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  1. Assalaam/w/b My family and i pray taraweeh together at home and my uncle and sometimes I lead. Firstly, i know its better to go to the masjid but please ignore that for now. My question is, my uncle sometimes recites surat Al-Rahman or a similar lengthy sura and stops for ruku at random intervals within ayats. I briefly questioned him and his response was that some of the last suras are only three ayats long and you can stop after at least three ayats of any sura for a ruku. From what i have been taught by one of my quran teachers, you must read the entire sura or for lengthy suras there are designated stopping ayats. Is this correct? please elaborate providing CREDIBLE sources and i hope you understand my question. may the peace mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon you all. Assalamualaikum
  2. Parents?

    assalamualaikum Ignore what he person above said. You dont even know ANYTHING about the person and you are making such wild and presumptuous claims. how do you know what her parents are like? all you are doing is creating conflict between child and parent. I ask you to DELETE your post Assalamualaikum
  3. Parents?

    Assalamualaikum Firstly may i congratulate you on your strong iman alhumdulillah. Keep it strong. Lets say hypothetically that you can not go to the Islamic school. Consider your parents as definently not changing their decision. I am no scholar yet have gone to a public school and have experienced a bit of what you may be going through. So this is my advice. In terms of studying, read all your mathematical, scientific and social science textbooks. always aim to achieve top marks regardless of the demoralising or discouraging activities occuring around you. this will 1. increase your knowledge to become a more intelligent person.2. display muslims as confident and sophisticated individuals.3. contribute to you having a more stable future inshallah and 4. please your parents. In terms of the poeple around you. If EVERYONE participates in haraam activities at school, do not socialise with such people. Yes provide dawah if possible but avoid them in general. there must be at least one person who, even if a christian, can provide companionship. In terms of Islamic duties. that is completely up to you. Being forced to go to a public school is no excuse to not increase your knowledge in Islam or carry out salaat etc Find a quraan translated in a language you understand if you do not know arabic and read it whenever you have spare time. download quranic recitation from the net and listen to it to better recite and memorise. HOWEVER, be wary of websites on the net discussing Islam, many can be false texts aiming to deform and confuse young minds. you are not allowed to post links yetaswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) is one good site which contains valuable and helpful free to download lectures. read Islamic books you can probably find from the masjid or VISIT the Islamic school next to your house to buy Islamic books. ALWAYS perform salaat on time for that is the basic pinnacle of Islam with incredible importance. Lastly, discuss with your parents YOUR PROBLEMS. tell them why you truly want to move and they should listen. Do not fight or get angry for that wont help them to realise your point of view. explain to them the troubles faced in the public school environment and they should inshallah consent to you decision. Be open and honest and ask for their reason and understanding. All the best May the peace mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all Assalamualaikum
  4. Best Books On Islam?

    Assalamualaikum (May the peace, mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all) Fisrtly, the two sources you sould be reading from are 1. the quran and 2. hadith. I say this because muslims believe the quran is 100% correct and the hadith is the most accurate explanation of the Islamic way of life. Please note that books written by individuals CAN contain mistakes and you should be wary for it would be a shame for you to lose interest in Islam due to false representations of the religion by an individual. My personal favourite orators on Islam are Shiekh Ahmad Deedat, Harun Yahya and the knowledgable Dr Zakir Naik. If you enjoy listening to lectures please visit www.aswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and you can download lectures for free. Again my personal favourite are the ones by Dr Zakir Naik. I hope i helped Assalamualaikum
  5. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Assalamualaikum I just want to clear myself from any remarks claiming me as 'racists'. Please note i said "Pakistan" and not Pakistani. I am not by any way generalising on the people. i have visited pakistan and it is filled with beautiful people. However, i dont think anyone can contradict me in saying the GOVERNMENT is corrupt. I believe i am allowed to comment on the efficiencies of practice of a government. w/s
  6. Help With Islamophobic Teacher.

