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Found 3 results

  1. An Irishwoman on converting to Islam: 'It excited me. It wasn't anything I thought it was' By Gráinne Ní Aodha I believed there was a God, but I couldn’t find God in the Catholic religion, it didn’t make sense for me. I wasn’t a practising Catholic but I still believed in God, and life was fine but I needed an element of purpose. I started reading the Bible, and felt like their was a total lack of clarity. BRIGID AYLWARD, A paediatric nurse at University Hospital Waterford, grew up as a Christian, but wouldn’t have given much consideration to what that meant. It was after she left home that she started thinking more about where she was was going and for what purpose she was here. She decided that she would travel to a Muslim country where she would work as a nurse in the hope that in isolation, she could reconnect with God, confirming her belief. “When I got to Saudi Arabia, I realised that I had a very western mindset, a western culture. I had so many questions: ‘What the heck is with these women who covered head; I thought it was sad to look at, and that women had no place in society.” ‘Mothers behind the veil’ Brigid says that working as a paediatric nurse in a Muslim country she got to know the “mothers behind the veil”, and disspelled myths she had about the veil. “They don’t have to cover – it’s their choice, they prefer to. They’re human, they’re normal. I started to read about Islam purely to do my job better and to understand these women better. It started to make sense to me – it excited to me. It wasn’t anything I thought it was before. In November 2008 Brigid accepted Islam. There were some fears she had that were associated with it, about what her mum would say and what her family would say. Her husband, who she met while working in hospital in Saudi helped her deal with her fears and she says her family have seen the sense of purpose the religion has given her. “I’ve only ever had positive reactions. I knew people would be surprised at a big change. I’ve only experienced niceness, that’s the great spirit of Ireland.” Brigid says that the news of Donald Trump’s travel ban saddened her, but that she’d be sad no matter what religion they were. “What Trump has done is put a mark on Muslims that says ‘We’ve a reason to be afraid of these people’. This is what we’ve been working against, it’s putting fuel on a fire.” Muslim Holiday NYC Muslim worshippers attend a service for the Eid al-Adha holiday, Monday, Sept. 12, 2016, in the Queens borough of New York. Source: Mark Lennihan Misconceptions about Muslims Dr Rachel Woodlock is an Australian Muslim academic who lives in Clonmel, Co Tipperary. She’s been studying attitudes about Muslims and opinions of Muslims themselves, and says that there are many misconceptions around Islam – one of which is not all Muslims are really religious. “In Christianity, you’re meant to fast during Lent, but not all Catholics fast, not all Catholics go to church, and it’s the same with Islam. Muslims are a lot more heterogeneous – there’s no Vatican equivalent that prescribes what you do.” Woodlock says that a survey was done of a population in Victoria, Australia that showed rates of ‘religiousness’ was the same in the general population as it was with Muslims. “[some Muslims] go to Masjids the same way some Christians go to church at Christmas time. After the Lindt café siege, Woodlock said that different states reacted differently – states like New South Wales started a multicultural-crime force, while Brisbane set-up a multicultural centre. “The thing about the attacker though, the Muslim community had been saying this guy is crazy, we’re worried about him, he doesn’t represent us. At the Quebec shooting this week, the attacker was called a ‘lone wolf’. Well Man Haron Monis was our lone wolf.” She says that in Australia, Muslims make up 2% of the population but take up 30-40% of the media coverage, while in Ireland, about 1% of the population is Muslim and half a percent is covered in the media. “I think the history of terrorism in the north means Ireland can contextualise a national crisis a bit better than most.” Hijabs used as political props In traditional Muslim cultures, both men and women covered their bodies. It later evolved so that it was reserved only for upper class women. This then eventually spread out to all families as a symbol of culture and identity in the 18th century. “Europeans argued that the veil, of the hijab emancipated women,” Woodlock says. “But ironically, people like Lord Cromer who were arguing that these women needed to be set free, were also opposing the suffragette movement in America.” In the Ottoman empire, women were a representation of the Muslim world; the Hijab was seen as the last barrier of defence. “So the veil took on a political current that it wouldn’t have had in previous eras.” Even more so now – with burkini bans in France causing a debate over how to deal with the fear of terrorism and a recent ruling by a Swedish High Court that means Muslim girls must learn to swim with boys as part of their education, the issue of how to make room for tradition in a modern setting is becoming more and more tricky. “Most Muslim women in the west chose to wear a hijab as part of their identity – it’s not a fundamentalist act,” says Woodlock. It’s a part of the religion and there are a lot of different meanings to it, but it all gets collapsed into one symbol of religion. Muslim mother teach her daughter reading koran inside the Masjid. Source: Shutterstock/leolintang “It’s the woman who wants to wear this,” says Brigid. “When you actually wear it