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Found 1 result

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters! My road to Islam has been long , painful and interessting. I`m quite young (26) and i`ve embraced Islam a month ago. I`m a hungarian citizen living in Denmark , have a fiancé , a regular job , but it wasn`t always like this . I grew up in Budapest , Hungary into a roman catholic family . My parents didn`t live a religious way of life , even though they claimed to be superchristian from time to time. They divorced when i was 13 , my father disappeared forever and i was left with my mother , my little sister and little brother . My mother wasn`t well educated nor had high intelligence, she was a simple girl from the countryside who married to my dad in hope for a better quality of life (my father was in the Hungarian forces , it used to be a privilege to serve in the hungarian forces-those times are over.) , so she was struggling to get a job. I had to get a job as well , because she made it clear that she`s not capable of providing any allowance for us. I went to high school and worked at fast food restaurants , different supermarkets in the same time. It wasn`t easy and since there was nobody in my family i could talk to ,nor had an older brother or sister , i`ve found an illusion of comfort within the punk scene of Budapest. It meant lots of alcohol,lots of pills with alcohol , wild parties , crashing supermarket windows at nights and the great illusion that i belong somewhere , that i belong to a movement. Obivously, it created conflicts at home and my mother had this boyfriend who just moved in and we had to treat him like he`s our dad too. It wasn`t normal and on top of that , i never liked the guy , we had nothing in common to talk about and he was a freeloader ,living off of my and my mom`s salary. Eventually, after a series of conflicts and fights between me and him , he made my mother decide: me or him. I did not realize it that time , but she was so insecure , afraid of being alone - she choose him over me . I was 16 when i started life as a homeless. Here, i have to mention that Hungary has "democracy" since 1989 , so the people still don`t know how to use their freedom. It`s a very negative,racist,xenophobic environment with an economy that is ambushed by corruption and greed-just like anywhere else in eastern europe nowadays. Being a homeless in such environment is not easy , it got me into some smaller criminal activities that led me into prison , but i`ll talk about this later. I left my country with a backpack and about 10 euros in my pocket back in 2007 , blackrode the trains, hitch-hiked , tried to find a place to be , where i can be in peace ,without hatred and constant hatecrimes . I stayed in Croatia,Slovakia,Poland,Germany,The Netherlands and eventually settled here in Copenhagen. In 2011, june , the police knocked on our door , saying that the hugarian authorities gave out an arrest warrant , so i was sent back to Hungary ,leaving everything that i`ve built up here in Denmark:relationships, job, home and the person you go to sleep with every night and wake up with every morning. After spending 7 months in "preventive custody" i was sentenced to 1 year and 2 months in prison and i`ve been released in august,2012. Islam has been always around me whether i`ve noticed or not. I felt like during my life that Islam might be something one day will come into my life , because there were so many signs of it. Through the worst situations , starving , freezing bad times and all alone - Allah was always present and guided me through the jungle i had created around myself at such a young age. My first full-contact encounter with Islam was at a " Support Palestine" rally. I have been doing charity work and i am involved in activism a couple of years ago . I have always tried to find the key for a better life,so we would set up workshops and raising awareness on injustices and through these events, i got to meet people with different backgrounds and it opened my eyes and my heart too. I got to meet a couple of muslim brothers and sisters and none of them ever talked about their faith as long as i didn`t ask for it and i was kind of afraid to ask , so i`ve researched on the internet ,spending whole nights in front of the computer reading about Islam and after finding more and more and more of myself in this beautiful religion , i asked a brother i know : Mohamed , if he`s a religious muslim and if he is , would he be interessted teaching me . He works in a falafel shop , and when i asked him the question , he stopped messing with the salads , looked at me with tears in his eyes and he said that it`s the best thing that ever happened to him. After this , i took the Shahada , in the back of the shop and we sat down and he taught me the basics of Islam . I have now, found a true Brotherhood and happiness and i`m in the process of losing everything that is in the way between Allah and me . I have lots to learn and it`s not going to be easy , because i already have some problems with people i used to call friends. But Allah knows best and insa Allah , i will complete the journey to the infinite . This is my story -as short as possible- if you are interessted about any details , feel free to ask. Your Brother : Daniel Jazak Allah for reading this !