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  1. :sl:


    if she hugs you then you should politely inform her that it is against your beliefs to touch a woman.


    you dont have to shave your head, but pubic & armpits you have to.

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    Erm, this is not true. Otherwise it would mean that between Moses and Jesus there were no other Prophets(pbut) which is definately false. The Qur'an specifically mentions that the children of israel used to belie and kill Prophets that were sent to them. Check out verses 2:61, 2:91.




    sorry i did it the wrong way around it should be:


    "According to the Muslim scholar al-Baydawi, a messenger establishes a new religious law (sharia) whereas a prophet continues an old one" - (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Prophets_of_Islam"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_en.wikipedia(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/wiki/Prophets_of_Islam[/url]


    (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetbci(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Islam-bahai/Nabi.htm"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetbci(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/Islam-bahai/Nabi.htm[/url]

    (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_askamuslimnow.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2008/02/prophet-vs-messenger.html"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_askamuslimnow.blogspot(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2008/02/...-messenger.html[/url]

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    There are many incidences reported by my Grand parents. Before I tell them, I would just state that they have a very tall house and sometimes they would sleep on the terrace at the top.


    1. When one of my aunties/uncles used to be children, my grandma would sleep in the same bed and at night she would feel someone dragging her child down the bed, and my grandma would get so scared that she would pull the child back but without opening her eyes.


    2. One of my relatives died because she was possessed by a jinn, When she died, they called an imam who called jinn and said why did u kill her and the jinn said that he is hindu and when she ate the meat, he didnt like it.


    3. There was also another family, their daughter was possessed by a jinn, the daughter used to talk funny and when she died, the jinn moved to her sister.. one of the family member came to UK but the jinn followed them here too.


    4. A house in UK is possessed and they can hear voices coming from a room.

  4. Peace


    I certainly havent heard of the 2000 year difference between each prophet! But can you imagine that just 300 years after Jesus, people corrupted His teaching so why would God wait another 1700 years before sending another prophet?


    The difference between a Prophet & a Messenger is that when a prophet comes, He lays down laws i.e Bible, Torah & Quran, wheras when a messenger comes, He just reiterates the law of the previous prophet. so all messengers that came between Moses & Jesus reiterated teachings of Moses.

  5. :sl:


    I was just wondering if there are any articles on the net, or hadeeths/Quranic ayats that deal with the importance of a teacher in Islam and how a student should behave with a teacher.


    I know some hadeeths like:


    Holy Prophet stated "Whoever taught me a letter, I will consider him my teacher" and

    Holy Prophet also stated that "Teachers are like your parents"


    Any more hadeeths?

  6. 1. Is most or any terrorism caused my the religion of Islam?


    Answer: No it is caused by people who twist or maybe use certain verses in the wrong meaning.


    2., If so how can it be called a religion of peace? That would be an overstatement.


    Answer: What religion was Hitler? Didnt he kill so many million Jews, so does that make "whatever his religion is" wrong? What religion is Bush? He has killed so many civilians (and not one country has done something about it) so does that make his religion wrong? (ie wrong in the sense as promoting terrorism)


    3. Most muslims do not support terrorism, so what are your views on the koran passages that agree with it?


    Answer: Quote some Quranic verses that support terrorism!


    4. How can one negotiate with these fanatics when they base it on the belief their religion is correct and the koran is the actual word of god (Allah) ?


    Answer: They base it on their INTERPRETATION! Put it this way: Because of the media portrayal many people in UK/US etc are saying that Islam is not a religion of peace, and they are right because they have been brainwashed into thinking that!


    5. Do you think it is correct that we should kill or even stop the cartoons displaying god (Allah)?? If so why, doesn't freedom of speech come in here??


