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Found 2 results

  1. Assalamualaikum. I wanted some advise from all of you with a personal problem. I'm 32 years old male. I got married 2 months back to a 26 year old. My wife is Stubborn and dominative. She wants to live an extravagant life style regardless of how much I can afford. My take home salary is about 1,50,000 rupees (of which more than 1,00,000 goes for house construction and future investments, another 30,000 for household expenses like grocery, electricity, bills etc.). She is being rude to me lately and fighting with me (with support of their parents) that I need to pay her 25,000 per month for her own expenses. She is back in her home town for more than a month now and says she would come back only if I pay this money on monthly basis and also listen to everything else she says. Please advise what is right for me to do and how should I deal with her
  2. Asalamualikum brothers and sisters,, I am new to this forum and would like to ask a question which I have been researching but can't find a conclusive answer to, I am hoping someone here can help me understand or clarify my query. I am recently engaged and Insha'Allah will be married soon, I was talking to my fiancé on the telephone and we started discussing the authority of a husband over his wife which includes who can and can not enter the home. I understand the concept and the wisdom behind the authority of the husband. As he is accountable for his household and will have to answer for it, he is given that authority. But my question is, my fiancé doesn't approve of many of my friends. He doesn't approve that they are non-practicing Muslims and is worried that it MAY influence me one day in the future or that it MAY influence our future children. So he is telling me that if my friends do not change by the time we get married, I will have to seize my relationship with them. This upsets me as all of my friends have been with me since childhood, so for over 20 years we have had a strong friendship and I do not understand why he is asking this of me. Is he able to give this verdict? I mean, they may not be practicing Muslims but I am, and in the 20+ years we've been friends, they have done nothing but respect and support my decision to practice..Can he really ask this of me? I mean, he has friends that are very bad influences on him and he has, as a result of his friends, made terrible mistakes which I have forgiven. But when I ask him to at the very least distance himself (as in, not hang out alone with his bad influential friends rather socialise with them in a group) he gets angry and tells me I have no right to ask or expect this of him. Can I ask him to stop associating himself with his friends whom have proven themselves to be a bad influence? What rights do I have in this specific regard over my husband according to Islam and the Hadith of the Prophet (sws) ? Please help. Thank you in advance May Allah bless you All.