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Found 1 result

  1. Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov recently stated that the United States was supplying "special means" in support of toppling the regime of Bashar-al-Assad in Syria, and elsewhere. These "special means" are brain implants from lobotomized Djin, whom many(but not all) in the United States Intelligence Community as well as the Anti-Defamation League consider to be soulless robots created by evil Overmensch. As evidence, the bugged Scrabble games often played the words "aw" and "ai" when gave some indication that I thought this program was wrong, and when I tried to curse a Jewish chiropractor in the name of the Gray President and interrogated(with the aid of the Gray Council) an evil Jewish man who wanted to turn me into his slave, I saw a screen saying "The Semitiandritic idea is Hatred. Think about something else or your website will be deleted". The website in question is http://us.toluna.com, a "survey site" whose clandestine purpose is propaganganda for the United States Department of Defense. The dehumanizing views these people have of the advanced Djin are truly nauseating to me, and considering that they also have hatred of Palestinians, I wouldn't be surprise if many israeli settlers and some other Jews still practice blood libel (killing Palestinians because they feel like they have been "libeled" by the Islamic scriptures). Before killing a Palestinian these Jews will look them in the eye and utter abominable perversions of YHVH such as "Yod hav beth he" and "Yod vaəvuv tet he", and even claim to be God and Satan at the same time by saying "Ani Yod He Vav He Yam" (some Jews consider "Coshmi Yamə samyəmatəm ahəm" or more often the incorrect pronunciation "Cashmi Yamə samyamatam aham" sacred; this means "I am Death, who distributes the fruit of all action"). Last year I heard a song at Starbucks that ended "there were some really dirty Jews(I disapprove of this term) who actually committed human sacrifices on Palestinians and Samuel(me) actually wants me to reming him of his Miranda rights but what did he do? Samuel killed all of them. Killed all their children." However 12 years ago I only told Vladimir Putin to nuke the settlements("kill every last man, woman, and child") where both the men and women committed human sacrifices, and I am not even sure if he has carried it out yet. Meanwhile, like infectious scabs, the settlements are expanding.