    Answer: If you are such an advocate of freedom of speech then do the following things & report back as to what happens to you if anything:

    1. Go to a black person and called him a nigger (in a serious tone, not jokingly)

    2. Go to a white person and called him a honkey (serious tone!)

    3. Declare that the massacre of the ww2 (jews killing) didnt take place in front of a jew/police/germany! (it doesnt matter whether they took place or not but as a freedom of speech you should be allowed to state whatever you feel like!)


    6. Why do so many muslims get offended when Allah is depicted in a cartoon?


    Answer: It was Prophet Muhammed's picture but it was how the picture portrayed it! I am of the opinion that we are living in a non-muslim world so should obey their laws ie if it says we muslims cannot depict cartoons then we shouldnt but the people who did depict them were not muslims...


    7. Why does any religion get offended when your beliefs are challenged?


    Answer: I dont think i would get offended and if you are talking to a literate person, he/she should either defend the religion/topic/point or admit defeat! However when people curse/joke/defame anyone in our religion then its a duty of every muslim to get angry! for example if you said: I dont like your Prophet, then thats fine but if you swore at him then that is not fine! there is a distinction!

  7. Asalaamualaikum

    What you say is true, that every sect believes that they are correct, however they do not belive that every other sect is not following Islam. While a sect's interpretation of some Islamic beliefs are different, it does not mean that they view other sect's interpreation as being completly wrong and not obeying Allah or following The Prophet sullalahu alaihi wasalaam's sunnah.


    Howver for Christianity, Catholics actually condemn the practises of other denominations, they think that they are not following Christinaity. Hence, the reason why catholics call st benedict the pope and not other sects.(i am not sure if they condemn all sects or only a few).


    Do u see the slight difference bro?

    Monsignor Vittorio Formenti, compilier of the Annuario Pontificio, the Vatican yearbook was stated as saying "For the first time in history, we are no longer at the top: Muslims have overtaken us." He said that figures for 2006 showed that Catholics accounted for 17.4 per cent of the world population while Muslims accounted for 19.2 per cent.




    True but remember the hadeeth of Prophet that said that my Ummah will be split into 73/72 sects and only one of those will go to heaven, whilst I dont call shai's kafir or Wahabis or whoever Kafir (except Qadyanis) according to this hadeeth only one of us will go to heaven which means only one of us is on the right path besides I dont pray behind someone who has a different aqeedah to me.

  8. Salaam


    Islam is not only the fastest growing religion in the world but it is also the biggest religion in the world, passing Catholicism.

    Christianity is not viewed as a whole religion since catholics believe that the other denominations are wrong.




    if that is the case then one can argue that Islam is not the fastest growing religion either since there are so many sects with each sect claiming they are the right ones

  9. :sl:


    Not sure which forum should this go under....


    Anyway i have been informed by various people about the silly things done by "officials" in saudi arabia in mekkah! i will list some that i can remember


    1. When people are sleeping, they are woken up by [other] people who use Quran against sleeping persons feet


    2. Any type of religious education is prohibited in Mekkah


    3. You cant face Holy Prophets grave whilst making a dua




    And this one really makes me angry:


    During the last football world cup which saudi arabia also took part in, they allowed (& we didnt even protest like we did with cartoons etc) their flag to be on footballs!!! the flag has "kalma tayeba" on it btw! this is disrespect to Islam!

  10. OK try to do these and get reward!


    1. You should read Ayat ul kursi after every prayer (put your hand on your forehead/head) this will save you from the heat of Qiyamat


    2. You should read "Allahumma Ajarni minan nar" seven times after Fajr & Maghrib prayers - this will save you from hellfire


    3. You should read point no 2 as many times as you possibly can - Because when you pray to Allah to save you from Hell fire, the Hell fire prays to Allah to save you from hell fire, besides reciting that so many times may make Allah bestow his mercy on you


    4. You should recite Durood upon Prophet Muhammed. Done once everytime will give you 10 rewards, increase your status 10 times, wash 10 sins from you.


