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Found 1 result

  1. Learn method of performing wudu in an illustrated way using our app which is available on the play store. Extra features like game to memorize steps of wuzu and attractive interface make this application unique. Importance of wudu in Islam can be verified by visiting wudu section in the app. Different references of hadiths and Sunnahs are available to rectify the myths about wudu. DOWNLOAD KIDS WUDU SERIES FOR ANDROID Uniquely identified features of app are listed below, No one has introduced game as a tool for learning but we do because kids are attractive towards things which fascinate them so game to memorize the step by step wudhu procedure helps kids to understand how to perform wudu correctly. What is Wudu section helps you to identify the importance of wudu according to Sunnah and hadiths. Different quotes of Holly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) are present to authenticate wudu importance. Attractive red colored user interface make it easier to understand the steps of performing wudhu. Give reviews about the app to make it more effective. We certainly appreciate the positive critics to improve the app.