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  1. Woman delivers Eid Sermon.

    Could someone please explain whats so wrong about a woman giving an eid sermon to a bunch of people. What makes a man more fit to give a speech then a woman? But if a man comes to eid prayer to check out women instead of praying isnt that his problem that he needs to sort out with god? Am I the only one who thinks women should be proud of this instead of outraged? Am I the only one who thinks you guys need to grow up a little bit and realize that not every man is a sex craved lunatic that is too horny to even leave his lust at the door of a place of worship? And why should women have to pay because of the few males who cant control their hormones?
  2. I saw this story on the Pasionate Eye in Canada and they showed how the whole thing was a hoax by the boys father to make money. I watched it a long time and if I remember correctly the boys father wasnt even a muslim, he was a Christian and many facts about this so called miraculous boy were total falsehoods.
  3. I heard about this story a long time ago. Sorry to burst your bubble but it was proven a hoax quite a while back.
  4. Q For The Westerners

    I never said anything about my family or culture in my post. I pretty much left Islam because I didnt agree with the religion anymore. I find most of the teachings to be unreasonable, unrealistic and simply wrong morally. I could give you a long list of all the problems I have with Islam but I dont want to bore everyone here with my life story. The best way I can explain it is that I was no longer compatible with the religion of Islam. Finally admitting to myself that something was wrong gave me the ability to ask the hard questions. My questions were answered and I am no longer a muslim. So I left Islam because of the real religion not the culture or my family. These are simply things that I was brought up to believe in. They have been branded into my head and I have believed in these things all my life. I cant go against these without feeling some form of guilt or feeling that I am somehow turning my back on my past completely. These are just things that I keep to help me remember things from back in the day I guess. Also I have come to the understanding that all non muslims will enter hell after death. I started a post a while back on this forum about the subject and got my answer.
  5. Q For The Westerners

    There are many reasons why I left Islam. I came to the realization that there is nothing in Islam that sets it apart from any other religion. Nothing strikingly remarkable that makes Islam the "true religion." Because of this I came to realize that I was a muslim for no other reason then the fact that I was born to muslim parents. From birth I was taught that Islam was the true religion and never even considered the option that Islam was wrong. How could I have known that Islam was right if I never even researched other religions and even entertained the tought of them being right? For me to accept that Islam was the right path I would have to accept that I had simply braved the odds and had luckily been born to muslim parents, I could just as easily been born Christian and then by Islamic standards I would be a kuffar and would have gone to hell. Thinking like this, one can come to realize that Christianity could just as easily be the true religion, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Idol Worshiping. It doesnt matter. Each religion thinks they have the true religion, not just Islam. And there is nothing that makes one religion more right that another, besides the fact that you were born into it. Islam by nature is a highly ritualistic religion. I find that Islam has lost its spirituality and turned to a more tangible form of worship. One can see this by how a Muslims worth in Islam is in part made up of how much they pray. If a person is a good person, what difference does it make if they bow down facing the Easy 5 times a day. I find it disturbing that people will be going to hell because they simply dont perform this mundane act that really serves no useful purpose. Lastly Islam simply goes against my philosophical belief as a devout liberal. I simply dont believe in Islamic teachings and rulings. Stonings for example, cutting of the hands, etc etc. This is why I think Islam is a generally backward minded mindset. As muslims we are told to simply accept what we are given to us and not question our existence. How can you be so sure Islam is the true religion? You have been brought up being tought that Islam is the true path, and it is against human nature to question the reality of your way of life. If you think about, you could just as easily be wrong about Islam as you think jews are wrong about their religion. Despite all this I dont hate muslims. Infact almost all my friends are muslims. People I befriended back when I believed in Islam. Also I find it hard to let go of certain things that I have been brought up to believe. I dont eat pork, I dont drink, I still fast in ramadan and I go to Taravee prayers every so often. These are things that are simply part of my upbringing that I cant let go of no matter how hard I try. But the core belief is long gone sorry to bore everyone with my life story. Peace
  6. Q For The Westerners