    5. If you want to see Prophet Muhammed (:sal:) in your dreams then do point no 4 loads of times.


    6. If you want Allah to wash away your minor sins then pray five times a day for each pray will wash away your previous sins. eg: if you pray fajr and then do a minor sin & read zuhr, that sin will be washed away


    7. Similarly to point 6, Each Ramadan washes away you sin from the last ramadan to this ramadan & same with Hajj.


    8. I have heard this one so not too sure: recite 200 * Surah Ikhlas will wash away 50 years worth of your past sins.


    9. You should make a habit of trying to read Kalma Tayyab everytime you wake up from sleep, this MAY help you when you wake up in your grave to recite it automatically.


    10. You should do these five things every night before going to sleep:

    1. Read Surah Ikhlas 3 times

    2. Recite Durood on Prophet Muhammed 10 times

    3. Recite "Subhan Allahi Wal hamdu lillahi wala ilaha illallaho wallahuakbar allahoakbar walillahilhamd" 10 times

    4. recite "Allahuma innaka afuwan tuhibul fa' fu anna ya ghafoor ya ghafoor ya ghafoor" 10 times

    5. There was a fifth thing that i have forgotten.


    11. Do Tasbeeh Fatima after each prayer 33 Subhan Allah, 33 Alhamdu lillah & 34 times Allahu Akbar.


    12. It is stated that you should do point 11 at night time before going to sleep


    13. It is also stated that you should read Ayatul kursi & do anything good you can so in case of your death, the last thing you would have done is good. (if you follow the logic)


    14. You should recite Surah Al-Qadr 3x after making Wudhoo.


    15. You should make wudhoo for every prayer if possible.


    16. doing wudhoo washes your sins


    17. Try to recite different surahs in your prayers rather than sticking to Surah Ikhlas all the time.


    18. Try to do Nafal prayers after your fard prayers for extra reward




    [points 6,7,8: only the sins like if you have hurt a muslim brother or have a debt etc will not be washed away because this is other peoples right over you, you need to repent to them i.e ask for forgiveness or repay debt etc etc]


    [point 10: this is a hadeeth by Prophet Muhammed who asked Ali to do 5 things before going to sleep and those were:

    1. Read Whole Quran

    2. Make two muslim brother be happy with each other ie if they are not talking

    3. spend 100 (or 1000) camels in the way of Allah

    4 & 5 were something like that.

    And Ali said: I cant do these things in the whole night and Prophet then replied with what i have said in my point 10]

  11. :sl: / Peace


    Some facts on the Quran...(if the below facts are wrong the error lies in the author and from me in copying this, if it is right, it is from Allah subhaanawataallah)

    [*]The Holy Quran has 30 parts


    [*]The Holy Quran has 114 surahs


    [*][bold]Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem is repeated 114 times in the Quran.


    :sl: / Peace



    sorry but only 113 surah have Bismillah on them! surah 9 (tauba) doesnt

  12. This is what I wanted to point out... I agree with you that even if you travel long distances we do not face the same hardships that people did during the time of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), so if we cross a timezone within hours that does not and should not be the excuse for breaking fast. To some travel from Peshawar to Nowshehra is a journey. Define a journey any which way you want, trust me waking up from a deep night sleep sometimes takes me through a "journey" crossing many continents and I am more tired waking up than going to sleep :sl:


    So I guess its up to personal interpretation and personal limits of when to and when not to fast when on a "journey"




    No but when you cross time zone, it will muck up your fasting like some brother above has quoted you and replied!


    What i would say to you is to not travel during ramadan (obv unless necessary and i dont mean holiday :sl:). Because the time between AUstralia and US is so much that you could have fasted for too long without knowing and missed two fastings etc.

  13. Yes, I'm pretty sure we don't want to kill women for buying cucumbers or penis-shaped vegetables.


    Why do muslims have such an immature relationship with sexuality?


    Why are muslims so afraid of sex?


    No? You have completely side tracked my post!


    Millions of Arabs visit prostitutes in Thailand and millions of Arabs sexually exploit domestic workers, but they're scared as hell when it comes to their own women.


