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Found 2 results

  1. Tips for a healthy fast How can I make fasting easier? Is there an ideal Iftar for women? Do I have to eat a heavy meal for Suhoor? I love drinking coffee and tea after breaking my fast. How can I substitute them? What should I include and avoid in my diet during Ramadan? How can I make fasting easier? There is no need to limit yourself to your Iftar (evening meal) and your Suhoor (pre-dawn meal). In fact, rather than feasting at these two times, it is better to have several well-balanced, nutritious meals after you break your fast. This will help you maintain your weight and prevent constipation, headaches, indigestion and lethargy. These are all symptoms you are prone to as a fasting pregnant woman. Is there an ideal Iftar for women? There is no ideal Iftar, but try these tips for the best ways to break your fast. Start with: three dates and juice (good for bringing your sugar levels back to normal) semi-skimmed milk clear-based soup Then eat a well-balanced meal that may include: salad as a starter protein from chicken, meat or fish, or lentils, chickpeas or beans complex carbohydrates from brown rice, wholemeal pasta and wholewheat bread plenty of vegetables Try not to eat high-fat meals. These will fill you up, but give you poor nutrients, and possibly indigestion, too. Do I have to eat a heavy meal for Suhoor? Suhoor is one of the most important meals to consume during Ramadan to keep your energy levels up during the day. Do not skip this meal, as it will provide you with nutrients that fuel your body. It will also decrease hunger pangs, headache, and sleepiness. Suhoor should be a wholesome, moderate meal that is filling and provides enough energy for many hours. Try to eat high-fiber foods and complex carbohydrates, such as grains and pulses. Your body takes longer to break down and absorb these foods, so they will fuel you better during your hours of fasting. Your healthy meal could include: wholewheat breads, with a little jam, cheese or labneh high-fibre cereal with semi-skimmed milk fresh and dried fruit, including bananas and dates unsalted nuts I love drinking coffee and tea after breaking my fast. How can I substitute them? Drink fresh fruit juices instead of coffee and tea. Coffee and tea contain caffeine, which can make you lose more water when you urinate, because it is a diuretic. Drinking tea with food can reduce the amount of iron your body is able to absorb, so stick to water when you're eating. If you find water boring, try adding a slice of lime or lemon to liven it up. A fruit smoothie made with milk, yoghurt, ice and fruit makes a refreshing drink and gives you plenty of your daily fruit allowance. What should I include and avoid in my diet during Ramadan? Ramadan is a time when your activity level tends to decrease, and in pregnancy it may mean you become more tired. To follow a healthy fast, keep in mind the above tips when eating and: Limit your intake of sweets and desserts to once a week, and opt more for fresh fruits. After dinner, relax for a while and then get up and move around. Avoid snacking late in the evening before sleeping, but be sure to take your Suhoor. Drink plenty of water between Iftar and Suhoor to prevent dehydration. Adapted from BabyCenter UK, August 2009 End of Article 1
  2. :sl: Ramadan health guide: a guide to healthy fasting Document type: Guidance Author: Communities in Action Published date: 13 September 2007 Primary audience: Public, Health and social care professionals Product number: 283570 Gateway reference: 8763 Pages: 30 Copyright holder: Crown This booklet is aimed at helping to understand the health issues related to fasting, to help people make more informed choices, minimise complications and maximise the benefit of the fast. The booklet gives a guide through the physiological changes that occur during fasting, gives examples of beneficial and harmful foods during fasting, discusses potential medical problems and remedies, suggests a diet plan, and responds to the most frequently asked questions about fasting in general and medical issues in particular. The booklet also contains a section for doctors and medical professionals, to enable them to provide more informed services. Download Ramadan health guide (PDF, 2113K) <<<<<<<<< Please, Click on It Source: http://www.dh.gov.uk