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  1. Salaam alaykum, teken de petitie tegen een burkaverbod a.u.b. :D geef het ook door aan familie en vrienden, iedereen waarvan je denkt dat hij/zij het zal tekenen jazak Allahu khayran... je kunt hier tekenen: (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.axci.nl/axci/index.php?ln=ned&show=petitie&id=155"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.axci.nl/axci/index.php?ln=ned&a...itie&id=155[/url] wa Salaam.
  2. Erratic Mind

    Salaam alaykum, keep making dua, surround yourself with people who have found this peace and concentration you are looking for, avoid the things and people that distract you, take yourself to account in a realistic way, don't be too harsh on yourself and remember that everyone goes through this, this is the nature of man... nobody is perfect, this is the way Allah made us, you have to strive to do your best... take steps in doing that and if you fall back, just start all over again.... keep asking Allah for guidance, you're young so don't expect to have all the answers right now... it will come in time and with the help of Allah... please calm yourself down and trust in Allah and in yourself, you'll be fine insha Allah. take good care, wa Salaam.
  3. In Need Of Dedicated & Knowledgeable People

    Salaam alaykum, i wasn't expecting scholars brother, that would be naive of me... i'm sure it's not an impossibility though to find people with more knowledge than the average person, but thank you for your concerns, i know what you mean and i appreciate it. :D brother Mustafa, i've mailed you, i hope it was to the right address since i can't see it completely. wa Salaam.
  4. In Need Of Dedicated & Knowledgeable People

    Salaam alaykum, jazak Allahu khayran for your responce, may Allah bless you for your willingness to help, ameen. how or where can i send you the details of the projects? wa Salaam.
  5. Depressed And Confused

    Salaam alaykum, What i noticed from your post is that you keep saying that he treats you fine but yet, he doesn't listen to you attentively, he gets mad for no reason and still is too friendly with girls eventhough you brought it to his attention. These are not characteristics that scream "great catch!" Marry a man for his religion and you can't go wrong sis... seems like he needs a boast to work on his innerself and his religion. He can tell you everyday for the rest of your life that he loves you but it's his deeds that count. How can you madly love someone when obviously he isn't making you as happy as you would like otherwise you wouldn't be posting here... Put love for Allah first and find someone who feels as strongly about that as you do, marry a man of who will help you to become a better person and who is willing to be helped by you... true love is when everything falls into place eventhough neither you or him is perfect, true love is when people do listen attentively to eachother, true love is when people go out of their way to please eachother as long as it's something Allah is pleased with... true love grows best under circumstances that are pleasing to Allah... talk to your fiancee and tell him how you want your life to be like and what you expect of a husband and either go on with the wedding or let him go and find someone who can do all those things for you... Put yourself and Allah first, madly being in love is what is blocking your vision in seeing things what they really are... not to say he's a bad person cause i dont know him, but don't put up with these things cause these aren't characteristics of a good Muslim husband... may Allah help you, ameen. wa Salaam. p.s. yes, you can leave him.
  6. In Need Of Dedicated & Knowledgeable People

    Salaam alaykum, Sorry! i hadn't seen this message sooner... i send you a mail with a few details. Jazak Allahu khayran for responding.. wa Salaam.
  7. Salaam alaykum, I hope i'm not violating any rules with this post, i saw someone posting a similar request a while back so i assume it's ok. I run a small online community all about Islam and am really in need of dedicated & knowledgeable people who'll help me to make it succesful. I have several projects in mind and currently not enough people to lend me a hand. Preferrably people over the age of 25 but if you're really dedicated & serious but younger i'd love your help as well :D I'm not sure if i can post a link so please just pm me and i'll send you the details. wa Salaam.
  8. Pregnant At 11

    Salaam alaykum, sis Maz83, i'm not arguing with you, am just clarifying the fact that according to Islam, it is allowed for a girl at that age, a girl that has reached puberty to get married. if it's your personal opinion or preference that you wouldn't want it for yourself or for your daughters etc. ... then that's fine, that's how you feel... doesnt take away the fact that it is allowed and that according to Islam there's nothing wrong with it. i know when i was that age, i certainly wasn't ready for it, however other girls do feel ready and just because there are also a group of girls that married at a young age and find themselves unhappy in their twenties doesnt mean nobody should marry young, that's their life... it's nothing everyone else's... people should have the freedom to choose for it and not be denied of it when it is their right. planning ahead is good in some cases, but nobody knows how old they will get, nobody knows when their time is up, so if marriage is a good solution at the time for someone then i really don't see anything wrong with it. it's not haram so i really don't see any reason to be against it, like i said every case should be looked at individually... what's right for one person may not be right for another... and if someone still isnt ready at age 40, that's not a choice sis, that's how someone feels... you can't decide to feel a certain way... if someone doesnt want to get married and therefore stays single, that's a choice... wa Salaam.
  9. Pregnant At 11

