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Found 2 results

  1. Visiting the Masjid of the Prophet ﷺ is not part of the conditions of Hajj, and neither is it one of its pillars or obligations; rather it is a recommended act (Sunnah) and can be performed at any time. Furthermore, it is compulsory that the intention for the visit should be to pray in the Masjid, and not to visit the grave. On the authority of Abu Hurairah t, who said that the Prophet ﷺsaid: “No one should journey to any Masjid except for three Masjids: the Haram Masjid, the Prophet’s Masjid and al-Aqsaa Masjid.” [ Source: Muslim.] Shayk al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said: “If the intention of traveling is to visit the grave of the Prophet ﷺ , but not to pray therein, then the view of the Imams and majority of scholars is that it is neither a legislated nor a commanded act. The ahadeeth about visiting the grave of the Prophet ﷺ are all weak, according to the consensus of the scholars of ahadeeth, rather they are all fabricated and none of the reliable narrators of the Sunan related any of them, nor have any of the imams used any of them as evidence.” [ Majmoo’ al- Fatawa vol.27, pg 26.] Rulings Regarding the Visit and its Etiquettes 1- When the visitor to the Masjid arrives there, it is Sunnah for him to enter with his right foot saying: “Allahummaftah lee abwaaba rahmatika.” [ Source: Muslim.] Meaning: Oh Allah, open the doors of Your mercy for me. 2- He observes two raka-at to greet the Masjid. It is better to observe the two raka-at in the area of the Noble Meadow. 3- It is Sunnah to visit the grave of the Prophet ﷺ and those of his two companions, Abu Bakr and Umar. He (the pilgrim) stands politely and reverently facing the grave of the Prophet ﷺ, and in a low voice says: “As-salamu ‘alaika aiyuhal nabeyu warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, Salallahu ‘alaika, wa jazaka ‘an omatika Khayran.” Meaning: may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you, O Prophet. May Allah bless you, and reward you on behalf of your nation. After uttering the above, it is recommended to take a step or two to the right to reach the grave of Abu Bakr t and greet him, saying: “As-salamu ‘alaika ya Aba Bakr khalifata rasoullulahi, salallahu ‘alaiyhee wa salama, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, radyallahu ‘anka wa jazaka ‘an omati mohammadin, salallahu ‘alayhee wa salam, khairan.” Meaning: may Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, O Abu Bakr, Caliph of the Messenger of Allah ﷺ. May Allah bless you and reward you on behalf of the nation of Muhammad ﷺ Following that, it is recommended to take a step or two to the right once more to reach the grave of Omar t and greet him, saying: “As-salamu ‘alaika ya Omar, Ameeral Mo’mineen, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, radyallahu ‘anka wa jazaka ‘an omati mohammadin, salallahu ‘alayhee wa salam, khairan.” Meaning: may Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you, O Omar, Ameer of the believers. May Allah bless you and reward you on behalf of the nation of Muhammad ﷺ. 4- It is Sunnah for someone visiting the Prophet’s Masjid to pray the five daily prayers therein and engage in much remembrance of Allah and supplication to Him there, and also perform many supererogatory prayers, especially in the Noble Meadow. 5- It is Sunnah to visit the Quba Masjid to pray therein and it is more preferable if such a visit takes place on a Saturday, according to the hadeeth of Ibn Umar t who said: “The Messenger of Allah used to visit the Quba Masjid both while on his mount and on foot and he used to observe two rak’aat therein.” In another wording, “He used to visit the Masjid at Quba every Saturday (i.e. every week).” [ Source: Muslim.] 6- It is Sunnah to visit the cemetery of Baqee’[ Al-Baqee’: The place where a large number of the companions were buried.] and the graves of Hamzah and other martyrs, because the Prophet ﷺ used to visit them to pray for them. He would say: “As-salam alaykum ahlad diyaar minal mu’mineen wal muslimeen wa innaa insha Allah bikum lalaa’ikoon, as’alu llaha lana walakumul ‘aafiyah.” Meaning: “Peace be upon you, O people of the graves from among the believers and Muslims. Indeed we shall join you if Allah wills. I ask Allah to grant us and you safety.” [ Source: Muslim.] source: islamkingdom
  2. Virtues Of Madinah

    1- On the authority of Sa’ d bin Abi Waqqas t who said that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Madinah is better for them if they knew; nobody leaves preferring another place to it except that Allah replaces him with someone better than him. And nobody perseveres with its hard times[ Al-La’waa: Hardship and constraints] and difficulties except that I shall be for him on the day of Resurrection an intercessor or a witness.” [ Source: Muslim.] 2- On the authority of Abu Hurayrah t: Indeed the Prophet ﷺ said: “I have been ordered to go to a village[ Ordered to go to a village: to migrate to it, stay and live therein.] that eats up other villages[ Eats up villages: Its people are conquerors of other places and it will be the centre of the troops of Islam.], which people call Yathrib[ People call it Yathrib: It was called Yathrib by its people during the Jahiliyah period, but it is more suitable to call it Al–Madinah.] and it is Madinah; it expels bad men[ It expels people: i.e. it removes the evil ones among them.] as bellows[ Bellows: that which the blacksmiths blow their fire with.] remove dirt from iron[ Iron dirt: Its dirt and other impurities.].” [ Agreed upon.] source: Islamkingdomhttp://en.islamkingdom.com/