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Found 1 result

  1. 2Nd Wife A Proper Guideline

    Salam out of curiosity, Ive been having these thoughts in my mind lately. thinking to post on twitter. but posting it here better no? :P Muslims or non muslims please share your thoughts :P Guys and Girls all are welcome. Loooking forward to listen from the girls. Polygamy is accepted in Islam provided that he has to fit all of the requirements. Maa3roof. Dont you think there must be a hikmah why Alllah allowed polygamy. A married couple, happy, full of barakah. They are like the "Family of the year". find a good reason why dont you want to put yourself into that kind of family. What is the harm? Lets say a girl fell in love with someone's husband. That guy doesnt even know, she wants to marry him. What are the guidelines and ethics for her to be the second wife. What does it take to be that without people saying youre a "theif!". From what ive seen, in the middle east. When the husbands says he wants to marry another girl, the first wife will look for him the new wife. What if the case, the girl who wanted to be his second wife. And want to do it in a proper and halal way. Should she like go and see his first wife and tell her that she fell in love with her husband. :P She might , "I would never ever ever give my consent". or simply slap you accross your face :P or the good wife will say. "Ill ask him, wether he likes you or not" haha OR the girl ask her parents to meet up with the married man family. Please share your thoughts, dont think that im crazy I like to think something that got nothing to do with me :P And dont think im weird cz im a girl.