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    I like keeping fit, socialising with freinds, reading Islamic books and listening to Mishary Rashid Alafasy recitition because hes got the most beautiful voice i have ever heard!!!
  1. Al Zarkawy & Usama Bin Laben

    :D I totally agree with you brother, when it comes down to it the people who really benifit from such terrorism is Al Hizb'udDajjal of the west not the Muslims or any Mujahideen. When such atrocities occur and Islamic terrorism is blamed, Muslims in particular should really open their eyes and think scrupulously before slandering and condeming their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. One must be very carefall of not falling into the trap of being another brainwashed zombie who is fed filthy lies day in and day out by a handfull of businessmen.
  2. Eddie Guerrero

    Was this topic really started with this intention? I maybe slightly on the jurassic side according to some as i do not follow tools of the west i.e television etc. This topic has been blatantly started in order to lighten the life of a Kafir who is known to some who watch men revealing their awrah and wrestling in such a filthy state. Astaughfirullah the people who watch wwe wrestling should really stop watching it(infact stop watching television as a whole) and repent for the sins their eyes have committed, i thought i would look into this and see what the fuss is all about, and my eyes were stunned and saddened.....Kafir men and women showing their bodies off :D ....IS THIS REALLY IslamIC? Its funny how some people in this forum are fast to say "we shouldnt judge the Kafir, he may be forgiven or may have died in the sate of Islam" yet when it comes to their Muslim brothers Mujahideen (who they have little knowledge about) they are fast to say " he or they are deviant, their actions are unIslamic etc etc" Akhi about the prophet being concerned with those who even fought against Islam, YES he was concerned thats why in various hadiths it is narrated that he would make kunuwt praying that Allah gives victory to the Muslims over the Kafir. What about Abu Lahab? And theirs many others akhi, their was one Kafir (i will get the name of and full details InshAllah) who caused so much grief to annabi that the prophet prayed Allah releases Al Asad ul Jhanaam unto him and SubhanALlah this man upon travelling to syria was attacked and killed by a lion and hes companions said "indeed Muhammad's(pbuh) prayers were answered though hes is in Macca."
  3. Eddie Guerrero

    :D Who on earth is this guy? Sounds like a Kafir to me, if so why on earth are we concerned with hes death Muslims are dieing all over the world as we are here on this forum and we are behind our computers speaking about some wrestling champion :D
  4. Al Zarkawy & Usama Bin Laben

    peace brother Minto, Your deffinately right and i will not deny it! :D The reason why i personally wouldnt deny it is beacuase before i knew much about Islam i had many misconceptions the most common one Muslims=Terrorists. But upon travelling to places such as Saudia Arabia, and learning about Islam i began to realise how much the western media really lie and how much of the fear they try their utmost to exploit. I used to be a strong believer in the saying "once a liar always a liar", but i gave the liars of the West, and the deceitful opressive regimes of the Muslim world more than one chance. But praise be to Allah my eyes have now truly opened to perceive the real injustice and lies that are a perpetuating habit of the west against the Muslims and people in general who stand up for justice.
  5. If Muslims Want To Remain In Europe....

    Peace Sbp! First of all that is what i am doing going back home very soon InshAllah, as i have already mentioned! secondly as i have also mentioned earlier but some people are being blind of that statetment, i said i only hate those who attack my religion and my people, HOW ON EARTH IS THIS INCITING HATRED? please forgive me if this sounds harsh, but naturally if someone hates you for being who you are and ontop of this kills your siblings rapes your mother,wife,sister infront of you how will you react of certainty you will not be a happy bunny! I shall make clear once again i am not reffering to western people in general (because that would be ignorant and a sinful act) but rather am reffering to these Dajjalic(Anti-Christ) systems within the west...which are the centres of Corruption and filth and the followers/supporters of such regimes. I am not preaching like the other blind individual who had clearly made a provocative statement, I am not hating a person for their religion nor their skin colour. I do not hate anyone or anything that Allah has created however i do hate those who attack me which is only natural and i apologise if my initial response came out very general and offensive!!!
  6. Lose Weight After Ramadan?

    :D I eat alot(and when i say alot i mean alot, often need a shovel to eat with rather than a spoon..lool) I never get a belly as i work out alot, but during Ramadhan because i had stopped my training i got a layer of flab over my paks :D but im working out hard again, and :D getting back into 100% shape fe'sabilillah!! :D
  7. Questions From An Atheist

    If one really thinks with regards to the second point, you will realise that it is impossible how can you have more than one God? The moment you have more than one God he looses hes Godliness. God is supposed to be someone most exalted and their cannot be no one like him. The moment you have more than one God, the moment you can compare him he is no longer God because he does not fit the criteria of being God almighty. "say: He is Allah, absolute oneness, Allah, the everlasting sustainer of all. He does not beget nor was he begotton. And theiris no one comparable to him." Quran Surah Al Ikhlas In a few lines Allah describes what defines him as teh creator :D . As a shiekh in comparative religion once said " the moment something fits into these descriptions in surah Ikhlas, we as Muslims have no option but to say this is Allah"
  8. Questions From An Atheist

