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  1. Cry out O Allah!

    asalamualaikum this was beautiful may Allah forgive our sins and grant us all janah ameen after reading this this forum should be closed down because this is a solution to every problem.......when a person comes to this councelling room with a problem they should just read the translation of sura rahman and the hadith that you have mentioned above and inshallah they would get their answer asalamualaikum
  2. im failing

    asalaam alaikum you know what works for me ..sometimes when i am REALLY down, one of the things i try to do is imagine myself in my grave....and thats it because it brings closure to my life..i realise that it i cannot do anything more to improve my position in life after death... sorry if its a littel strong, but that is what i find helps me asalamualaikum subhanallah i couldn't have said it better myself...............its not too strong people might think its strong because our view is blurred by the duniya once we remove the view of duniya from our eyes our vision becomes clear and then our grave becomes so close and we should remember out final destination and Islam is the only path........for the guest in need right now the black hole that you speak of Allah will inshallah take you outta that hole and don't worry about your sins once you repent they are forgiven for he is raheem and then he will pull you out of that black hole inshallah so quick that you would never even know that you were ever there for Islam came when there was darkness always remember that don't think you have to jump right into Islam for things to become better just make your intention and then do as much as you can and inshallah Allah will make it very easy asalamualaikum
  3. Rejected for not having a Degree

    asalamualaikum if you don't think a degree has any value then you wouldn't want to go into a family where a degree is held in higher esteem than the person himself so don't burden your mind and heart with such thoughts.........Allah will give you a good wife inshallah asalamualaikum
  4. need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    asalamualaikum ask him what he wants out of life what does he want from life.........his goal???? you need to know where he himself feels that he is headed and from there you would know better how to approach this brother if he has a gloomy picture in his mind about his life and his future then you can show him the light that Islam brings into the world which would save him from his own destruction maybe from this he would understand how geniuine you truely are in trying to help him inshallah asalamualaikum
  5. sad

    asalamualaikum well when you trust in man then you get betrayed therefore you should only trust in Allah have no expectations from mankind just make yourself a better muslim day by day for the sake of Allah asalamualaikum
  6. not myself lately

    asalamualaikum i agree with crystal eyes 100% it is shaitaan who tries to bring us down when we are most vulnerable ask for forgiveness again and then let everything go although your sins are forgiven when you revert but Allah inshallah will make the weight on your heart lighter if you repent again for Allah loves those who repent and shaitaan wants us to believe that we are alone and we need support from others just say to yourself that Allah is sufficient for you and you need no one else and then see the blessings Allah bestowes upon you they will come from unexpected places and sources that you never knew exsisted inshallah how can one ever be alone when Allah is in our hearts and we talk to him for he hears us and knows us for who we truely are when the world shuts us out and no one understands brother do not feel guilty but be happy and relieved that Allah(swt) chose you and made you muslim say Alhumdhulillah and if you can not make it to the masjid then just pray where ever you can and know that Allah is oft-forgiving and do du'a and put your efforts forth inshallah Allah will make a way for you to go the masjid too asalamualaikum
  7. losing my faith

    asalamualaikum its the shaitaan breathing down your neck right now creating doubts in your mind.....beg Allah(swt) for help and he will guide you inshallah i am not the best to give advice for i am always seeking advice myself but try not to dwell on things that you can not comprehend for only Allah's(swt) knowledge is infinite just know that your God is the one, the only Allah(swt) and Muhammad (saw) is his servent and messenger say the shahada over and over again and in the qu'ran search for your answers because the answers are in there........ do not feel sympathetic towards the non believers because no matter how good they seem from the outside only Allah (swt) knows their reality from the inside and therefore he will bring upon them a just punishment remember our Lord is just and fair oft-forgiving and most merciful you can turn to him at anytime its never too late until your last breath when you are near death that is when the test becomes the hardest and shaitaan tries to get you and puts all of his focus and attention on you because he does not want you to die as a believer it is pure shaitaan cry out to Allah(swt) just cry out to him and ask him to protect your iman and inshallah he will listen my Lord is most merciful asalamualaikum
  8. How to find a wife and

