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  1. When Did You Become More "religous"?

    Asalamualaykum, Alhumdulillah at all the posts :D I'm not sure why I became more religious, mixed reasons I suppose - my oldest daughter was turning 10... and I'd been talking to a muslim for a long time and I started seeing how their life (muslim's life) seemed to have an answer for everything... I had this guilty and longing desire to actually practice Islam and let those around me know how good Islam is. i'm sure those with kids know what i mean. kids always ask why when where how and what happens... so it was cuz of kids mostly and cuz of uncertainity and difficulties in my life at that time, when i was introduced to reading materials (i love to read) about Islam i was super glued to it. i think if i had not converted when i had i wouldn't be "Together" today. I honestly don't know how I survived one day in my old lifestyle :D Alhumdulillah.
  2. Indiana Masjid?

    Asalamualaykum Sisters and Brothers, Inshallah you are well and in a good state of iman. I was wondering if anyone knows of someone (preferrably sister but a brother will do fine) to communicate with that attends the services at the North West Indiana Islamic Center 9803 Colorado St Merrillville, IN 46307 Phone: (219) 756-7622 I've attemtped calling them several times since I moved to Indiana but it doesn't seem to be of any help and when I attend the services there are barely women around which is understandable... would it be considered unislamic to approach the Imam? I really just want to know if they are holding Taraweeh prayers there and what time... I've left messages but no replies back. Jazakallah. Take care inshallah.
  3. Non-muslim Parents

    Asalamualaykum, Hahah I did that to my mom and sister Brother! I took a buncha pictures and I showed em a picture of the "Virgin Mary" and of Mother Tereasa and of Christian brides and jewish women and nuns and just cultural head gear and then I threw in the baseball cap on a female :D They were actually laughing at the end bout their reactions... my family is a buncha comedians though so I wouldn't assume the same response from someone else's family. It's been 13 months since they first saw me in a scarf at least and they're used of it now.
  4. Help Me Please Urgent

    Asalamualaykum, Surah An-Nur (Light) (24) Reading this might help you some. I have a question for you also sister which the answer is for you not me so don't even post one, you commit adultery with this man by being together and supposely "in love" but honestly what makes you think that he won't do it with someone else later in life? He might just "fall in love" with someone else... we could say the same about you also. Your love is just a desire - it is from Shaytan not Allah. Allah's love for one another comes after nikkah... As far as your parents... I don't see how you can think about going against them. You've strayed sister...
  5. Testing Add

    Asalamualaykum, *Giggles* I was actually trying to read Zeinab's "lagd uyo ionjed ni" like it's written - gosh i think that was the silliest thing i did this week - oh wait it's just monday :D
  6. War On Islam

    Asalamualaykum, Honestly I can't believe Dot gave permission for this topic :D I love when you go to read an article that says "TERRIORIST" and they always have to mention Muslim Terriorist... Seriously what does killing people have to do with Islam and what does terriorist have to do with religion OBVIOUSLY if you can point out that a person was muslim then doesn't that take away the terriorist part of classifying someone since you know who they are now? Wonder what they would do if people started calling Christians molesters since that seems like what a lot of the priests are doing lately. (<-That's just a brain fart so don't take offense plzzz)
  7. R U Drinking (min) 8 Glasses

    Asalamualaykum, I dont drink unless I'm thirsty. Just the same wiht eating I dont eat unless Im hungry. But anyways I'm like wondering with the water pollution just about everywhere (okay maybe just in the states) what type of water are we suppose to be getting 8 glasses a day with? I'm just thinking about the pollution. Where I work we're not allowed to drink that water cuz one of the neighboring towns that contains the plant for that town contamiated the water source some how and at home we have well water... so drinking water just got alot more expensive for my family :D it's cheaper to buy pop than milk but water is cheaper than both alhumdulillah :D anyways thanks for the heads up on the water thing brothers and sisters, alot of info i didn't know, so informative - chocolates all around! :D
  8. War On Islam

    Asalamualaykum Brothers and Sisters, Inshallah you are well and in a good state of iman that pleases Allah. :D I couldn't have said it better Brother, jazakallah. :D The rest of your post is very true and very sad may Allah give us strength and patience.
  9. Socks

    Asalamualaykum, Could someone explain to me the hadith that Brother abu_suhaylah was using about lengthing the clothing a hand span lower. I'm not familiar with hadiths so I'm curious. If someone could please just explain to me as if I was a 5-year-old. I heard it before but I never understood the validity of it. Please send me a PM though cuz I'll prolly never find this post again :D Jazakallah. Take care inshallah. Asalamualaykum.
  10. Is It Easier..

    Asalamualaykum, This question reminds me of when someone had asked does Allah love us and someone replied with every time we think of Allah it is his way of letting us know he loves us back. I think your question is depending on personal experiences like one who has so much anger in themselves would find it hard to do good things for others in order to please Allah but one who has complete devoution to Allah would find it harder to do bad things and displease Allah. Good answers from the others Jazakallah sisters :D Asalamualaykum.
  11. Sister Giving A Photo

    Asalamualaykum, One of my friends got married and she went home and took off her make up - he was shocked. may Allah guide you.
  12. Urgent News!

    Asalamualaykum, Subhannallah I saw the moon - it looked like it was just pulsing with so much warmth from the orange glow. In my back yard it was really nice with the country forest what seemed like inches below it. :D
  13. Sleeping And Missing Salaat Al-fajr

    Asalamualaykum, I loved reading this inshallah it will help me remember the importance of praying on time. 786 - I don't personally have a problem with Fajr at all but when it comes to staying up for Isha I have a huge problem! It is 11pm here. I have no excuse - over the winter months i have come accustomed to staying up and reading Qur'an and learning to recite it after Fajr and now doing that with Fajr at 3:30pm and Isha at 11pm is hard but I still love staying up for Fajr cuz it's the only quiet time and it's cool - no AC here but anyways inshallah I will change cuz Fard is better than doing what is extra - that part is true. Jazakallah Peace :D May Allah bless all of us by giving us wisdom to properly use this advice.
  14. Indian Girl, 14, Wins A Divorce

    Asalamualaykum, How sad that was of the parents, inshallah things will change. People are people not objects.
  15. Step Dad And His Sons

    Asalamualaykum, Jazakallah Brother :D