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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, Assalamualaikum Oa Rahmatullah. Since last Ramadan I am researching about an issue. Coming soon to the question. Before that I need to know the difference between Wikipedia and wikiislam. Several times I thought wikiislam is an anti-Islamic site. But it is also true- no any website is ever totally reliable. I think wikiislam is a website which provides both Muslim & Non-Muslim narratives separately and cites all possible sources. But I am having confused about the source of the two sites. Anyway come to the issue. I was finding some info about the pop star Michael Jackson. Is he converted (actually revert) into Islam? I found some reliable info regarding the issue. Also wikiislam showing some of them which ignore Wikipedia. And also why the western media ignore the news when a celebrity converting their previous religion to Islam? I know some of the reverted celebrities such as Myriam Francois-Cerrah, reporter of Huffington Post US, Aishah Schwartz a famous blogger of Egypt, also Janet Jackson, sister of Michael Jackson and so on. All of they are reverted into Islam. But why this kind of news is ignore by the western media? Is it threats to the western?