    Assalamualaikum brother Dreams I was also in the same sitaution a few years ago but it was the students who had the wrong impression of Islam. Firstly, say this dua before you start to say anything regarding Islam to others, you might already know it: "Rabbishrahli sadri wa yasirli amrii wahlul aqdatamilasani yaf qahu qawli" (look up duas on the net relating to work and studying and you'll find the arabic script) I advise you to not talk to your teacher about this. She seems ignorent and rude and may offend you. You are young and and her telling you off might pose as a barrier to you becoming a confident person. Simply put, tell your parents. They will inshallah talk to the school principal who will most likely sack the incompetent teacher or at least change your class. Be open with your parents concerning your problems. May the peace mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all Assalamualaikum
  7. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Assalamualaikum no problem whatsoever bro. true, Pakistan is the root of the problem in Afghanistan. they are probably the worst hypocrites on this planet. May the peace mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all Assalamualaikum
  8. Islam in Afghanistan: The Islamic state

    Assalamualaikum hahahahaha and when have you seen me??? do i look indian? My parents are from laghman so im prety sure im a full blood afghan. again unnecessary judgments being undertaken. w/s
  9. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalmaualikum hahahaha. if you add a teaspoon of salt to a 100 kL tank of water, will it become salty? Its pH, salt conent will be affected to the effect of basically 0. Firstl, thats the point. Muhammad PBUH was a simple illiterate man. However he was able to convey such a strong a flawless message to the entire of MANKIND. PLEASE READ MORE OF HIM. As i said before, such learned 'intelligent' scientists have been proven wrong all the time up till now. theories are always proposed and many shown to be false. there is nothing wrong with modern science, yet does it explain why or how people wake up from there sleep? the answer is NO. I Hope i answered your question May the peace mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah swt be upon you all w/s
  10. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalamalakum OK bro i understand what you are saying. But i dont think you understand what i am telling you. not wearing a hijab is not a justification for the dirty act of rape. however, one benefit from wearing the hijab is that it is a means to which the message of a woman diplaying the fact that she is not to be meddled with or considered an object is conveyed. It reinforces the message constantly to society. As well as this, the hijab maintains a womans modesty and on the foremost, we muslims believe that the most crucial reason for a female to wear a hijab is to please Allah swt. Simple and logical. I hope you understand what I am saying. There is basically NO justification for a person to commit the crime. The motives get psychological and mental and deal with the individual. Is that clear? Secondly, the quran doesnt go in depth behind explaing the physics as to why the waters at the point of intersection dont mix, rather it illuminates as to the presence of such a phenomenon, where two bodies of water meet and there they do not mix. Why include this? Rivers are vitalecosystems today and were crucial 1400 years ago for the provision of fresh water. Just answer this, why arent rivers salty 1 or 2 kms in? Thirdly, the prophet Muhammad PBUH married 9 prior to revealing the ayat preveting men from marryiong more than 4. He also married widows and disadvantaged women to lead by example. The minor you are talking about was i think 13 (bibi aisha)from the top of my head and only TODAY is that considered abnormal. At the context of the time of the Prophet PBUH it was a different matter. Again I urge you to do your reseasrch before spreading LIES about Islam please. So far you STILL haven't answered my questions I Hope i answered your question May the peace mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah swt be upon you all w/s
  11. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalmualaikum What angles?Your personal individual view on how people should dress or interpret texts? Scholarly findings and referenced sources are what any muslim including myself consider. You ask for reasoning and proofs but when I or any other person produces it. You ignore it,. What PROOFS or REASONINGS have you produced? So far, there haven't been any references or quotations, ONLY OPINIONS. Give the reasonings now. Im not sure you understand how to educate us naive muslims you 'met' online So far you haven't answered any of my questions. Hope i answered your question May the peace mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah swt be upon you all w/s
  12. Islamic Lectures On Mp3

    Assalamualaikum www.aswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) is the way to go bro. HEAPS of lectures. Zakir Naik is my favourite, especially his dialogue with Dr William Campbell. w/s
  13. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalamualaikum Firstly let me just say that you are on an Islamic forum. Keep that in mind please. Do you know what manners is? secondly, all of your 'arguments' are again baseless and typical stereotyped opinions that under your classification would be considered jokes and fallacies. I dont want to get into a debate concerning hijab with you because it seems pointless. Neither does it seem like you will seek the truth and neither are you saying any truth. Brother, I asked you in the beginning to keep an open mind. This is my belief and the belief of millions so you should understand that by trying to childishly emasculate the concept of hijab with your stubborn whims and fancies is USELESS. Mate, do more research, keep your mind open and think about what you say. :D Why are you tying to give a reason for rape? There is no justification for a person to rape a person. That is completely unacceptable. The belief is that wearing a hijab helps eliminate the opportunity for such a dirty act to occur. And like I said, why didn't Muhammad PBUH include the works of Aristotle or state that the Earth is flat???? Whys is a HINT, not a 50 page essay, but a hint of the BIG BANG theory evident in the holy quran???? please answer my questions i need your validification :D :D Hope i answered your question :D B) May the peace mercy and blessings of Almighty Allah swt be upon you all w/s
  14. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalamualaikum As for not replying earlier, i have been away for the past week so please refer to my above post for my response. w/s
  15. Athiests Must Watch This Video