    :D That question is such a lame brain logic... :D The reason one should worship God is simple, lets take religion aside and bring logic into it. If i have made a clock (and the soul purpose of making the clock is for it to display what the time is) but it does not fulfill the very reason for its creation, what is the prupose of me keeping it? If i have a person who i have trained in order to work for my company, it is but natural that i expect him/her to use the training aquired to work within my company. In the same sense our creator Allah has created us for the soul purpose of worshipping him, and if we do not fulfill our duties what is the point in him preserving us in Jannah? Allah says In the Quran " and verily we make signs for men of understanding" :D if we for one day put our love for the dunayah aside and with an open heart look for these signs they are clear. When has man seen something being created without a purpose? So how can we expect to have been created without a purpose? Allah also says "do they think we have created them in play, without a purpose"
  9. Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre

    :D :D to your du'a Akhi!! With every bullet they fire to silence a single Muslim, a dozen awake fron their half a century sleep! My message to these evil rulers is.....You may continue to try and stop what you call "Evil ideology" from spreading but the more you kill us and torture us, and bring forth lies about how we are the ones terrorising you when in fact it is you terrorising your own people because you have no God fearing laws....The more we wake up and the more you are digging your own graves. Indeed these puppet regimes in our Muslim lands who have been imposed into power have had their last breaths and Wallahi i can smell the sweet delicate scent of the Khilafah system returning!!! May Allah guide and protect hes slaves!
  10. If Muslims Want To Remain In Europe....

    Peace Livius! It seems you too have hate filled in your heart towards people such as myself, so maybe you need to get rid of yourself too since you comprise of a human attribute. Im not on this forum hating every disbeliever nor every human being created with white skin tone, i only hate those who attack my religion. As our Lord and your lord says in the Quran in surah Kafiroon " say you have your religion and i have mine" i being a muslim submit to the will of Allah so i say that you practise your religion and let me practise mine, however the moment people start insulting my religion, especially my beloved prophet(pbuh) and attacking Muslims i will hate them and do all i can to stop their evil from spreading!
  11. If Muslims Want To Remain In Europe....

    You are so uneducated and blind of reality ...my father travelled to England i guess he was a bit intoxicated with love for the world at the time, but people like myself will be leaving your lands which are the centres of filth and corruption, what you think your doing us a favour PLEASE. The true Muslim strives to make journey for the sake of Allah. Indeed you are blind and brainwashed by a handfull of business men, and i dont feel sorry for people like you because you choose to be brainwashed. Continue in this path and you will burn in the deepest fire. You will never crush Islam and Muslims because our protector is Allah and yours is Satan, have you not seen the more your rulers attack us the more we wake up and slap you back. MY PROMISE TO YOU...An army will rise very soon who will rid of all corruption in the world and slaughter dirty brainwashed people like yourself i pray that i too am part of this army who will enjoy spilling the blood of filthy ignorant pigs, so pray that Allah/God guides you to the truth and you are not of those who recieve hes wrath before its too late.
  12. Fallujah - The Hidden Massacre

    Allah'Humma Aleykah bi' hizb'ushaytaan.....Allah'huma Kufar ashatesh'shum lahum wa Faregh Jam'ah hum ......Mansoorul Islam wal Muslimeen, Mansurul Ikhwanal Mujahideen a fi Iraq, fi Sheeshan, fi Afghan, fi Kashmire, fi philistene wa fi Quli Makan!! :D
  13. Salaam barayev You are clearly misunderstood akhi, be very careful as to what you say especially if you have no proper knowledge or concrete evidence to substantiate your views. As to Khaled BinWaled(ra) beheading hes captives this is true but their was reasons behind it. The Muslims would often free captives on conditions but where they lacked resources they would execute the captives as the captives would be a great burden on the Mujahideen. Theirs 2 traps the Muslims must be very very careful of not falling into one is the Muslim who accepts all blame and apologises for terrorist atrocities all hes life because he believes everything hes T.V tells him, then we have those who also believe the T.V but rather than apologising he agrees with the acts and idolises the UnIslamic actions and tries to justify them both these groups make the media and all these Dajjalic movements extremely happy as they have fallen into the trap of believing they are responsible for such unIslamic acts when they are clearly NOT. The Muslims stance should not be either of the two rather be the one who says that each prophet that came with a message from Allah was rediculed, faced many hardships and many false accusations also made against them and since Muhammad(saws) came with the message till now we have liars that plan and plot against the deen and of whom Allah and hes apostle have warned us of. Also i really find it upsetting that many posts get cancelled because they are controversial, and that people are banned for saying something controversial i thought we were hear to learn about Islam and clear misconceptions not ban someone the moment they say something we disagree with but rather provide the misguided or misunderstood individuals with the facts and strive to guide them to the path. :D Staughfirullah people who give out these bans should really think twice instead of being so dogmatic. May Allah guide and protect us!!
  14. :D The Authenticity has been challenged of many OBL videos including the one you have mentioned. The funny thing is while i was still in high school i was well aware of OBL this was prior to 9/11 when not many people had actually heard of him. I was often shown video clips and talks by him MashAllah they were beautiful. He always spoke in a soft tone and never preached that of which Islam does not teach, then we had 9/11 (and very suspicous circumstances surrounding it) suddenly OBL's figure of speech has changed, i dont buy any of what the western media brings forth their perpetuating lies may fool some but InshAllah they will never get to the true slaves of Allah who enjoin good and forbid evil...i sense the red carpet for Dajjal being layed and these corrupt rulers preparing a nice warm welcome for him but i very much fear for my brothers and sisters if they are already believing lies of the followers of Dajjal what will they do upon coming into contact with the dajjal himself :D
  15. Help Needed

    :D Artist:Ahmad Bukhatir title:(www.)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_glossary/glossary_r000.html#Ramadan"]Ramadhan[/url]