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Found 1 result

  1. Assalamualaikum Rahamatullahi Wabarakathahu let me start this article the verse from quran 4:82. Do they not then consider the Qur'ân carefully? Had it been from other than Allâh, they would surely have found therein much contradictions. How about shaving with out Gillette, I mean without razor ,shaving foam or after shave . you will left with two options ,one, pluck you beard or use a knife or any other sharp object to shave .Can you imagine the pain and by the way what will happen to our face .This was the way our ancestors used to shave .So shaving was like mutilation in those days .due to this no one used to shave at least regularly as we are doing now In other words almost everyone had beard! let me show you few coins Coins of Khosrow II Gold solidus of Heraclius and his father These are the coins from the age of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) (refer Quran Surah Rum ) Note that both the Romans and the Persian kings had beard! Abu Hurayrah " reported that the ruler of Yemen, appointed by the Persian emperor Kisra, sent two envoys to the Messenger !. When they came into his presence, he noticed that they had shaved their beards and let their moustaches grow big. Hating their ugly appearance, he turned his face away and said, “Woe be to you, who told you to do so?” They replied: “Our lord (Kisra) did!” The Messenger ! responded: “But my Lord, exalted and glorified be He, has commanded me to spare my beard and trim my moustaches.” [Recorded by Ibn Jarir at-Tabari, Ibn Sa’d, and Ibn Bishran. Verified to be hasan (good) by al-Albani (Fiqh us-Sirah by al-Ghazali p. 359)] It is very clear from this hadith none of them shaved out of their own will unless otherwise they were force to do so. Note that as per coins kisra emperor himself had beard but he ordered his messengers to shave their beard. According to the Malikis: “Shaving the beard is prohibited, as is cutting it if it causes a (clear) mutilation. But if it becomes oversized, and if cutting it would not appear as a mutilation, then it may be cut; but that would be disliked and contrary to that which is better.” [sharh ur-Risalah by Abu al-Hasan, and the commentary on it by al-Adwi] One more reference from the past is Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi said: “All of the scholars agree that shaving the beard is a form of mutilation, and is prohibited.” [Maratib ul-Ijma' (p.157), and al-Muhalla (2:189)] ‘So it is evident from these sources that NO ONE IN THE PAST SHAVED THEIR BEARD!.At least regularly they might had shaved once or twice in their whole life span! In other words almost everyone had beard Now let me take this famous hadith Imam Bukhari (Rahimahullaah) reports on the authority of Imam Nafi' [ra] who narrates from Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu, that Rasulullah Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, 'Oppose the Mushrikeen (polytheists); lengthen the beards and trim the moustaches.' Everyone who wants to prove beard is wajib (mandatory) uses this hadith.But one thing was left in almost every article I read about beard.This hadith was addressed to people who had beard because none of them used to shave! So the direct implementation of this hadith is not to cut the beard .in other words ,prophet Mohammed (SaW) was commanding people who were already having beard not to cut their beard and let it grow .This hadith was not about shaving the beard. But down the ages everyone use to cut their beard right from ibn umar (Ra) abu huraira(Ra) to all the prominent scholars of those period .They never had issue of cutting the beard Lets see few statements of our scholars about long beard – Abu Dawood was asked about Abee Isra’eel al-Malaee and he said he was mentioned in front of Hussain al-Jua’fee and he said: ‘He used to have a long beard and was stupid.’ [swalaat al-Aajjuri Li Imam Abee Dawood 1/122 no.62] Imam Shafi’aee said: ‘Whenever the beard is lengthened the intellect is lessened.’ [al-Wafi bilwafayaat 2/123 in the biography of Imam Shafi’aee] Al-Mu’mal bin Isma’eel said: I heard Abu Hanifah said: It is said: ‘Whoever had a long beard did not have intellect.’ [Collected by Ibn Hibban in ‘Thiqaat’ 9/162] These comments were taken from http://abdurrahman.org/2015/10/06/cutting-the-beard-after-the-fist-compiled-translated-by-abbas-abu-yahya/ Is it possible that sahabas and the prominent scholars were not following the hadith in our discussions and they were going against our prophet or was it that they had no doubt that the hadith was meant only for a particular occasion? I think the latter one is true because our sahabas and scholars had no issue in these regard and they knew hadith better than us. My point is not about leaving the beard or cutting it but the fatwas based on this hadith How can they declare people without beard are fasiq How can they declare people who shave their beard are open sinners? As per these people we can perform salah behind osama bin laden but we cannot perform salah behind Abdul Basit Abdus Samad How can a beard become a yardstick to measure piety! or is it as told by Ibn al-Qayyim “Islamic rulings change with changing customs, circumstances, and with time and location, and in consideration of the intention of the one engaged in the matter.”