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  1. We Are Slaves To Cultural Practices

    asalamu allikum i agree unfortunately i have seen many lives been destroyed just because of these cultural practices and its still going on :D May Allah guide those people who prefer cultural practices over Islam Astagfirullah. walikum salam
  2. Role Model

    asalam allikum, Jazakallah khair sister for sharing it with us :D.............May Allah guide us all to be on the right path which is indeed Islam ameen. walikum salam
  3. Members Around The World

    asalam allikum, Jazakallah khair........You need suggestions regarding salwar Kameez or anything else :D walikum salam
  4. Members Around The World

    asalam allikum, Pakistan. walikum salam
  5. For My Bros And Sis,who Think They Are...

    asalam allikum, Jazakallah Khair brother ..... it really helped me and inshAllah it would really help others as well. May Allah bless us all with peace of heart,mind and body ameen & inshAllah. walikum salam
  6. Bottled Water?

    asalam allikum, Yes i do when at work but not at home. walikum salam
  7. The King Is Coming To Take His Queen

    asalam allikum, Maroook to both of you,im really happy for both of you :D may Allah bless you both with a happy married life ameen & InshAllah. Gald to see bro GF's post after long time :D we would love to know the story :D InshAllah you both would be in my prayers. walikum salam
  8. Glitter Names

    asalam allikum, i love it :D i wont take it off :D :D walikum salam
  9. Patience...

    asalam allikum, jazakallah khair for this wonderful advice & reminder. walikum salam
  10. When Are You Doing Eid?

    asalam allikum, on wednesday inshAllah means today :D eid mubarak to all. walikum salam
  11. Eid Mubarak Everyone!

    asalam allikum, ameen to the Duas & a very happy eid mubarak to all brother & sitsters here. May Allah bless you all with happiness ameen & inshAllah. walikum salam
  12. When Did You Finish Reading The Quran

    asalam allikum, Alhumdulillah on 13th :D (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_a001.html#Allah"]Allah[/url] (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_h000.html#hafiz"]hafiz[/url]
  13. Sciences Or Arts?

    asalam allikum, sorry i didn't vote because no third option for "both" i really like both because i studied both.........though in an unusual circumstances :D but both are my favourite :D Assalamu alaikum
  14. I Am Getting Married!

    Assalam Allykum sister, awww :D mashAllah very wonderful news & im really happy for you,inshallah you will be in my Dua's. May Allah bless you with the best of the best blessings & give you every happiness of life with your husband & inshallah your this wonderful & blessed journey will be smooth & peacful ameen. Takecare all,with prayers Assalamu alaikum
  15. Do You Ever Log Out?

    Assalam Allykum, I do log out always,kind of a habit now :D Takecare all,with prayers Assalamu alaikum