    Assalamualaikum -(This means "May the peace mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all") Please consider what I say with an open mind. Do not have negative connotations to what I will say just because I endorse what Dr Zakir Naik says and you dont. Lets start on even grounds. Firstly, i expected the people to reply to have watched the whole speech. No real point on commenting on a video if you haven't watched it right? secondly, many of the Athiests that have replied have commented on Dr Zakir Naik himself and have undermined the man's credibility without justification. As you may have seen in the video, practically EVERYTHING that Dr Zakir said had a reference or a source. Apart from the analogies he used, everything else was either quoted from the quran, bible or other text. Hence, when many people who have replied call Dr Zakir stupid or and idiot without justifying why call for a baeseless post with no intention but to create doubt in the minds of people of his validity. Not really. I have personally watched many of his lectures and have researched his biography. go to aswatalislam(contact admin if its a beneficial link) for more of his free lectures. watch a few and research about him and what he says. test his validity in quotation and interpretattion and you will find he is very accurate in what he says. Firstly, did you hear his stats regarding the rape rate. if the punishment, which you fail to consider, is implemented will THAT not decrease the level of crime? I urge you to watch a few more mins of it. Secondly wearing hijab is not only Islamic it should be undetaken by christians or jews. For Christians i refer to 1st Chorinthians chapter 11 verses 5 or 6. it says that for the woman that does not cover her head, you should shave off her head. Also think of it logically as you so like to do. Women have today become objects of advertisement. why include a woman in the ad for a car? why have scantily dressed women play on a bed when displaying the comforts of a bed on a game show?(im referring to the 'Price is Right' of Australia-most aussies will know what i mean). wearing Islamic hijab maintains a womans modesty and keeps the focus on her head, her intelligence and her skills. isnt discrimination in the workplace depending upon employers hiring females on the basis of how attractive they are an issue? Women are considered very special in Islam, much more valuable than diamonds or gold which are themselves caged from society in safes. OK. Again you fail to fully justify your statements. I refer to when many of the repliers have said the water cycle is an easy consept where water goes up then down. the water cycle is in fact a complex system of natworks integrating to allow for the supply of water for mankind. the water cycle is a vital asset to mankinds existence. the water cycle, i dont want to explain it here but research yourself by all means, was not understood at all 1400 years ago. Someone commented on how what was revealed to be scientific was either mundane or obvious or reveleaed by other scientists. Firstly, the fact that all organisms are comprised of water was not known 1400 years ago. the famous scientist Aristolte even rejected the existence of particles and claimed matter consisted of different proportions of 4 elements- earth water air and fire. this view was considered correct for over 2000 years!!! lastly, some of the other miraculous mentions of planets in orbit and the spherical nature of the Earth WAS NOT A FACT 1400 years ago. Why didnt the prophet Muhammad PBUH say the Earth was flat,?why did he not say that the moon has its own light? why did he say that the heavens were once one and they have been blown to asunder? Why did he prohibit the eating of pork? Did you know that if pork is not cooked properly, ther are worms in the animal which afetr consuption will enter the human body. if there was a worms egg in the meat and you eat it, it can enter the blood stream which may enter the brain. the worm can live in your brain and inevitably cause death. OK? Is that logical for you? the main point I am trying to make is why did the prophet Muhammad PBUH not talk about false theories which have been PROVEN wrong today? As for you comment on how there are practices of Islam similar to jewish customs we know and aknowledge that. we muslims consider Moses and Jesus PBUThem to be true PROPHETS of almighty Allah swt and their message was also Islamic. However, their message was only for a certain time period and group of people. Up until the time of Muhammad PBUH the message of Allah swt was perfected in that everything delivered by Muhammad was for ALL of mankind. hence, the Jews not eating pork, the jews being circumcised, the Christians believing (or they claim to) in one God are all also incorporated in Islam. Hence practices also being carried out by Jews or Christians is accepted. I hope i answered your questions May the peace mercy and blessings of almighty Allah swt be upon you all Assalamualaikum