    Salaam alaykum, sis Maz83 i think you didn't understand me clearly... i didn't say "all 11 year olds go get married"... what i said was that some people mature faster than others, and it would be better for them if they are ready and a good possible husband is available to get married. the fact that the marriage of Ayesha(r.a.) and the Prophet(saws) happened a long time ago and yes it was a different world doesnt mean it's not right now to get married at a young age... does it say anywhere in the Qur'an and ahadeeth to not get married at a young age? i dont think people's feelings and desires and the nature of people have changed that much. i would say it is small group that actually matures faster, but just because you are not like that and can't possible imagine this for yourself, your daughters or for any girl, doesnt mean that it shouldn't happen because you and many others can't see the benefits and blessings for such a particular girl. i agree that not many girls are as mature emotionally and psychologically as their bodies are at that age and it certainly wouldnt be an ideal situation for just anyone but it would be wrong to say "no, this should never happen"... you have to look at each case individually. there are people at age 40 who still are not ready for marriage... we can't say to them that they must get married, you can't demand people to feel a certain way and if a girl is ready then why deny a girl the blessings of marriage and by that prevent things like rebellious behaviour and unwanted pregnancies with all sorts of problems that come with that... then she'll her raise her child poorly most probably and the cicle will just continue... wa Salaam.
  10. Pregnant At 11

    Salaam alaykum, these things can't be blamed just on the parents and society, it just proves that some people mature faster than others and like Um Eesaa mentioned, this is why when kids reach puberty in Islam there's the option to get married. i like to point out that Aysha(r.a.) got married at a young age and this is something we always seem to have to defend with non-Muslims. i really don't see if we have that example why we should object a pregnancy at age 11. apparently the girl is ready and looking forward to it... we dont know the girl personally so it's hard to make a judgement and because of that it is not our place to judge on that part... what is ofcourse really sad and wrong that this happened in the way that it did, meaning outside of marriage, wich is why it seems so horrible and it is, especially cause the mother is proud of it instead of heartbroken... i just want to point out that the fact she reached puberty means if she had done this while married, according to Islam there wouldn't be anything wrong with it... wa Salaam.
  11. I Am In A Fix Of Epic Proportions :(

    Salaam alaykum, I dont think anybody mentioned it yet, so i thought i would... cranberry is great for urinary infections, there are tablets and just drinking cranberry juice should help too, look up the info online... that's a remedy for "normal" urinary infections... you let it go by so long that you really should see a doctor, you're old enough to see a doctor without anyone having to know about it, so go see one and dont let it get worse insha Allah. May Allah give you good health, ameen. wa Salaam.
  12. Confused

    Salaam alaykum, i think you're confusing how you would things like to be and how they actually are... you write that he's wonderful and you trust him and he's so understanding but at the same time you know that both of you know that he's talking to other girls and he knows that bothers you but still does it... that's not right and you know that otherwise you wouldn't be writing here asking for advice... why do you need eachothers passwords anyway? if you trust eachother there's no need for that, if he knows it bothers you and he knows that you could find out about it because you have his password then it comes across to me like he doesn't care that much... Allahu alim... i dont want to hurt your feelings, i could be completely wrong ofcourse cause i dont know him! thatswhy you need to find out where you two stand... ask him to stop talking to other girls and have him properly ask to marry you so you can make serious plans... if that's not what he wants, makes excuses or tries to delay it then let him go.... no need for guy who doesn't you make his priority!! look for a good Muslim sis, one who knows his rights and duties... May Allah help you, ameen. wa Salaam.
  13. Salaam alaykum woordenboek nederlands! :D grappig... wa Salaam.
  14. Salaam alaykum wa eyaaki sis :D wa Salaam :D
  15. I Dont Know What To Do

    Salaam alaykum, Maybe you feel like you're not ready to get married again and looking for excuses to delay giving an answer by not doing the istikhara prayer? You should figure out first wether you really want to marry or not, cause if the man sounds like a really good person then there shouldnt be anything to hold you back, right? I think this is a question only you can answer... otherwise just give yourself some time to relax until you're ready to do the prayer and then be satisfied with the outcome but it just sounds like you're not willing to know? I'm sorry that i'm not of much help but i saw that nobody else responded and just wanted to write you and say i hope it all works out for you... may Allah help you, ameen. wa Salaam.