    I dont really know if I constiture as a Westerner. But I'll give my view as someone who was once muslim but turned away from Islam. I don't think as muslims as barbaric. Not the majority anyways. I would describe muslims as backwards. And not just muslims, anyone who believes that their way of life is the only way. In other words, I highly distrust religion in general. The only problem that I have with the Mujahideen, and orthers like them, is that they bring religion into conflicts where it is not needed. Iraq, Chechnya, Palestine, etc. These conflicts are political, not religous. And as soon as muslims bring Islam into these conflicts they automatically lose sympathy to their cause.I think that people that are killing indiscriminatly and blowing themselves up for their cause are too blinded by their own hate to know the political effects of what they are doing. They are in essence digging their own grave and making worse the oppression they are already under. I understand the conflict perfectly. But im not going to convert in a million years.
  7. George W Bush Wins

    Its not that hard to get into Harvard when your dads the president. Ivy league schools are always looking to get a more prestige name among universities. Having the presidents son in their school is a pretty good way of doing that. Seriously, I could easily list tons of famous Bush qoutes of him massacring the English languange and messing up geographical facts. Harvard graduate or not he is not well-spoken nor does he have alot of knowledge of the world he lives in.
  8. Anti-Muslim Film Director killed by Muslim

    Murderers and rapist get away because the plead 'not guilty'?!? I dont understand. That really doesn't happen very often. Or at least not at a rate that is worth noting. Having an abortion is completely different from physically murdering someone. Yes some believe that abortion is murder and the whole issue is highly debateable but noone can debate that it isn't wrong to physically and deliberately take someones life. Can you see the difference between having and abortion and stabbing someone 6 times and shooting him (as was done to Van Gogh) But I dont want to debate the morality of abortions. The point of my post is that muslims dont need Theo Van Gogh to make them look bad. They are doing a fine job of doing that themselves. What makes Islam look worse? A made up 10 minute movie that shows rape victims, or the deliberate murder of a man, by a muslim, who suppoerted 2 muslim women being elected into Dutch office? You decide.
  9. But why is it that a man is allowed to treat his wife like a child in Islam and a woman is supposed to 'obey' her husband like she is a servent? Even if a man is supposed to only hit his wife as a last resort, and even if hitting only means lightly how can you condone something like this? Why must a woman 'obey' her husbands wishes and be punished if she does not? Please explain why this is okay. Cause I think its disgusting.
  10. Anti-Muslim Film Director killed by Muslim

    The issue of murder is black and white. It is wrong to take another human beings life. That simple. The murderer should be cursed because he broke this basic human law and now someone is dead. And for what? because he made a fictional 10 minute movie that someone found distasteful. A story that Theo Van Gogh didnt even write mind you. The story was written by a muslim woman. Think about the implications that this murder would have on the public view of Islam now. I would never have heard or seen this movie unless the director was murdered. Think about how popular this movie is going to be now and how much worse Islam will look in the world. Once again, much like the case of Irshaad Manji and Salman Rushdie, muslims have shot themselves in the foot.
  11. George W Bush Wins

    What the hell are you talking about buddy? Dan Rahters is a senile old attention whore and doesn't influence mine or any persons political views. Im not afraid of a Christian in the White House. Im afraid of a semi literate spoilt little daddies boy who looks and acts like a chimpanzee in the White House. I didn't vote for John Kerry because he is somehow UnCatholic. I voted for John Kerry because he is a better man that Bush and he can at least form a coherent sentence. Seriously man, lay of on the lysol sniffing.
  12. H a v e Y o u H e a r d ?

    All those that were charged were given their chance in court and they had lawyers. They were given a chance to defend themselves. Personally I don't know whether they are guilty or not. The whole situation seems suspicious and it is likely that they are but I don't know. Im just bothered at how people automatically think that they are innocent and this is some racially motivated set up to make muslims or Islam look bad. I seriously doubt that anyone in the government cares enough about Islam to spend their time and money to make it look bad. The truth is that muslims simply can't come to admit to themselves that there are crazed muslims in the world who want to kill people. Thats why we have all these theories that are soley based on muslims' own denial. I think this statement is a pretty good example of what I said earlier.
  13. H a v e Y o u H e a r d ?

    So if you found a group of 5 christians or jews in a muslim country with half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertilizer (a chemical that can and often has been used in bombs) amongst them, you wouldn't be suspicious at all?
  14. But what happens if a man behaves badly in a marriage? There are all theses rules of what a man should do in the case of a woman's misconduct. But, in Islam, what should a woman do to her husband if he behaves badly?
  15. H a v e Y o u H e a r d ?

    half a ton of ammonium nitrate fertiliser seems like an odd thing for a group of youth to have.