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  1. :D How would the situations be different if the Palestinians did not adopt militancy? Please stay on topic. I think things would have been much worse for the Palestinians. The "world" never cared in the first place, they gave the land away even though it was not theirs to give. So whether the Palestinians were pacifist or not, no would care, just the israelis would have easier time killing the Palestinians.
  2. Holocaust Deniers

    :D What is the evidence used by people who deny the holocaust?
  3. New Abu Ghraib images broadcast Abuse footage An Australian TV channel has broadcast previously unpublished images showing apparent US abuse of prisoners in Iraq's Abu Ghraib jail in 2003. The images on SBS TV are thought to be from the same source as those that caused an outcry around the world and led to several US troops being jailed. The new images show "homicide, torture and sexual humiliation", SBS said. They are part of a court case in the US. A judge has ruled they can be published but the case is continuing. The broadcast of the images comes at a time of increased tension between Muslim nations and the West over cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad. 'Live rounds' One of the videos broadcast on the SBS programme Dateline on Wednesday appears to show prisoners being forced to masturbate to the camera. Other video footage appears to show a prisoner hitting his head against a wall. The channel said he was a mentally disturbed patient who became a plaything of guards who practised ways of restraining him. Some photos are said to show corpses. There are also images of prisoners with body and head wounds. Some of the pictures have been posted on the SBS website. SBS journalist Olivia Rousset told the BBC one of them showed a senior Iraqi officer being treated for a throat wound received after he resisted being transferred within the camp. Some of the new photos showed soldiers who have already been convicted for their part in the abuse, including Private Lynndie England and Charles Graner, the man prosecutors said was the ringleader in the scandal.
  4. Disabled Jenin boy shot by troops A young Palestinian with learning disabilities has been shot dead by israeli troops near the West Bank town of Jenin, Palestinian officials said. Mujahid al-Simadi, said to be in his teens, was shot through the chest during a raid to arrest militants. The israeli military said its soldiers had seen a "suspect armed with a weapon who was threatening them". A 12-year-old boy was shot dead in the Jenin refugee camp three months ago during a stone-throwing protest. Local residents said Mujahid al-Simadi had gone up to the troops with a toy gun and shouted that they should leave the village. He was among a number of children who had surrounded a house occupied by israeli soldiers and began to throw stones, Palestinian security sources said. The soldiers opened fire from the house and Mujahid al-Simadi hit in the chest and died immediately, they said. On Monday, israeli troops shot and killed a 25-year-old Gaza woman near the border fence between the territory and israel. Story from BBC NEWS: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/world/middle_east/4715570.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/worl...ast/4715570.stm[/url] Published: 2006/02/15 10:29:27 GMT
  5. New Abu Ghraib Images Broadcast

    :D If embassies are burned down because of cartoons, then should the US expect worse to happen to them?
  6. New Abu Ghraib Images Broadcast

    A number are versions of the photographs that caused outrage when they were initially leaked in April 2004, including the prisoner wearing a hood and hooked to wires. The network also said it had received reports that some prisoners were killed when US soldiers ran out of rubber bullets during a prison riot and started using live rounds instead. Convicted The BBC's Adam Brookes in Washington says there has been no official response there yet, but he believes it likely the administration will say the events were already known and those involved charged. However, he says there will be keen scrutiny to see if there are other soldiers involved, particularly officers, or whether the images confirm the official US line that this was a few soldiers behaving badly. Analysts say the reaction in the Muslim world may depend on how widely the images are shown. The BBC's Jon Brain in Baghdad says the satellite channel, al-Arabiya, is broadcasting half a dozen of the new images, though it has refrained from showing the most shocking. The images are part of a group of more than 100 photographs and four videos taken at Abu Ghraib and later handed to the US army's Criminal Investigations Division. In September a New York judge ruled that pictures of the alleged abuse should be released under Freedom of Information provisions. He was responding to a request from the American Civil Liberties Union for access to 87 unseen images. The judge rejected the government's arguments that publication could fuel anti-US feelings. The Dateline programme says the government is appealing against the decision. US President George W Bush has said the Abu Ghraib abuse was a "disgrace". Nine junior soldiers have been convicted - some are serving jail sentences. All senior US commanders have so far been cleared of any crime. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/world/middle_east/4715540.stm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/worl...ast/4715540.stm[/url]
  7. :D Bit of hypocrisy there? The pacifist movement requires others to do the forcing?
  8. Race To The Finish

