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Found 1 result

  1. Islam is a religion, whose foundation is laid upon five basic and fundamental beliefs which serves as boundary for faith. The person who abides these fundamentals of Islam is considered to be in the boundary of Islam else not. 1) Oneness of Almighty Allah (SWT): It is being observed that follower of every religion believes in the existence of God but the difference between a follower and non-follower of Islam is that Muslim believes in the oneness of Allah Almighty (SWT) ( no one is like Him Almighty (SWT) and He Almighty (SWT) is the stand alone lord of this universe & universes beyond this) and non-follower doesn’t. Say, “He is God, the One. God, to Whom the creatures turn for their needs. He begets not, nor was He begotten, and there is none like Him.” (Quran, 112:1-4) 2) Belief in the Angels Allah Almighty (SWT): As a Muslim we should believe in the existence honored creature of Allah Almighty (SWT) known as Angels. Angels are the most obedient creature of Almighty Allah (SWT). There are four famous and pious Angels i.e. Jibreel, Mikaeel, 'Azrael and Israfeel but amongst these four Jibreel used to bring Wahi to all the messengers of Almighty Allah (SWT). 3) Belief in Almighty Allah’s (SWT) revealed books: According to the faith of Muslims Allah Almighty (SWT) revealed Holy books to His messengers for the guidance of humanity. Amongst the other Holy books Quran is revealed to Holy Prophet (PBUH). Allah Almighty has taken its responsibility to prevent it from corruption or distortion, and He Almighty (SWT) says: Indeed, We have sent down the Quran, and surely We will guard it (from corruption). (Quran, 15:9) Being Muslim it is our foremost responsibility to play role in the preservation and protection of Quran, for that sake it should be learnt by an Islamic scholar or by the help of live Quran tutor on internet. 4) Belief in the Messengers and Prophets of Almighty Allah (SWT): Muslims believe in the Prophet hood of all the prophets and messengers of Almighty Allah (SWT) from Hadrat Adam (AS) to last Holy Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (PBUH) . Muhammad is not the father of any one of your men, but he is the Messenger of God and the last of the prophets… (Quran, 33:40) One thing that is notable that all the messenger of Almighty Allah (SWT) preached for Islam and for the oneness of Almighty Allah (SWT). 5) Belief in the Day of Resurrection: Muslims firmly believe in the Day of Judgment (the Day of Resurrection) when all people will be restored to life by the will of Allah Almighty (SWT) and they will be rewarded for their deeds.