    So we know where the real hypocrits can be found.

    Just because Western countries have legalised prostitution doesnt make it right! No wonder the sex-related diseases are on the high! and what you are syaing is true then it has nothing to do with religion just the peope.


    At least we had a public debate about the problem.


    Did you really have a debate about whether US can go into afghanistan? i dont think so, did you really have a debate about whether US can go into Iraq? I dont think so! IF i remember correctly, US went into war disregarding UN's suggestions! so what is this public debate you talk about!


    You muslims never have a public debate about anything.


    You have your mollahs and they say "let's kill all women who buy cucumbers".


    And nobody of you has the courage to stand up and say: "F*kk off, mollah, you are insane."

    Why are muslims so obedient like children? Why are they afraid to speak out?

    Have you even seen the protests against Bush's war?


    So where are your protests against Al Qaeda and the crazy Taleban?


    We protest, and we elect different leaders. You don't have the courage to protest, and you don't have the courage to create a democracy.


    By the way just tell me the crime rate of your city? then narrow it down to the crime rate relating to homophobia? and racism? when you get these facts come back and then re-think before you say your "demcoratic" country is any better than anyother country!


    Did you have a debate about the unfair laws of your country? There are 1000s such ridiculous laws I can state, that wary between different states of US and which you can only laugh at but i dare you to go and try to change one of those stupid laws?


    Oh and if i am not mistaken one of those "democratic" countries (denmark/holland always forget the country's name) has legalised bestiality! yeah! being democratic doesnt mean anything!


    oh and one last thing, just because you live in a democratic country doesnt mean you are any way superior! like i say: people kill when they get drunk, get into fights for no reason, hate people because they are black, asians etc or gays!! They litter the streets, when their animal (dog etc) poos on the street, they dont bother cleaning it up!!! is that how so called superior people are supposed to live? and then they have nerve to call us backwards!!! sort out your own mess before you raise a finger at other people!


    oh and didnt Bush go into war in iraq on a pretext of nuclear weapons? was he held accountable for the lie? didnt the US/UK soldiers capture and ill-treated the risoners? were they held accountable? how about the civilians killed!!! so is that the price they have to pay for being "liberated"!??

  14. :sl:

    thanks for the response! nah i watched heroes in march/april but not seen it since but i know why you would say/ask that lol! i know it was so real like i was living it! i mean i have other dreams and i realise even in the dream that its a dream but this one was so real that i was like what the hell did i just dream! lol


    oh and along the same lines i have had this dream 2/3 times within the past 2 years! not before! what happens is that i see the sun come out and its very hot and i instantly somehow know that it is the Qiyamat and i start to get worried and ask Allah for time so i can do the good deeds as i worry i havent got enough good deeds!

  15. :sl:


    yesterday i had this really weird dream. It was so real and sort of speaking to me. If anyone can try to interpret it then please do so!


    basically I found this device in my old house (my parents moved houses, although the old house is still owned by my parents) that could transport me into the future! i went 10-15 years in to the future and found things were more advanced like the TV and stuff were more advanced and i was quite excited to be in the future! I went to see my family (mum etc in the future) and they were all ok. I have two nephews (one of my brother and one of my sister). But i only saw one of them (my sister's son) who was grown up but funny thing is that his face was like my brothers and he was wearing a nose ring and an ear ring!

    I proceeded to take them off saying its not allowed in Islam and i was thinking maybe he will complain, but he didnt! Next I was asking my mum some questions like where i work etc and she actually realised i was from the past! she was about to say it when i told her to be quiet, i had it in my mind that if i told anyone else about the ability to travel, Allah will take away the power! Then I came back and travelled back once and then again, but this last time i couldnt travel (i tried travelling 100+ years from now on) and that got me thinking that i cant travel because Qiyamat may have come so I am not allowed to travel that far ahead!


    so can anyone tell me the interpretation of this dream?