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  1. Slms I want to know if anyone thinks Laylatul Qadr was on 25th night?
  2. Why I Shed Bikini For Niqab

    Truly Inspiring story...especially for 1 hijabi Muslima :sl: I'm most amazed by 99% of revert stories told ... that the words of the Quran awakened them. And for women, the experience of being closer to their Lord and creator is what encourages them to wear Hijab, Mashallah.

    Peace to all!! It's not just that Muslims think Christians are a lost people, but also that Christians do feel this way too with the Trinity. It is confusing and hence could lead 1 to not believe in anything. The question is if the Trinity is divine? Did it come from God or man made and if from God, then why would God cause to confuse his followers when believing in Him and worshipping Him and bringing oneself closer to Him should not be confusing but rather a peaceful and contented experience? Nontheless, there is a post for the Trinity.
  4. Indeed to Muslims too it is that Jesus is the word of God and the word was made flesh into man. Many other prophets were referred to as the son of God before Jesus.
  5. Islam in CANADA!!!

    Assaalmu Alaykum all I am a Muslimah thinking of going to Canada... for about 1 year maybe more. My Husband is in IT (Business Analyst) and we're wonderng where would the best city be to move to. Also, advise if there are women in Hijab found in Corporate companies. Jazakallah Kheir for your response.
  6. Praying In Congregation

    Assalamu Alaykum All And the great reasoning behind it is not that women are inferior.... but simply for the same reason that women wear Hijab.... the protect themselves and not to distract their husbands while worshiping.
  7. Welcome

    Assalamu Alaykum All sorry for popping in uninvited:). Could someone please help me get the password for the sisters room.... or at least how i could get it. Jazakallah Kheir
  8. Why I Reverted

    Assalamu Alaykum Very touching story, may Allah SWT continue to guide and give us strength to deal with our daily challenges. I am also thankful to Allah for having come accross this forum and finding muslims from all parts of the world sharing their experiences.
  9. Peace Untill Fajr

    AssaLamu Alaykum Has anyone sensed Laylatul qadr on the 25th night?
  10. How To Seek Laylatul-qadr

    Assalamu Alaykum All Has anyone sensed if Laylatul qadr was on 25th Night?
  11. Islam In Sweden

    It's nice to know there are so many practicing Muslims in Sweden, Mashallah Please tell me if it's true that there's no Halaal Meat there because the manner required to slaughter Halaal meat is forbidden by the government?
  12. Islam in South Africa

    In the 17th Century, the Dutch brought slaves from Malaysia and Indonesia to the Cape. Here we see a Masjid in Cape Town
  13. Islam in South Africa

    Assalamu alaykum Brothers and sisters I too as a South African Muslimah... Cape Tonian now living in the gold rich City of Johannesburg. Yes, living in a secular society can be challenging but Alhamdullilah, we practise our Deen freely and unlike many other places in the world, discrimination is not allowed here. The madressah's that 'corrupt' our youth may not necessarily be due to Madressah's being corrupt but pls consider that many parents over indulge their children in luxuries and then realise that they're spoilt at a much older time in their lives and parents post them off to a place like Mia's farm or a boarding school for Muslims where they are taught discipline and many other lessons in life. Although these schools do good for alot of ppl, parents do not realise that these qualities needs to be taught at home first... that's where everything starts. Children start resenting their parents... and go off a tangent. This does happen often but Alhamdullilah there are many practising Muslims here, many work places in Joburg have Salah Facilities for Muslims, you'll find Jamat Khanas often and even the Petrol stations sometimes have Salah Facilities when you are travelling...our malls too. I am an Indian Muslim, 3rd generation, there are lots of Malaysian ppl in CT...strong Cape Malay culture, lots of indians too... all over the country. There are also Pakistanis, Nigerians sweeping CT alot now and Somalians. Alhamdullilah, we all get along and may we all help each other thru tough times.
  14. Islam in UAE

    Assalamu Alaykum Isnt Tall Buildings yet another sign of Qiyama?
  15. The Qunoot Collection

    Assalamu Alaykum Please recheck that link as I dont think the site exists. Please someone provide me with the transliteration and arabic version of Qunoot e Nazila. I have searched so many places but only get the english