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Found 1 result

  1. Salaam alaikum to the Muslim members of Gawaher.com I have a few question: Why do some people seem more shy and aloof than others? What makes them shy and uncofident? SubhanAllah. I have a sister-in-law who I believe wasn't supposed to be my sis in law because my brother was supposed to marry another Muslim girl whose mom promised when we were kids that she (the Muslim girl) and my bro get married to each other in the future... but some things changed, so my bro had to marry our first cousin. This cousin of mine I think has to be the most shyest person I've ever met in my life. Even to say yes, she just says 'mm' and when saying 'no' she just shakes her head. And the funny thing is, she's one year older than me and seems to be a bit immature. She's a sister in law whom I can never do any activities with or even start a communication with. If you ask her a question, most of the time she'll give a brief answer and not bother asking back. She seems very very unfriendly, and because of that I've decided that she is a sis in law whom I can never be friends with. There is a Hadith that goes something like "There is no good in a person who is unfriendly and whom others treat in an unfriendly way" or "There is no good in a person who has no kindness" something like that. A Muslim is supposed to be friendly, approachable and cheerful. This sister in law and cousin of mine has no qualities of friendliness in my opinion. Yes I've been told many times that she is by nature very shy. But what I can't understand is why she is that way. What makes people shy? Maybe it's because I'm a 'niqaabi' and she feels intimidated by my being more 'righteous' than her? Maybe it's because she's jealous of me for some reasons that only Allah knows? May Allah reward whoever tries to answer the above questions. Ameen :) Wasalaam