    :D warahmatullah 210
  9. Race To The Finish

    :D warahmatullah 170
  10. Race To The Finish

    :D warahmatullah 130 (QuratulAin should be 100)
  11. Race To The Finish

    :D warahmatullah 90
  12. Race To The Finish

    :D warahmatullah what's the emergency?? 50
  13. Selfish Parents?

    :D warahmatullah Through relatives we found this practicing guy for my older sister. The last guy was some "freshie", now my parents have a thing about race, this guy apart from skin colour seemed a different race to me. He couldn't speak English well, wasn't practising and just seemed DIFFERENT, age wise seemed as old as my dad. Basically my sister would have been full of regrets marrying this guy. My sister wants to marry outside the race, I don't see my parents allowing it. So this practising guy now is on the scene and my dad didn't agree with it. Same race and brought up here, BUT his sisters are married to a different race. Therefore my dad doesn't agree. One of the reasons is that people will talk. He gave the example that at an Islamic bookshop a mixed race couple walked in. Out of all the people going to the shop, why was the owner talking about them? (asked my dad). I don't see the problem with his sister's marrying different race. The kind of people that will talk, we don't hang around with anyway. Also this guy doesn't have a degree, it doesn't matter to me or my sister, but does to my dad. He doesn't realise that she's "getting on" and we should just look at the guy and his character, the family doesn't matter as much. Trying to find someone with a "degree" will be difficult as they are mostly married with kids already. Dad had some valid points but at this rate she'll be in her 40's, no, infact she'll never marry as when she gets older the chances of marriage reduce. As she's never had kids menopause will come sooner for her. Basically he makes me feel like if he dies it will make life easier. That's bad I know. He says people will talk, but that's his type of people. When religious (or so called £religious") families approach us they'll get put off because of his unislamic business - in that case people do "talk", and that effects us who will be living when he and his type of people, generation, die. I just want big sister to marry someone she won't feel dissapointed or have regrets with. We agreed in the end to find someone of the same race and at least raised here. But then most guys in their 30s elligble are divorced or something, and you can bet my dad doesn't want that. Basically if I wasn't trying to be Muslim, I would have like left my parents, cut ties with them. It's like all these years the parents don't know their kids, demonstrated by the fact that they wanted her to marry these "freshie" guys. A fear I have is that I'll be a crap parent like my dad. I could point out somethings to them how crap they are/were, but there's no point in telling them that now. In fact it was like me who learnt how to pray myself, can't remember anyone else showing me how, but I read your parents are meant to teach you. :D
  14. Selfish Parents?

    :D warahmatullah There's a new twist. I find out she already knows this guy from email/matrimonial site. He's already rejected her. There was another brother through her work that wanted to propose to her but she rejected him. Then through family he is informed of her again (doesn't know it's the same person he tried to propose to earlier), and he rejects it based on our dad's business. Small world. :D
  15. Is Life A Prison?

    :D warahmatullah Is life a prison? You can't rely on other people and you can't do anything yourself. You are judged by the actions of others. :D
  16. Hijab And Hair Loss?

