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  1. Met Some Sisters Today(posted It In Wrong Place Before Sorry

    :D subhanallah, inshallah may Allah bestow his mercy and blessings upon you and give you success in this life and the hereafter
  2. Marriage Questions

    you can grow to love each other after marriage source please.... becasue i think thats wrong, i think the prophet actually said that the best reason to marry someone was for their piety and love for Allah. but i could be wrong :D
  3. Do You Think Women Should Have Equal Rights?

    :D the ones who said that women are opressed under Islam dont know a single aspect of Islam. youve just taken some story about a human being who happens to be a muslim, and said all of isdlam must be like that. go and learn Islams teachings rather than making up fairy tales about what Islam says. stop babbling.
  4. Marriage Questions

    :D i would just like to take this oppurtunity to say marriage Islamically and marriage in kuffiristic society are two very different concepts. kuffs marry becasue of 'love' for another person et cetra, we marry becasue its not only the sunnah, but to replenish the ummah as well, if you get what im saying. ofcorse you can love your spouse, but thats not the underlying reason we get married.
  5. Iraqi Women After Sadam

    :D salam peeps... check this out.. (www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.aljazeera(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/cgi-bin/review/ar...ervice_ID=10709"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_www.aljazeera(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/cgi-bin/review/ar...ervice_ID=10709[/url] and yet, the west says women are opressed under Islam and liberated under western law.... well it seems, even under sadam women were given a status higher than their western counterparts....
  6. Islam in England

    :D yeah you do, i see you in denis's kebab everyday stufing yourself on donners.... tsk tsk...
  7. What Do You Think?

    :D i didnt read the above post... no time (at school.. :D ) but if the woman is not meant to be a mother, then no matter what she tries she wont be a mother... Allah hu alim
  8. Muslim Girls Basketball Team

    :D umm... awrah warning?
  9. Marriage Questions

    :D actually bro, its permissable for you to ask their siblings and parents questions like this, its not considered backbiting. for more clarification as 'Z' is you want.
  10. Marriage Questions

    :D the UK's laws doesnt just contradict Islam on that topic you know
  11. Marriage Questions

    :D UK can stuff there laws...
  12. The Road To Guantanamo

    Minto my dear old buddy i sincerly suggest you go and study Islamic laws and then come back and discuss, rather than using your misconceptions to fuels pointless debates which have nothing to do with what Islam says.
  13. The Prophet's (saw) Sword

    :D isnt it currently held in a museum in turkey?
  14. Marriage Questions

    :D i would like to know how many brothers would marry more than one time, i.e the sunnah?
  15. Would You Marry A Fish?

    :D this thread is disgusting, why are you looking at their nationality rather than there deen, deen comes first, if the person is muslim that is enough, why does it matter that she/he is a bengali/pakistani/arab, the only questions you should need to ask yourselves is is the brother/sister pious, would they make a good companion, and will they be a good mother/father, nationality shouldnt even come into it. i request that this thread be closed.