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Found 4 results

  1. 1- Bathing and perfuming before assuming Ihram. 2- Wearing a wrapper (garment) and cover cloth which are white. 3- Saying the Talbiyah, starting when assuming Ihram and continuing until stoning Jamaratul aqabah. 4- The arrival circumambulation for those performing Ifrad or Hajj al-Qiraan. 5- Raml in the first three rounds during the arrival circumambulation. 6- Observing al-Idh’tiba’ during the circumambulation of arrival, and this is done by passing the cover cloth under the right armpit and placing the ends of the cloth on one’s left shoulder. 7- Spending the eve of Arafah at Mina. 8- Kissing the Black Stone. 9- Praying Maghrib and Isha’ prayers merged and advanced at Muzdalifah. 10- Staying at Al-Mash’ar Al-Haram (the revered landmark) in Muzdalifa from Fajr until sunrise, if possible, otherwise it is acceptable to stay at any place in Muzdalifah. Source: islamkingdom
  2. Obligatory Aspects Of Hajj

    1- Assuming Ihram from the meeqaat; the Prophet ﷺ after listing the mawaqeet said: “Those mawaqeet are for their residents and non residents who pass through them with the intention of making Hajj or ‘Umrah.” [ Source: Bukhari.] 2- Standing on ‘Arafah until sunset for those that stayed there in the day, because the Prophet ﷺ stayed there until sunset. 3- Spending the night at Muzdalifah, because the Prophet ﷺ spent the night there. He said: “My nation should take its religious rites (from me), because I do not know if I shall be with them after this year.” [ Source: Ibn Majah.] He ﷺ permitted the weak Muslims (to leave for Mina) only after the middle of the night. This indicates that spending the night in Muzdalifah is obligatory, and Allah ordered the pilgrims to engage in His remembrance at Al-Mash’ar Al-Haram (Muzdalifah). 4- Passing the night in Mina during the days of Tashreeq as it is established that the Prophet ﷺ permitted the camel herders to not spend the night at Mina. [ Source: Abu Ya’la in his Musnad.] This shows that the original ruling is that spending the night in Mina is obligatory. 5- Stoning the Jamraat: Allah says: “And remember Allah during (specific) numbered days.” (al-Baqara: 203). The specific numbered days: The days of at-Tashreeq. Stoning the pillars is a form of remembrance of Allah, the Most High, due to the Prophet’s statement ﷺ: “Indeed circumambulating the House, (the circuits) between as-Safa and al-Marwa, and stoning the pillars; all have been ordained to serve as a (form of) remembrance of Allah.” [ Source: Abu Dawud.] 6- Shaving and trimming the hair: Allah says; “Certainly, you shall enter al-Masjid al-Haram, if Allah wills, secure, (some) having their heads shaved, and (some) having their hairs cut short.” (al-Fath: 27) 7- Farewell circumambulation (Tawaaf Al-Wada’): as confirmed on the authority of Ibn Abbas t: “The people were ordered to make the last of their worship (to be) at the House, but this has been waived for the menstruating women.” [ Source: Muslim.] source: islamkingdom
  3. Visiting the Masjid of the Prophet ﷺ is not part of the conditions of Hajj, and neither is it one of its pillars or obligations; rather it is a recommended act (Sunnah) and can be performed at any time.Furthermore, it is compulsory that the intention for the visit should be to pray in the Masjid, and not to visit the grave. On the authority of Abu Hurairah t, who said that the Prophet ﷺsaid: “No one should journey to any Masjid except for three Masjids: the Haram Masjid, the Prophet’s Masjid and al-Aqsaa Masjid.” [ Source: Muslim.]Shayk al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “If the intention of traveling is to visit the grave of the Prophet ﷺ , but not to pray therein, then the view of the Imams and majority of scholars is that it is neither a legislated nor a commanded act. The ahadeeth about visiting the grave of the Prophet ﷺ are all weak, according to the consensus of the scholars of ahadeeth, rather they are all fabricated and none of the reliable narrators of the Sunan related any of them, nor have any of the imams used any of them as evidence.” [ Majmoo’ al- Fatawa vol.27, pg 26.] source: islamkingdom