    :D warahmatullah Answered by Umm Zaid I have been wearing the hijab for over two years now Alhamdullilah and I am noticing that I am losing alot of hair. I feel I am doing something wrong. Is there a specific type of cloth that a hijab should be made out of to reduce this problem? I asked Umm Zaid, of ModernMuslima.com, to answer this issue. The following is her answer. You'll find much of benefit on her excellent site. Faraz Rabbani. Loss of Hair Because of Hijab Answered by Umm Zaid (ModernMuslima(contact admin if its a beneficial link)) Answer: It is true that wearing the hijab, especially if you wear it for many hours at a time, can cause your hair to both darken and thin. Rely on Allah subhannahu wa ta'ala. Take comfort in the knowledge that women, including our Muslim mothers, have been wearing veils for thousands of years. If hair loss was a major result of hijab, balding women would be a common sight in the Ummah. Whether you lose hair or not, insha'Allah, Allah ta'ala will reward you for following His Divine Command. Alhamdulillah, there are a few things you can do to fight this. First, you should rule out any health issues that may be causing you to lose hair. A birth, surgery, severe infection or high fever, anemia, thyroid conditions, high doses of vitamin A, fungus, and reactions to common medications (including birth control) can cause you to temporarily lose hair, even after several months have passed. If you think this may be the cause, you should talk to your physician. Also, it is common for women's hair to thin as they age, especially just before and after menopause. You should also make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet, as protein deficiency can cause hair loss. Second, you should not wear your hair in tight braids. If you do wear cornrows or other types of braids, keep your scalp moist, and give your hair a break every few weeks by taking them out. If you wear a ponytail, use the new no-metal parts fabric covered bands (rubber bands and metal in bands will pull your hair out). Keep your ponytail loose, and wear it at the nape of the neck. Wear your hair loose as often as possible at home. You should be wearing a loose fitting cotton or lace cap under your scarf. This will keep the scarf -- of any fabric -- from slipping and rubbing against your scalp. It also keeps your hair from coming loose under the hijab. Don't wear tight fitting lace headbands or peach skin fabric underscarves -- these only exacerbate the problem. If you dye or chemically process your hair, or regularly use a curling or straigtening iron or hot curlers, you should stop for the time being. If you don't want to air dry your hair (which would be best), then use a diffuser on your dryer. If you regularly use styling products, you should use a gentle clarifying shampoo every two weeks, which will help remove residue from your hair and scalp. There are also volumizing and maximizing shampoos and conditioners on the market that will help thicken your hair. When shampooing your hair, massage the soap from your scalp to the ends with your fingers instead of lathering it up on top of your head. That causes tangles which can cause your hair to break and fall out. Don't brush your hair while it's wet; use a detangler and a wide toothed comb. To towel dry, squeeze your hair with the towel gently from roots to ends instead of rubbing it against your scalp. Don't put your hair in a braid or ponytail while it's still wet. If you have very wavy or curly hair, use a pic or wide toothed comb instead of a brush. If you can, spend a little more money to buy a high quality cushion brush with smooth tipped bristles. - Umm Zaid. :D
  17. Hmm Marriage Proposals....confused

