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  1. Not Marrying A Guy Because Of His Health?

    Asalama Aleikum, you really need to think about what you're getting yourself in. you're letting your emotions get the better of you. marriage is a serious thing, i urge you to consult your head rather than your heart. there is so much to think about, any married couple would tell you that marriage in itself is a challenge. its easy for people to say follow your heart, however, this is not something that will just effect you it will also have a profound effect on your future kids.
  2. Islam

    :D i agree with Umahmed Islam = Way of life.
  3. Muslim Woman Abuses Her Baby- Poeple Blame Islam

    :D Islam is the victim here. every time a muslim does something Islam pays the prize. this is so unfair. :)
  4. Dying Revert Brother Needs Support!

    :D Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji'oon[/size] may Allah :D grant our brother Janatul fardows ameen.
  5. Farewell

    :D you made the right choice Aburafay, may Allah reward you for your effort ameen.
  6. need your prayers

    :D keep praying to Allah the most merciful and inshaAllah things will get better. you will be in my dua :D
  7. I am in so much pain! plz make dua!

    :D I nearly cried when he said if is my time to return to Allah pray for me subhanalah i should know better that all of us will return to Allah oneday but still it doesn't make me used to to the idea or not feel sad upon hearing the death of a muslim whether i know them or not. :P I'm glad your feeling much better may Allah give you full recovery. :D
  8. Islam in Somalia

    :D horn of africa :D for explaining the situation in somalia. it was a friend of mine's idea to write the bit which i sounded complete nutter oh well if you haven't read it thank god but if you did please accept my apology if i sounded pathetic. :P
  9. dua for those dying..

    :D :D may Allah make martyrs for those who are fighting with enemies.
  10. learning Islam

    :D brother learning Islam any1 can make a mistake like that is not your fault every one gets into the gender confusion from time to time. (w00t) have you got any ideas to how i can get my gender displayed under my name sorry to trouble you with my silly question. :D
  11. Islam in Somalia

    :D one more thing if you want to beat the england thread you need to talk about something interesting that can keep this thread alive and at the same time make people come back for more. :D
  12. Islam in Somalia

    :D this threat isn't serving its purpose your suppose to be talking about Islam in your country for instance do somalis dress Islamically or western way, do the old generation eg your parents/grandparents practise Islam the same way as you do and so on. brother guided heart is somali? (w00t)
  13. Spare a moment

    :D i'm very sad to hear about this may Allah ease her pain :P she will be in my dua :D
  14. Please make Dua that i get this good JOB!

    :w: i'm about to perform salat al-isha you will be in my dua :D let us know how it goes.
  15. Black magick (jaadu)

    :D dog trust me being normal is so boring imagine if you was normal poeple wouldn't find your posts interesting would they so there you go. :D oh my god if that picture is a jinn than i shouldn't be scare of jinns it looks so weak and scared poor thing. dog you must see this i guarantee you you will become the jinn hunter/gost buster and beat any jinn you get your hands on lolz. zee thank you for sharing your stories with us. some of us especially sofia can relate to your stories as she has been or still are in similar situation others like insignia of Islam is an expert on jinns and magick and then comes dog she can relate to any weird stuff through her vivid imagination (w00t). i've got a question for you zee do you think the jadoo will break or the jinn thats messing up your mum's live will lost tract of you if you move to another continent or what if the person who has done the jadoo dies will you be free or stuck with the jadoo for the rest of your lives unless of course Allah's help come to you. by the way i'm sis don't know why my gender is not displayed its causing a great gender confusion. :P thats very interesting story i always wanted to meet a muslim jinn i hear the muslim ones are god fearing and don't hurt anybody they remind me surah al-jinn which is one of my favorite surahs in the qur'an. my cousin's firiend had this jinn that used to wake her up at the fajr prayer she siad she never used alarm clock for fajr prayer the jinn would wake her may Allah be pleased with him/her.