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  1. Reading Quran Online

    CAn we read Quran Online without wudu.
  2. Reading Quran Online

    CAn we read Quran Online without wudu.
  3. Significance of Having 4 Wives?

    no body said you should desire more than one woman. it is far better to have more than one wife and no mistresses than to have one wife only(bcoz the state does not allow polygamy) and have mistresses on the side.
  4. why west coming to Islam?.

    can you post it please.
  5. Firefox Takes Over

    i use firefox it is good. but some for some sites like Islamicity there is a problem.
  6. Islam in America

    oh so many people from america interesting smile.gif i'd like to go there once...just for holiday you know...travel...inshallah. it is too cold out here !!!

    Nice post!!!
  8. I flipped through a few pages

    Yes, the first part reads like a prayer to God, but I thought, according to your beliefs, that the Quran was the word of God. Why would God pray to himself? Allah is so merciful that he showed us in this opening surah how to pray to Allah himself. IF Allah did not show us how to pray who would show us then? How would we know anything if it was not for the fact that he sent messengers starting from ADAM (A.S.) to MUHAMMED ( P.B.U.h) so that evry nation , could benefit from them and could strive towards achieving the ultimate success that is Jannah.