    :D warahmatullah What's wrong with broken homes and messed up families? We can't divorce our families. :D
  18. :D The saga continues. Late evening yesterday he is outside the building calling my sister's name (she dumped him, he wants her back). He then also makes phone calls to the house. Mum picks up the phone and answers. He starts telling her that he slept with my sister and stuff, my sister had an abortion as well and so on. My replies "Yeah, and...?" lol What shocked me was that he came to the door, usually never approached the house. Mum just spoke to him through the letter box and threatened to call the police. The guys made his usual threats to hurt us/kill us and so on. Really an idiot. Now all this crap was brought on by my sister. If it's just between her and him it's fine, I don't really care - she's a bad person anyway, so I like I care if she does haram things. Now it's effecting other people. I did wish that she and her "guy" would just run away together or something, but it seems she's seen some sense (for the wrong reasons I think). Anyway, any of you sister's invovled with guys, remember if you dump the guy he may turn nasty and take it out on your family. So not only have you hurt yourself, in this life and the next, you'll be bringing harm on your family. So basically, don't get involved in crap like this. :D
  19. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D lol If someone knows the family, then they ALREADY know what's going on. If someone can work out from my posts who we are, then they ALREADY know who we are and what's going on. To recognise something, you must have seen heard it before. Do you understand? They're not being informed of new information. :D
  20. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D Also bizarre is a relative of mine who has a girlfriend. She is "practising", wears hijab and prays. He is not practising. She wanted him to start praying. He doesn't. So she called her boyfriend a "kafir". Madness. :D
  21. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D You think my parents, after all the weak parenting thiing would force her? No. She wears what she wants, the "hijab" if you can call it that was her choice. She prays, it's her choice. No one forces her, no one lectures her, or shouts at her or hits her. She's had/has a "free life." She can dissapear for days and parent's won't say/do anything. There's nothing to "rebel" against. She does know about Islam, because she can lecture people herself on "Islam". She knows the correct attire to wear because she wears it when praying. I think she follows her own flavour of Islam, because "only Allah can judge her" or something like that. Scenario: Sister: (asks question) Older sibling: (replies) Sister: Ok. Shut up. ????? Why say shut up? You asked the question, that's why they were talking to you to give you an answer. Was the reply to long or is there a 20 second time limit for us "losers" (who don't know about life because we never had a girlfriend/boyfriend) with which to speak to you. etc. Any reasoned, sensible discussion is difficult because of this. My older sister said that our parent's never actually told her NOT to have a boyfriend. In fact it was a non-practising relative that told her not to do that. I don't know how to explain, but it's like my dad who smokes and then complains of health problems. I try tell him about smoking, to stop, all the helphe needs to quit but no. he just blanks out when the topic comes. I even tried the "don't you want to live long enough to see your grand kids?". After all that, he stills complains about health poblems. So now I don't say anything, what I do say is "have some more cigarettes" everytime he complains about his health. I do still pray and make dua for his health though, I mean that's all you can do. Is there anything else that can be said to my crazy sister who follows her own flavour of Islam? :D
  22. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D Problem is the TV programs and magazines, novels told her not to respect the three you mentioned That's the whole reason we are in this mess, including parental input (or lack thereof). :D
  23. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D warahmatullah light bulb moment :D :P
  24. Sister's ex-boyfriend

    :D warahmatullah lol No one shouts at her. In fact yes there was freedom when young, but NO strictness afterwards, so there should be no backlash. Basically, we're just thrown at the world and hope for the best. Correct, doesn't happen from no where - what about the environment she grew up in? Yes we had aunts who behaved similarly aswell. She was raised by TV, magazines, and novels - especially novels of forbidden love between Asian women and guys their parent's don't approve of etc. If anyone shouts and is tyrannical, arrogant and has been oppressive it is her. Yes she disgusts me, not because she's a woman who has done this, but because on one side she's all "practising" and another side she's everything else. Even if a guy was doing the same "practising" or not, I would still be disgusted with them. If I had any pride, i would be in a worse shape, from having to show myself outside when everyone knows what your sister has been up to. Cause I don't feel anything or Gheerah, I don't care what people think. I feel I'm not here to pick up the pieces everytime one of my sisters dumps their boyfreinds. Niether am I here to give dawah to non-Muslim men my sister's bring home, for me to "convert" so they can marry them. They're adults now, they are responsible for themselves. They can't have it both ways. If they want to be Ms Western working woman with all the trimmings, then fine. Suffer as western women do. "Beating" won't work anyway and the law is on your side, so it's left to your own conscience what you do. She's not a victim. Some of my siblings would very much agree with me. Some would consider themselves victims of her. You know when I asked my parents that I wanted to marry... Of course initial reactions was a grilling, wait for your sisters, etc. You TRY and be a good Muslim, avoid freemixing and illicit relationships, and when you want to get married to do it right and halal, your parents slap you in the face. I tried explaining early marriage and the benefits and the problems when not married young (e.g. - my sisters lol), but at the time they didn't understand. But as usual they're apathetic, is it a yes or a no, do you mind or not if I get married now. Not too bothered about it now. :D
  25. :D Marriage sites are not that good. I tried. Major headache. It is like dating, except you don't physically meet. :D