, r.a.


    Allah's Apostle (pbuh) said: There is none amongst you with whom is not an attache from amongst the jinn (devil). They (the Companions) said: Allah's Apostle (pbuh) with you too? Thereupon he said: Yes, but Allah helps me against him and so I am safe from his hand and he does not command me but for good.


    Are you scared now? :D


    I’ll post more stuff on jinn’s inshallah.