then you realise the benefits. “As well as fulfilling the religious requirements, for me I’ve gained more confidence when I speak, they’re not looking at me at what my hair is like, what my body is like, I have an inner confidence.” Woodlock recalls donning a veil when she was visiting a Muslim country, and she says it gave her an deeper understanding of why women wear it. “I really got a sense of the privacy of it – I feel I’m able to look out at the world and operate in the world without the world intruding on me. “But I wouldn’t wear it in the West, as it can create a fear and apprehension.” Aylward and Woodlock took part in the only registered event in Ireland to mark World Hijab Day last Wednesday at Waterford Institute of Technology. The an annual global event was set up by New Yorker Nazma Khan in 2013 in order to fight prejudice and discrimination against Muslim women. www.thejournal.ie/Islam-hijab-3221552-Feb2017/
  2. Bismi Allahi alrrahmani alrraheemi As the topic suggest " Is it innocence of Muslims or it should be Innocence of Christians " Lets see who are innocent Psalm 104:5 King James Version (KJV) Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed for ever. Ecclesiastes 1:5 King James Version (KJV) The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. Here are few famous biblical quotes which when defended shook the foundations of church in early 16th century .the first scientific discovery which was discovered by Galileo. Galileo was awarded with life time house arrest by the church for his infamous discovery and thus church and their absurd bible was put on trial here after. Poor Galileo screamed to save the church but church was in no mood to pay heed and started do dig its own grave. The year of Galileo dead witnessed yet another birth of legend named Sir Isaac Newton .His famous quotes were “Worshipping Christ as God was idolatry, to him the fundamental sin' " Furthermore he was a Nicodemite ,his papers which were published after 27 years of his dead gave a clear proof for tampering of the bible .He clearly mention in his papers that the verse about trinity was a concoctions and interpolation which were later deleted from the bible .actually this era witnessed innumerous attacks on the bible .for the sake of time and length of this article I am restricting myself to prominent people . So as science gradually developed innocent Christians came to know about the biblical frauds. Amidst, these confusions, their emerged a serious question among the learned people .The question was If bible is a fraud, what is the solution for our existence .Sea of humanity exists in front of their eye without the knowledge of its creator! As a answer, came Darwin with his another absurd theory which marked the clear cut downfall of bible and scientific world threw bible in dust bin .Thus Bible deceived innocent Christians with regards to science who were beliving it to be a word God till then. Abraham Lincoln, another prominent Christian of that time changed to deist .Yet another Christian who thought that bible clearly deceived Christians. He takes the reputation of being first the American president to be assassinated .He was assassinated by the church for interfering in church matters and abolishing cruel church slavery. Once again their bible deceived innocent Christians in political . And thus, since bible betrayed innocent Christians in every aspect of life, like a innocent child looking at his mother, Christians were staring at church for solutions for these problems .A man named Eugenio Pacelli together with a powerful fanatic Christian named Adolf Hitler devised a fool proof plan in the name of concordant which successfully diverted Christians form the short comings of bible in the world war II .The man named l Eugenio Pacelli was promoted as pope for his services to the Christianity. And thus bible was completely thrown into the gutters .The present day cristianity is nothing but “Jesus loves you” and conjurers like Ben Haden (I cannot elaborate this part due the length of this article) Before concluding, I want to mention about few countries who are still following bible. Firstly, Philippines, four out of ten children born in here are illegitimate! I am not joking, this is a fact. OR At least by this link http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/lifestyle/10/20/11/4-10-babies-born-ph-illegitimate-nso Philippines, being a church ruled country use of contraceptive and divorce is banned The result is illiteracy and unintended pregnancy It is estimated that about 3.4 million births per annum are unintended See how bible is deceiving the innocent christens even today And Btw , what happened to moral ,The most minimum thing expected from a religion is moral .even in this bible failed And they call us we are innocent , lol One more country which was in news recently was Ireland It is evident that the death of savitha Halappanavar caused by the abortion laws made by the church . Can bible be held responsible for the death of innocent people. Is it not barbaric to kill the innocent people in the name of religion .can the church will ever answer this .can church will accept that bible is outdated can the laws in phllipaines and ireland be changed to suit the modern times Who is innocent here .Muslims or Christians On the other hand , even today Islamic laws can be modified to suit our times I have to end here due to the length of this article Insha Allah .I may continue with this topic ,because i feel we have to talk lot more regarding the countries like Philippines and ireland . Jazak Allah Regards Mushtaq
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1VCgMUtljE