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    searching ways that lead me to Alfirdous
  1. Salam Alaikom

    thanks all for the great welcome and also for the best drink ever :D :D
  2. Salam Alaikom

    salam alaikom all .. im baaaaack again after being away for about 6 months >> miss u all and i need to have a welcome drink again :D
  3. My Story...

    salam alaikom .. masha'Allah nice story .. may Allah subhana wata'ala increase ur eman and give u strength to wake in the straight deen ... and welcome to the true bath of Islam :D salam alaikom
  4. Important To See

    salam alaikom .. i transport this vidio clip becouse it's really made me tears and i liked u to join me in feelings and to see how strong r the palestines ppl and im really proud of them .. "you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.inshad(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/video/Ummi_Fls6een.ram"]MOTHER PALESTINE[/url] the vidio clip will be slowly when u 1st see it but it will be ok in the 2nd time ... and i'd like to say a last word to all muslims " if we victored we r in glory & noble deed and if we r killed we r in a satisfied PARADISE " wasalam alaikom
  5. Who is your favourite Qaree?

    salam alaikom .. the best is alqaree al'afasy
  6. How is/was ur Eid?

    alsalam alaikom .. my eid was great alhamdulillah .. and the best thing was when i went with my father and sister to salat aleid at 7:00 am .. then we went to my grand father house most my family was there and we have fun we talked about different subjects .. ensha2ALlah tomorrow we'll continue visiting our relatives :D wasalam alaikom ..
  7. I need you advice

    salam alaikom .. i agree with surat mariyam wasalm alaikom
  8. eid mubarak to all

    and brother lailaha ilalla its not brother $$ALFRDOS$$ its sister $$ALFRDOS$$ (w00t)
  9. eid mubarak to all

    salam alaikooom brother turkiye it's eid not ramadan :D Aid MuBarak To All ALLAHU Akbar salam alaikom
  10. Family Tree

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æÑ�É Çááå æÈÑßÇÊå alhamdulillah im from AL-Albait and im so happy for that :D i have my name written from me to ali bin aby talib the father of alhasan and alhusain the grandchilds of muhammed Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÓáã æÇáÓáÇàÚáíßã
  11. Do you pray fajr on time?

    ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã my friends and i race to wakeup each other on mobiles .. and now we r starting to wake up to qiyam :D æÇáÓáÇàÚáíßã
  12. Help me please

    subhana Allah .. brother i am a sister .. no need to be sorry :D u gave the right info and hadith so u made it more clear thank u
  13. Help me please

    salam alaikom .. brother cling to patience maybe its a test from Allah .. and what u did to remove these noisy ideas is a good step , that means u care to increase ur iman and be nearer to Allah .. and we are here with u making do'a for u and giving u some simple advices i ask Allah to help u there r some athkar to expulsion the shitan and his weswas : " a'odho Bellahi Men Alshitan Alrajeem " saying the athan " Allaho Akbar Allaho Akbar , Ash-hadu Anna La Elaha Ella Allah Ash-hadu Anna La Elaha Ella Allah , Ash-hadu Anna Muhamad Rasulo Allah , Ash-hadu Anna Muhamad Rasulo Allah .... and to the end of the Athan " and always rememberance Allah and read the holy qur2an .. wasalm alaikom :D
  14. MSN

    salam alaikom .. im not .. well ! i sign in when ever i connect to the internet :D
  15. New Section for Learning Arabic!

    salam alaikom .. i'd like to teach arabic and ill be so happy for that although it's my 1st language .. but the problem is that im going to work in a bank ensha'Allah and it will be 2 shifts morning and evening in some days .. and i think that will couse delay " in replying " for my brothers and sisters .. that's all the complications that could face me ensha'Allah .. wajazak Allah khairan