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Found 3 results

  1. The Ruling of the One who Stops Performing Prayer 1- The one who stops performing As-Salah due to denying its obligation: If he is ignorant about the issue, then he should be informed. Subsequently if he persists on rejecting its obligation, he becomes a disbeliever, as he belies Allah Almighty, His Messenger ﷺ and the consensus of the Muslims.2- The one who stops performing prayer out of laziness: Whosoever stops performing As-Salah intentionally out of laziness, has disbelieved. It is upon the ruler to order him to perform As-Salah and also advise him, for three days, to repent for abandoning it. Subsequently, if he repents and returns to making the As-Salah, he is spared. But if he does not start praying again, he is killed for apostasy. This is in accordance with the Prophet’s ﷺ statement: “The covenant which is between us and them (the disbelievers) is the prayer; so whosoever leaves it has disbelieved.” [ Source: At-Tirmidhi.] Also his saying:“Indeed between a man, and shirk and kufr, is abandoning As-Salah.” [ Source: Muslim.] source: islamkingdom
  2. 1- When a sick person observes Ṣalāt in a sitting position and he is capable of prostrating, then prostration is compulsory for him. 2- When he observes Ṣalāt while sitting, but is incapable of performing the prostration, then he gestures with his body with regards to bowing and prostration, making his prostration lower than his bowing. If motioning with his body becomes difficult, then he gestures with his head. Also, this is the manner in which he performs Ṣalāt while praying on his back – i.e. gestures with his head.3- If performing ablution for each Salat becomes difficult for a sick person or observing the Ṣalāt at their prescribed period is unbearable, then he can observe Ḍhuhr and ‘Asr together, as well as Maghrib and Isha’, by combining both Ṣalāt in the time of the former or the latter, according to what is convenient for him.4- The sick person is not excused from Salat as long as his senses remain in tact. Thus it is not proper for the sick person to take Ṣalāt lightly on account of his sickness. He should try as much as possible to observe his Ṣalāt.5- If the sick person was unconscious for some days and later becomes conscious, he is to observes Ṣalāt when he regains his consciousness, according to his ability. He is not to re-offer the Ṣalāt missed during his unconsciousness. However, if his unconsciousness is mild, a day or two for instance, he is to re-offer the missed prayers whenever that (paying the prayers back) becomes possible for him. source:islamkingdom
  3. 1- With Regards to the Congregation The azan and the iqamah are fardh al-kifiyah[ The definition of the responsibility of fardh al-kifayah in Islam is: the obligation which when fulfilled by one part of the Muslim community prevents the sin of failing to do so from falling on the rest of the Muslim community.] (a collective responsibility) for the Muslimeen, but only for the five compulsory prayers.This is the case when they are at home or on a journey, because both of them are open symbols of Islam. Therefore, it is prohibited to forsake or ignore them. The Prophet ﷺ said: “And when Ṣalāh approaches, let someone among you make the call to prayer for you, then let the oldest among you lead (the prayer).” [ Agreed upon.]2- With Regards to the Solitary Individual It is a Sunnah, as Uqbah ibn Aamir t, said: “I heard the Messenger of Allah ﷺ saying: “Your Lord is amazed at a goat shepherd at the peak of a mountain[ The midst of mountain peaks] who calls the adhan and prays. Allah says, ‘Look at this servant of mine, he proclaims the call to prayer, announces the commencement of prayer and then prays, fearing Me. I have forgiven him all of his sins.” [ Source: An-Nasa’i.] source:Islamkingdom