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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All I’ve touched upon this topic in a number of discussion threads but have yet received any rational answers so I’ll start a new thread for this discussion to see if anyone can answer this. What is wrong with homosexuality? Now as you probably know I’m an atheist so the “god doesn’t like it” argument doesn’t wash with me, what I want is any rational arguments in favor of a homophobic stance because to date I’ve never found one. Arguments already dealt with here. Homosexuals don’t reproduce:- This is true enough but why is it a complaint? Some heterosexual couples also choose not to have children so this is not a complaint specifically against homosexuality rather it is pushing the idea that we must produce more children. Of course we already live on an overcrowded planet so I’m not sure why reducing our reproduction should be seen as a bad thing anyway but I’ll let you speak on that issue if you’d like. It’s unnatural:- Natural is what nature does. Animals don’t fly in aeroplanes, they don’t drive cars or keep their food in refrigerators. Animals also don’t arrange marriages but they do have homosexual sex, quite a lot of it actually. It’s specifically common among some of our closest relatives the bonobo chimps. If you wish to complain about unnatural things you should complain about arranged marriages and flying in planes before you complain about homosexuality. Slippery slope:- if we allow homosexuality soon people will be marrying animals and no one will form heterosexual unions and our race will be destroyed. Where do I start with this one? Firstly evolutionary theory shows us that traits that are not passed on won’t become dominant so homosexuality, in as much as it is genetically based, will never become dominant in our species. As for marrying animals it suffers from the same fatal flaw, even if this did happen, and there’s no logical reason why the one would lead to the other, a trait that does not get passed on won’t become dominant so this won’t threaten our species but more than that have you ever looked at the back end of an animal? How many people could ever be attracted to that? That’ll do to get things started. Do you have any more problems with homosexuality apart from the fact that you are straight, as am I, and so don’t want to take part? Russell
  2. First, a little disclaimer. I am in fact a homosexual, and I am in fact a Muslim (a very un-orthodox Muslim, but a Muslim none the less). There are two major arguments that have been put forth against homosexuality that not only are incredibly silly, but factually incorrect. Let's start with the first one. 1: "Homosexuality is unnatural" If this is the case, why is it practiced not only by humans but by many other animals in the animal kingdom, most notably Zebras? Moral/Religious opponents of Homosexuality seem to have it in their heads that humans are the only species on the planet that practices it, when this is not true. So if it is not only practiced by humans but by many animals in the animal kingdom, how can you possibly make the case that Homosexuality is unnatural? 2. "No one is born a homosexual" This is factually incorrect. I don't personally believe that science has all of the answers, but if science hasn't proven anything else, it has proven conclusively that homosexuality is the result of hormones that the mother's body pumps into the child during pregnancy. I would post the links explaining all of this, but I'm a new member and as such I'm not allowed to post links. So the entire notion of homosexuality being a personal choice has been proven to be factually incorrect. I recommend everyone watch the documentary, "For the Bible Tells Me So." You can find it on Netflix.