    asalamualaikum subhanallah ho ho ho you always seem to get me asalamualaikum
  9. How to find a wife and

    asalamualaikum that's the only point i was trying to get across, if a woman is educated in deen should be chosen over a woman who is highly educated from the prespective of duniya asalamualaikum
  10. young marriage

    asalamualaikum very interesting analogy edge.......quite impressive but what if someone had to finish their education early and could not seek a higher level of education due to the fact that they needed to start working early because their family needed the financial support now even in a country that is most abundant in resources if Allah wills he can still keep certain people without the same amount of nourishment and comforts as others because he is the provider of rizk and the limitations are in his hands for he tests his creation in various ways, and his tests only he knows none the less a muslim should always struggle to make the effort to seek the best of everything for the sake of Allah and not purposely deprive themselves of anything because that's not right.......i hope i got my point across but alhumdulillah Allah has given me so much, things that may not be visible to others but they are the blessing of my Lord if one tries to understand, i alhumdulillah have no complaints asalamualaikum
  11. What if your boy/girl was gay?

    asalamualaikum i would kick that child out of my home and life without any regret what so ever and that would still be too soft of me remember the people of Prophet Lut(PBUH)!!!! asalamualaikum
  12. muslimah asking a muslim for marriage

    asalamualaikum well i'm to a point where i can get very sick and tired of all this and end up purposing to the guy myself and my issue is mostly with the muslim families why are they not supportive of finding good muslim spouses for their kids instead they will look for a girl whose background is well off not caring about her iman and meanwhile the guy himself would want a religious wife......same thing goes for the sisters.........the parents will seek a guy good from the aspect of duniya and not from the aspect of deen meanwhile the girl wants a religious guy well alhumdulillah my parents are not like that but the parents of other brothers and sisters are like that............now i have an average education(not university but college level) and an average job but alhumdulillah i'm fine with it and if i want to change my career and go back to school my parents would encourage me but i prefer to get married now and i can continue my education afterwards if i want to depending on my situation but then there are brothers out there who say they want a practicing muslim wife and stuff but then have high expectations from the prespective of duniya as well like her worldly education and stuff.......just because a person doesn't have a university degree does not mean that they are not intelligent i mean Allah knows best who is what anyway not that that stuff gets me down or anything because regardless of that i am confident that Allah will send me the right person because i have full faith in him and his grace but i just wanted to mention this because mentality like that just makes the search even harder for people like me well like i always say i'll just be patient asalamualaikum
  13. How to find a wife and

    asalamualaikum okay bro kbw these brothers who i got purposals from were not my type and when i say religious i mean well he definitely has to prayyyyyyy because aslong as he has established his 5 times salat no matter if he is not that much of a practicing muslim he is still showing potential that he is trying to strive on the right path and inshallah his salat will reflect on his actions making him stronger in his iman but the only practicing muslim brothers i know around here are my own brothers and my cousins so this is my problem and only Allah can solve it now with the matter of the beard well if he has a beard then that's great but i will not reject a purposal just becuase the guy does not have a beard what if he wants to grow one and needs just a little bit of moral support i would love to support my husband strengthen his deen and imaan just like i would want him to strengthen mine well only with the help of Allah because its Allah who really strengthens ones iman this is why i want to get married..........marriage is a blessing from Allah.....a spouse should be strong in iman so he/she can help you become a good muslim too......... asalamualaikum
  14. The signs are clear but do you fear?

    asalamualaikum leadership and administration will be in the hands of worthless people who will be mischievious, greedy, and ill mannered asalamualaikum
  15. muslimah asking a muslim for marriage

    asalamualaikum subhanallah how pious and righteous were the believers before us and they lived such simple and beautiful lives.......marriage was so easy in their time because they didn't bring duniya into it like we muslims do today.....people of today make it so hard for a brother or sister to find a decent muslim spouse we have made so difficult what Islam has made so easy asalamualaikum